Supreme Martial System
228 Naming The Shop
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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228 Naming The Shop

"You are ugly."

You are ugly... you are ugly... you are ugly...

The surrounding observers were astounded, who is Lulong? a Young Master from one of the four powers inside the Bhie City, the Delima Clan, a direct descendant in the clan, one of the few that are fighting to be the Clan head, even though he is ugly, nobody uttered such a word in fear of offending the Delima Clan.

Lulong felt enraged, those words echoed in his ears multiple times. but before he could speak, Ying Mai led Blythe and her people away.

"Let's go, call my Father for me!" Seeing their vanishing silhouette, the only thing in his mind now is revenge.

"Yes, Young Master."

All of them fixed themselves as they got out of the ground and assisted their limping young master back to the Delima Clan's estate.




After a while, Ying Mai and the others finally came back to the old build.

Zhihao looked at the people who entered, more than 50 adults came and less than 40 children.

Zhihao then spoke: "Okay, all of you will be cleaning and remaking this establishment."

After speaking, Zhihao handed a single piece of black phoenix gold to Blythe: "Buy everything that's needed, also buy some meat and rice to eat on the noon, afternoon. and evening for three months."

Hearing this, Blythe's eyes opened widely, such generosity, she immediately nodded and replied: "I`ll do my best!

Blythe looked at her subordinates and spoke: "Okay! let's do this!"

"Yes!" Everyone responded as they smiled.

After they responded, they started to tear the rotting woods and renovating the inside throwing the old and broken.

Ying Mai then asked: "Master, how much are they going to earn?"

Hearing this question, everyone's ears perked as their focus

Zhihao pondered for a bit, he couldn't help but ask, how much do they earn here? after a few minutes of pondering, he looked at Ying Mai and replied: "I`ll give them one white phoenix gold each, for both children and adults alike"

Hearing this, all of them smiled, they are getting a little higher than their previous earning, and what's better is that they are living in a better sleeping quarter.

Blythe smiled cheerfully, at least they wouldn't be hungry with the free food that Zhihao is treating them.

Seeing that everyone smiled, Zhihao nodded as he added: "Okay, that's settled then, one white phoenix gold per day."

Hearing Zhihao's following word, everyone was shocked with wide opened eyes and mouth.

Tears couldn't help but fall from both the children and adult's eyes, they kneeled down and spoke: "Master, thank you for the magnanimous gift!"

Zhihao looked at them and spoke: "Okay, enough with that, let's work now, and make this place as great as it looks before."

"Yes!" Everyone returned to working after replying, the children did the light works, like sweeping, and taking out light woods.




Somewhere inside the Bhie City.


"BAM!" A loud shout was heard as someone slammed his palm at his armchair, completely destroying that part off.

The one in front shuddered as he spoke: "Patriarch, It was a woman, she bashed me up without even having the chance to fight ba..."

But before he could finish, a wooden rod appeared as it flew towards him at a fast speed.

The one that reported is Lulong evaded, but before the wooden rod struck him, a fat hand stomped forward and blocked it.


The one sitting on the chair stood up and spoke: "Lila, what are you doing?"

The one called Lila is a fat woman that looks exactly like Lulong, it can easily be deduced that she is Lulong's mother, she looked at the man and spoke.

"I`m not stopping you in disciplining our sone Antano, but be sure to not hit his face! just remember how you receive your current position, you married me and I gave you that place."

Lila spoke calmly and gracefully, but matching with her face, it doesn't go too well.

Antano frowned, just thinking of the day of his first wedding night, he felt vomiting, but to get the position of patriarch, he did everything he could, even backstabbing people and trying to scheme against them through the way.

Antano calmed down as he replied: "Then, what do you think I should do?"

"Do you even have to ask? send your men and find that b!tch! send her to me directly!" Lila shouted as saliva kept shooting out of her mouth from all direction.

"All right! All right, stop shouting, there will be a flood if you continue!" Antano sighed, trying to calm down his wife.

"Hmmmp! be sure to do it fast, I`m infuriated!" Lila left a word as she dragged her son out.

Scratching his head, Antano sighed and ordered: "Get that woman here, Garde Otabotam, bring five 5th stage Empowering warriors with you."

Antano then thought of something as he added: "Bring her to me first, I'd like to see her face first."

Another Ugly man appeared beside him out of nowhere and replied: "Yes Patriarch, consider it done."

After replying, Garde vanished without any trace.

Antano sighed, he slumped on his chair as he spoke: "Why do they only have ugly people in this clan..."

"I have power now but... I think I made the wrong choice..."




Back to Zhihao's group.

The progress of the reconstruction is going on a very fast phase but with a solid foundation, all of them felt extremely familiar with this place, they had lived in her before and everything they did, they did with resoluteness, no slacking off can be seen anywhere.

Zhihao smiled as he nodded in agreement.

Blythe then came back with a person, a tall man with a properly built body is following her, behind them are four men carrying a wood that's ten meters long, three meters high, and six inches thick

"Big Brother! the wood sculpture is here!"

Zhihao nodded as he looked at them and smiled: "How much does it cost to make the shop name?"

The properly build man replied: "That would cost 50 white phoenix gold, for the wood, that wood over there is an especial ember sunset wood, it costs 100 white phoenix gold, if you think it costs too much, I`ll pick another wood that's a lot cheaper."

Zhihao looked at the wood and find it interesting, a wood that has the color of light maroon and is slightly glimmering with golden color, it really is extremely attractive to look at.

Zhihao looked back at the man and spoke: "I`ll give you 1,000 white phoenix gold if you finish it, and I`ll give you a bonus depending on the finished work."

After Zhihao finished speaking, the expression of the man brightened up as he replied: "Master, leave the rest to me, I`ll definitely make the best nameplate for your shop! What would the name be Master?"

Ying Mai shook her head and sighed, she then walked out of the shop to take in some fresh air, Riku looked at her and wondered before looking at Zhihao again.

Zhihao pondered for a bit before he spoke: "I want to there to be a lot of designs on the edges of the nameplate, and I'd like to name the shop too..."

Zhihao paused as he thought further, after a while, he looked at the man and continued: "Cultimana Shop!"

"Pffft!" Riku couldn't help but laughed herself out inside her mind when she couldn't hold it in, she flew out of the shop and went into the sky to laugh herself out.

"Yes!... Yes?" The man looked at Zhihao in bewilderment, he thought that he has misunderstood it.

"Cultimana Shop, I'd like that as my shop's name: "Zhihao spoke with pride in his heart.

"Yes! Consider it done Master." After agreeing, the man sighed as he walked out of the shop and went to his men.

"Okay guys, let's get this very important work done!"

"Yes!" Four of his men answered in unison.

Zhihao looked at them as he nodded and walked back to a vacant chair.

The man looked at Zhihao again but saw that he's not there.

"How do you even spell that?"

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