Supreme Martial System
229 Trouble
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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229 Trouble

After a few hours of rebuilding the shop, it has finally been done, the only thing left is for the furniture and decorations.

Blythe approached Zhihao excitedly as she reported: "Big Brother! We'll be buying the furniture!"

Zhihao looked at her as he chuckles and replied: "You go and rest first, you've been running here and there for the past couple of hours."

Ollie approached as he added: "I`ll be the one to go, Master, let me and a few of my men go instead."

"Okay, be sure to buy the best ones, I`ll be going up and do some things. " Zhihao replied as he stood up.

Ollie nodded as he bought with him, ten abled adults and went his way, they didn't take any money as all of the furniture are always paid once they arrived.

Zhihao nodded as he made his way up to the 5th floor, the last floor of the building, while Ying Mai followed him only up to the 4th floor.

Blythe sighed as she sat on the table and looked out of the window, if there's anything to be done, she'll help, but the people kept pushing her to rest.




Zhihao finally found peace as he started to withdrew out a lot of things from his interspatial things.

"Riku, I know you are there, I need help in making potions, I don't know how."

Like she's planning for it, Riku flew inside from the window and spoke: "Ha, Ying Mai! Come!"

After Riku spoke, blue lights flashed as a seal formed on the ground, Ying Mai's silhouette immediately appeared.

Zhihao's and Ying Mai's eyes stared at each other as Ying Mai turned her back and sat..

Ying Mai is currently half-naked, she's in the middle of changing her clothes as Riku summoned her to Zhihao's quarters.

Riku then spoke: "What are you doing hiding your perfectly great body from your future husband?"

Hearing Riku's words, Ying Mai stood up with a bright red face as she looked at Zhihao's side and took out a set of robes and dressed in front of him white bright red complexion.

Zhihao is still blushing as he faced the other way.

After a few breathes, Ying Mai finished dressing up and spoke.

"Why did you summon me Riku?"

Riku chuckles as she replied: "I`m going to teach him how to make potions, it would be best if you can help him in the future."

Ying Mai nodded her head and sat next to Zhihao as the both of them.

Riku transformed to her human form, immediately, she waved her hand as the pouch in Ying Mai's belt flew to her, flicking her fingers, different kinds of herbs and empty round bottles numbering thousands filled the 5th floor.

Riku looked at Zhihao as she spoke: "There will be three 6th grade potions that I can teach you, for now, these are mostly the basic things that the current power in my world know of, one is Large Healing Potion, second is Large Empowering Potion, and the last one, the 6th Grade Taming potion."

Pausing for a bit, she added: "The 5th-grade potions will be, Minor Healing Potions, Minor Stamina Boosting Potion, and such, I`ll start now."

After she spoke, she summoned another ten vases: "These are Flood Dragon Blood, a 6th-grade monster, it will make the potions become the purest and highest quality, now watch."

Three types of herbs flew upward as the blood on, flicking her fingers, the fire burned on around the herb as it started to melt and turned to liquid, after that, she combined the dragon blood and burned the mixture again as it turned into a shimmering red liquid.

"Pak!" Riku flicked her fingers again as a wooden drum appeared, she immediately filled the empty drum with the mixture she made.

"That's how you make the Large Health Potion, there is about enough for 1,000 pcs of Large Potion Bottles there, I`ll tell you all the details about the others formulas. "Riku spoke after she finished making the potion like its some sort of extremely easy thing.

"That's it?!" Zhihao exclaimed in shock: "The people thought that it's a high-grade potion but they only need to do something like that?"

Riku sighs as she spoke: "That's how far my realm has plummetted, Zhihao, I need help from you too."

Zhihao looked at her and asked: "Sure, what is it?"

Closing her eyes, Riku spoke: "I need you to help me clean up my World after you are done with the World I was sealed on."

Zhihao smiles at her and without any hesitation, he replied: "Sure, so long as its a request from my friends, there's no problem if it is within my capabilities."

Riku smiled back at him and spoke: "Thanks."

All three of them spoke for a while before continuing on crafting the potions.

After about half an hour, Zhihao and Ying Mai finished all of the batches and stored everything on their spatial rings, some are inside the interspatial pouch.

When the both of them are on the 2nd floor, they heard a shout.

"Master! Hide! There are troublemakers damaging the shop!" The one that spoke is Ollie, with his tone, Zhihao, and Ying Mai can clearly notice the urgency.

Zhihao and Ying Mai arrived on the first floor and looked at the damages that were dealt, a lot of the new furniture and newly made wallers were destroyed.

The both of them frowned as they looked at the people that are causing a disturbance.

"Who are you lot? why did you do these?" Zhihao asked in a threatening tone.

"Master! They are from the Delima Clan!" Ollie immediately replied, not waiting for the thugs to speak.

The one leading the group of people, Garde, walked closer as he looked at Ying Mai and spoke: "So... you are the one that offender our Young Master? come with me if you don't want your new shop to be destroyed."

Ying Mai frowned, she is about to walk but Zhihao made her halt, she looked at Ying Mai and saw Zhihao's calm face, but seeing his eyes, even Ying Mai herself, who has always been with him shuddered.

Zhihao smiled as he walks closer with closed eyes as he spoke: "Oh, my my, what kind of problem did my wife cause?"

Hearing Zhihao's word, Ying Mai blushes as her previous fear vanished and changes into that of a loving wife.

Garde frowned and spoke: "Hmmp, so she's not a virgin anymore, well, that's good too, she'll be a plaything instead."

Garde paused for a bit before he continued: "We'll compensate you for the damage, we'll even give you wealth after my Master is done with her if you don't want any trou-"


"Bang!" Garde couldn't finish his word, not because he became scared nor saw anything extremely terrifying, instead, he has already lost consciousness as he slammed on to the wall of the building in front of Zhihao's shop together with the three thugs behind him.

Zhihao faced the rest of the thugs, still with closed eyes and a smiling face, his eyes slowly opened as a fierce killing intent gushed out of his body and spoke.

"I don't care who you guys spoke ill off, Plaything? are you calling my wife play thing?!"

After speaking, Zhihao's aura burst forth as he pressured the thugs, although there is no real power there, just the Aura of Zhihao's power can already crush them to death, luckily, he still has self-restraint and only used 1% of his Aura.

Garde finally woke up and saw what's happening. "Th...This... Trouble! We're in big trouble!"

Witnessing such overbearing power, Garde even wetted himself.

"We've messed with some people! Our Delima Clan is in trouble!"
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    《Supreme Martial System》