Supreme Martial System
225 Weapons and Elixir
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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225 Weapons and Elixir

Zhihao looked at Blythe as she asked.

"How much does it cost to own a shop in this City?"

Blythe looked at Zhihao in wonder but still replied: "That would cost about 1,000 white phoenix gold for a year."

After speaking, a smug look appeared in Blythe's face, somewhat like a winning girl: 'You thought it will be easy? not a chance at all, hmmp, let's see how you can face it.'

Zhihao was shocked: 'White phoenix gold? What the hell is that?'

Zhihao looked at Ying Mai, wanting for her to explain.

Seemingly to understand what Zhihao's look means, she pulled out the interspatial pouch out of her bosom, she looked at the inside and saw a pile of red and black gold that's forming a mountain inside it, she then withdrew five pieces black piece of gold.

The red one is radiating seemed to be radiating so much mysterious power, while the black one is also radiating the same mysterious power but the power inside it is a little too mild, compared to the denseness of the mysterious power flowing inside the Red gold coins.

Considering how Zhihao had always acted, he definitely wants to become low profile, so she withdrew a few black gold coins out of the heeps, there is no white gold so she thought that pulling out the interspatial pouch.

Ying Mai threw a piece of black gold coin towards Blythe and handed the four black gold coins to Zhihao together with the Interspatial pouch.

Zhihao looked at Ying Mai and spoke through spiritual communication.

"Where'd you get this pouch from?" Zhihao took a look inside and saw a lot of treasures in it, he was shocked and asked Ying Mai for information.

"Master, that was given to me by Riku when you were unconscious."

Zhihao nodded his head, the both of them then looked at Blythe but is astounded at the sight.

Blythe is opening her eyes widely open while the black phoenix gold is on her hands, her hand is shaking as she held on to the black gold that Ying Mai had thrown to her, like holding a treasure.

Realizing that Zhihao and Ying Mai is looking at her, she closed her widely opened mouth and spoke: "I..I`ll... I`ll look for a shop, and return you the change after."

Blythe realized that Zhihao and Ying Mai really came from a very rich place, she also saw Ying Mai pulled other Black Phoenix Gold together with the one on her hand.

The biggest amount of black phoenix gold that she had seen before only amounts to be between 10 to 20 pieces and that was a very long time ago when her life is extremely different from what she has now.

Zhihao and Ying Mai didn't ask any questions like "Is that enough." or "How much does it cost." but only waited for Blythe's response, and seeing her response, it seemed that that black gold is much more valuable than what she had said before, the white phoenix gold.

"Don't worry about it, how about, use the rest of the gold and spend it to have a feast."

Hearing Zhihao's word, Blythe's countenance, the stoic expression on her face vanished, all the walls that she had placed around her heart crumble one by one, the feeling of warmth entered deeply, engraving the words Zhihao had spoken.

Although Zhihao has no clue, a Black Phoenix Gold would amount to 50,000 white gold coins, and Blythe's current circumstance, she and her subordinates only earn 50 to 100 white phoenix gold coins in a month.

"Waaaa! Waaaa! Waaaa! Huuu! Waaa!"

Zhihao is giving her 49,000 white phoenix gold, someone who is cold towards him, someone that he had known for not even a single day, helping her group of strangers out of his good will.

Due to some circumstances, she distanced herself from outsiders, only trusting the few people under her and her family(Uncle, Aunt, and Cousin.)

But due to Zhihao's grace, her walls crushed simultaneously.

Zhihao is bewildered, he has no idea of what he had just done, that he'd given a really big amount of money to a stranger, he stood up and walked towards Blythe and patted her head.

Then, Something unexpected happened, Blythe, who seemed to be so mature suddenly leaped and hugged Zhihao tightly and made his robe wet with her tears.

Riku had just arrived and saw the scene, she chuckles at Ying Mai and spoke internally to her.

"Even a child is beating you, how weak you are."

Ying Mai heard it as her eyebrows twitched, she then walked closer and was about to pull Blythe away from her Master, but then, the door suddenly opened as a group of people

"Young Miss!"

"Young Miss!"

Wielding pitchforks, shovel, and any household items prepared to fight it out, but just right after they screamed, they saw their Young Miss, who is always stern and strict to strangers hugging someone as she cried herself out.

Hearing their words, Blythe woke up from her crying as she cutely wiped the snot that's still sticking from her nose to Zhihao's clothes and the tears on her eyes.

After tidying herself up, she looked at her subordinates and spoke.

"Ahem, tonight and for a few more months, we'll be having a normal day, that's all, dismissed!"

After relaying her orders, everyone nodded, although they want to ask what happened, they just shook their head and returned, in their mind, they are just glad that nothing happens to her, their Young Miss.

Blythe then looked at Zhihao as she spoke: "Want to come with me in choosing the place you`d like to have?"

Zhihao nodded and walked out of the house, Ying Mai followed as Riku landed on her shoulder.

Zhihao sent a message to Riku.

"What do you use here, like what are you guys selling in this World?"

Riku smiled as she replied: "Elixir and Weapons, you can make the both of them with the things that Young Master has left you."

After speaking, blood seethed through Riku's mouth but only lasted for a millisecond before vanishing completely.

Both Ying Mai and Zhihao didn't notice it as Riku tried to recover her energy.

Zhihao nodded as he followed Blythe outside.




Blythe brought them to a wide place with a few vacancies and a lot of high ancient buildings.

"Fresh Beast and Demon Beast here! Freshly caught! Buy all you need for a cheap price!"

"We have newly made weapons and armors here! Step right up!"

"Beast cores! Demon Beast Cores for sale! We're offering a 30% discount to the first ten customers!"

"Embedding beast cores to your weapon for only 30 white phoenix golds!"

All sorts of advertising are heard as soon as they entered the area. people selling and buying goods left and right.

Blythe bowed as she asked: "My Lord, what do you wish to sell in your shop?"

Zhihao was shocked, such a big turn in personality, he was astounded, he chuckles as he replied.

"I`d like to sell weapons and elixirs."

Blythe nodded as she replied: "Okay! Weapons and Elix.."


Blythe is in a happy mood right now, but in the middle of her words, she stopped after noticing something. Elixirs?!

Blythe looked at Zhihao in shock.


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