Supreme Martial System
226 Buying a Property
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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226 Buying a Property


Blythe opened her eyes widely as she looked at Zhihao in shock.

Zhihao looked at Blythe and asked: "What's the matter?"

Blythe hearing Zhihao's words woke up from her daze and replied.

"Elixirs are legends passed down from hundreds of thousands of years ago, it is a tale of old, they can only be discovered once every hundred of years, and they were only found in some ancient ruins or caves that were previously owned by the celestial existence of the past! now tell me, why should I not be shocked!?"

Zhihao is shocked at what he has heard, he looked at Riku with prying eyes.

Riku looked at him as she sent: "Don't look at me with those eyes, you already know how long has I vanished from my own world, and I've just finished roaming the World."

Zhihao nodded in understanding.

"Riku nodded as she continued: "My Celestial World has degraded, to the extreme, the highest power is actually only at the 8th stage of Celestiality here, and above that, there has been no one that could break through to it, for millions of years."

Hearing Riku's word, Zhihao now knew of what's happening. He then looked at Blythe and spoke.

"Hahaha, My potions is just bragging."

Riku sent another voice transmission: "Just tell her that you possess grade 4 to grade 6 potions."

Zhihao nodded as he continued: "I will be selling grade 4 up to grade 6 potions."

Blythe's eyes widened open again: "Wow! you can really say that those are elixirs! that's the highest grade in the Beauty Continent!"

'Beauty Continent?! What the hell!?' Zhihao was astounded.

"What kind of naming sense is that!?"

Ying Mai stared at Zhihao with eyes that are saying 'Takes one to know one...', Ying Mai sighed and shook her head and chuckles.

Inside Zhihao's head, Riku spoke: "Of course, it is I! my beautiful naming sense!"

Zhihao was astounded and replied in his mind: "how can you call that naming sense! I can name it better! you could've at least called it Celestial Ranger Continent!"

Blythe frowned as she rebuked: "It is a heavenly name, it is the name given by the Phoenix Sovereign himself! millions and millions of years ago, The Phoenix Sovereign descended from the heavens and dictated that our continent is to be named "Beauty Continent!", do you hear that!? and why don't you know the name of your own continent's name?!"

Riku chuckles as she proudly spoke to Zhihao: "See that? they are even proud of it! I`d like to see one of your friends actually agreeing to your own naming sense! I don't even know this woman and she's too proud to call it that! Hmmmp!" Pausing for a bit Riku continued.

"Just tell her that you came from 'Perfect Continent', that will solve your problems."

Zhihao nodded as he smiled: "Ahh, sorry, I`m just a wandering merchant, I came from the Perfect continent, so I don't really know anything about other places."

Blythe's eyes opened widely and exclaimed: "Perfect Continent?!"

Zhihao nodded as he smiled at the cute countenance that Blythe's been showing him.

Blythe stared at Zhihao like she's staring at someone.

Riku chuckles as she spoke to Zhihao's mind: "There are ten continents in my Celestial World, starting from the lowest to highest, the Beautiful Continent, Graceful Continent, Gorgeous Continent, Flowery Continent, Angelic Continent, Devilishly Continent, Uglies Continent, Treasured Continent, Sacred Palace Continent, and Perfect Continent."

Riku looked at Zhihao as she added: "The Uglies continent is supposed to be the weak continent, I even intentionally placed it in the middle of Beautiful, Graceful, and Gorgeous Continent, but who knew that millions of years, they would rise and can actually fight with the three continents simultaneously and on an equal footing, they even excel at the three by a tiny margin."

"Sacred Palace Continent is my place of slumber, that's my vacation place, it was supposed to be the gathering place of Law Celestials, but who knew yet again, that they would fall just after millions of years, haaa..."

Zhihao sighed and thought: 'You are naming your continent based on your feelings... how wicked...'

"Please forgive us for our rude treatment Master, please don't destroy our Bhie City, I`ll definitely make amends with you!" Blythe immediately exclaimed, to her, Perfect Continent is a power that shouldn't be offended no matter what, that's where the highest monarch stayed, the eccentric hermit.

Zhihao spoke something outrageous, he wanted to keep a low profile, Riku could've told her some other continent, why does it have to be the strongest one.

"Don't worry about it, I`m just a merchant from that place." Zhihao smiled as he tried to calm Blythe.

Blythe shook her head as she rebuked: "No! Master, even the maids there can treat us like bugs, I wouldn't dare."

"If you treat me differently from before, I`ll definitely get mad," Zhihao spoke, still trying to calm Blythe.

"Okay..." Finally, after thinking for a bit, Blythe accepted, the fact that Zhihao himself had spoken about it, she couldn't do anything to reverse it.

"Good, now let's find ourselves a place to have our shop opened."

"Yes, Master." Blythe bowed as she agreed.

"Just call me Zhihao from now on, okay?"

"Un!" Blythe agreed as she could only do so, it would definitely bad for her and those under her if she offended Zhihao in any way, she then walked and looked at the district looking at any place with a lot of benefits as she led the way.

Then, after just a few breaths of time, Blythe brought the both of them in front of a very old building that seemed to have not been used for many years.

Blythe's expression seemed to have deteriorated from neither the cute nor serious demeanor she has been having, instead, her face is full of sadness and longing, like those of a person looking at the grave of her beloved.

Zhihao can feel her sorrow and walks toward her.

"How much does this space costs? I`d like to buy the property."

Blythe woke up from her daze as she looked at Zhihao, but before she could speak, someone intervened.

"Hahaha, this place costs one black phoenix gold."

Zhihao looked at where the voice came from and saw a fat man in his early 50s with four people behind his back like they are guarding him, there is also a boy beside him with snots running down from his nose.

The fat man glanced at Blythe for a second before looking at Zhihao and bowed "Hello, you must be someone from another city, I`d like to welcome you personally in our City, my name is Skombag Bentong, the city governor, and this is my son, Skombag Bente."

Bentong bowed his head slightly to gesture greetings, there are neither respect and humbleness in the way he did so, just a casual greeting.

Zhihao nodded as he spoke: "I`d like to buy this place." After speaking, Zhihao threw a black gold piece that Ying Mai had given him earlier.

The fat man's eyes glimmered as he caught the shining black phoenix, he then looked at Zhihao in a scheming manner, there are no contracts yet but the payment is already been paid, he then glanced at the beauty beside him and a wicked smile formed, but before he could say something, Zhihao spoke.

"If you need to register something, I`m Zhong Zhihao from the Perfect Continent."

Hearing Zhihao's words, the fat man immediately sweated so much, 'People from the Perfect continent!!!' he fully regretted his action, he should've kowtowed instead of bowing earlier, offending anyone would from the Perfect Continent will definitely be the end of him.

The perfect continent is the most powerful continent in this World, who would even dare to use these name.

Bentong bowed his head as he spoke: "I`ll definitely fix everything, do you need anything Master? maids? bed warmers? people, to clean this place?"

Benton then looked at Blythe as he turned his gaze back at Zhihao: "Has that little girl offended you in some way? I`ll definitely handle her!"

But before he could do anything, Zhihao waved his hand and spoke: "Don't worry about that, I already have people who're going to work with me."

Zhihao stopped as he looked at Blythe and continued: "She and the people under her care will work for me."

"This..." Bentong wanted to say something, but before he could, Zhihao interrupted again.

"Is there any problem with it?"

"No... Nothing!" Bentong bowed, he still wanted to say something but shook his head, he then looked at the sky city before speaking.

"Master, you can use this house from now on, we'll definitely have the agreement later." After speaking, Bentong and

Zhihao nodded as he looked at Blythe and spoke: "Return to your courtyard, bring your people here together with their belongings, all of you will stay here starting today."

Hearing Zhihao's words, Blythe's expression didn't change, but her eyes started to get moist as her mouth slowly opened but no words were going out.

Zhihao then patted her head and spoke: "Go on, bring them here."

"Un! Thank you so much, Master." Blythe bowed as she nodded her head.

"I told you, just call me Zhihao, or you can also call me big brother."

"Big Brother." Blythe blushes as she nodded, she then cheerfully walked out full of spirit and excitement.

Zhihao looked at Ying Mai and ordered: "Follow her, I think there's something to here that's more than the eye sees."

Ying Mai nodded as she spoke: "Of course, but you need to kiss me first."

Ying Mai was shocked, those words didn't escape from her, but it sounded the same as her voice!

Zhihao was shocked, he can clearly see that Ying Mai didn't speak, but the voice that sounded is extremely similar to hers, looking behind Ying Mai, he saw Riku whistling.

He sighed as he looked at Ying Mai and nodded, meaning that he knew that it wasn't her that spoke.

Ying Mai smiled as she nodded her head and followed Blythe.

Zhihao then looked at Riku and spoke: "You are definitely a bird, a parrot."

"What's a parrot?"

"A beautiful creature." Zhihao chuckles as he walked towards the table.

"Hmmp! Good that you know I`m a beautiful creature!"

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