Supreme Martial System
227 I Don“t Care and...
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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227 I Don“t Care and...

Blythe walked to her courtyard and saw her subordinates doing their daily work, chopping logs, making salts, planting some herb seeds.

Blythe opened her mouth and shouted: "Everyone! I have a great news!"

All of them heard Blythe's shout and looked at her.

"Young Miss!"

Everyone stopped their work and greeted.

"All of you don't need to work there! We will go to a place to work!" Blythe excitedly exclaimed.

All of their eyes brightened up, then a silhouette approached her and spoke.

"Young Miss, have you forgotten? if anyone helps us, the risk will be offending them, the least that will happen to them will be injuries, and the worst is death!" The one that spoke is Ollie, her uncle.

Hearing his words, Blythe's excitement vanished and is replaced by sadness.

All of them immediately sighed, all of them could work exempting the children, but nobody is willing to hire them.

Ollie and the rest need to go through the black market to sell their goods, and even there, they still need to cover their faces.

Just when their mood has started to plummet, Ying Mai walked forward and spoke.

"No matter who or which power he came from, my Master will not even bother to glance at them." Ying Mai paused as she looked at Blythe and spoke.

"My Master's orders are absolute, his will is the Heavens, rest assured, nothing will happen to us!"

A Dignified face of a woman with a bearing of a sovereign is standing in front of them, it felt like every word she has spoken is the absolute truth, and everything else is a life. Such resolute and determination, the confidence she has for her Master."

Blythe then opened her eyes and remembered something: "Right! Big Brother Zhihao came from the Perfect Continent!"

Hearing Blythe's words, everyone's eyes opened widely.

"Perfect Continent?!"

"Un! Everyone, pack up your things and let's go!" Blythe excitedly sprinted back towards her house.

"Yes, Young Miss!"

Everyone followed Blythe after gathering their belongings, waiting for her to come out.

After a few breathes, Blythe got out of her house with a bag on her shoulder. Clearly, she only has a few things inside, two pieces of a change of clothes and that's it.

The rest is also holding small bags, all of them barely has possession, just a few clothes and that's their whole wealth, a clear sight of poverty.

"Let's go!" Blythe excitedly runs out of the courtyard.

Everyone smiled, seeing Blythe in full spirit again.

"It has been so many years since I've seen it."

"Our Young Miss's smile."

All of them had tears welling up on their eyes, Blythe, their Young Miss wasn't always the serious and mature person, she's always been the cheerful, innocent, and pure child, all of the ones here had seen and watched her grow up, seeing Blythe's cheerful spirit, they felt warm and satisfied.

Ying Mai smiled at the sight of it, she then followed behind Blythe who's hopping and skipping.

"Oh! What a sight." Out of nowhere, a seemingly irritating voice sounded.

A young man wearing clothes with designs embedded with different kinds of gems and fingers full of rings of gold is standing in their way with three men behind his back.

"Delima Lulong!" Blythe exclaimed, seeing this figure, disdain can be seen in her eyes.

Ollie made his way in front of Blythe and Ying Mai wielding his sword and immediately embedded it with power.

One of the men scowled: "Hmmmp! Merely a first stage Empowering level and you dare to show yourself in front of Young Master! you deserve to die!"

Lulong looked at the one and ordered: "Play with him for me, don't kill him."

"Yes!" After receiving his order, a smile formed on his lips as he walked towards Ollie, unsheathing his sword, he embedded it with flames.

"3rd stage Empowering level!" Ollie started to sweat, he could definitely not deal with this guy, but before he could prepare, that man started to charge at him, the two of them clashed as they moved further and further away.

The crowd of people started gathering from afar and is looking at the commotion.

"Isn't that Lulong? the Young Master of the Delima Clan, he's finding trouble with the Cantar's again."

"One of the four great clans are actually bullying the weak, such a sight, shameless."

"They already lost their wealth and fortunes, but they are still being pursued by powers, such a pity, they were great powerful clan before too."

"Such scums still exists, if only I`m stronger, I`ll definitely help them!"

"Shhh, don't talk loudly, we can't help them or else, our loved ones and us might die."

People kept gathering as a few hundred people had arrived, some of them gritted their teeth and clenched their fist, but all they could do is look.

Lulong looked at Blythe and look at the silhouette standing before her, a smile formed on his lips as he spoke.

"Nice to meet you again Miss Cantar, it seemed you have a beautiful guest, I don't know where you`ll be going, but I`ll take it from here and all of you can go back in your hole to rot."

Lulong stopped and looked at Ying Mai as he continued to speak to Blythe: "I`m still waiting for your answer, I`d still like for you to be my concubine to warm my bed every night, pfft, hahaha."

After speaking, Lulong walked towards them as the two men beside him followed.

Blythe's countenance change as she felt enraged, she wielded her sword and empowered it with fire. it is stronger than Ollie's and the other man's power. 4th stage of empowering level.

The men under her also took out their working tools out and prepared to fight.

Lulong chuckles as he replied: "4th stage of empowering, you are definitely a genius, but that was years ago."

After speaking, Lulong took out his own sword as he empowered himself too, he is also at the 4th stage of empowering level.

Blythe prepared to fight, but as soon as she did, Lulong spoke.

"But I`m not the one fighting you, Mukeng!" After Lulong called, a man wearing clothes glamorous clothes appeared beside him.

"Young Master, Mukeng is here."

Lulong smiled as he spoke: "Deal with Blythe for me."

After speaking, Lulong looked at Ying Mai as he smiled gently and spoke: "I`m the Young Master of the Delima Clan, Delima Lulong, nice to meet you."

Lulong bowed, trying to impress Ying Mai to the fullest.

One of the men then spoke: "Miss, the Young Master is giving you a blessing, you better take it, or else, something bad might happen."

Mukeng and Lulong approached Blythe and Ying Mai as a smug look on their faces appeared.

Ying Mai looked at Lulong as she waved her hand, a strong wind gushed fort as a slapping sound echoed.

"Pak!" Together with the sound, two figures floated in the sky as one slammed on the ground and another one crashed into a wall.

"Booom!" Mukeng slammed into a wall and lost his consciousness while Lulong planted his face on the ground with his rear pointing at the heavens.

Plucking his face out of the ground, Lulong glared at Ying Mai and shouted: "You dare?! My clan will capture you and send you to me to play with!"

Ying Mai glanced at him and slapped another time, this time, it is aimed at the man fighting Ollie. The man immediately flew as he crashed into a tree.

"Do whatever you want, I don't care and... you are ugly."

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