Supreme Martial System
223 I`m Helping!
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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223 I`m Helping!

Zhihao and Ying Mai settled inside Ollie's residence.

"It is weird." Riku's voice suddenly sounded.

Both of them, Zhihao and Ying Mai looked at Riku in a bewildered manner.

"What do you mean weird?" Zhihao asked, wanting to satisfy his curiosity.

Riku looked at him as she replied: "The way, that man, Ollie uses his power, doesn't contain any laws."


Riku immediately replied: "Laws are the type of power my celestial world posses, it is the strongest power within my own World."

Hearing this Zhihao's curiosity peaked.

"What do these 'Laws' do?"

Riku puffed out her fluffy bird chest as she proudly spoke: "It is the power to control the Elements, things, or if you reach to a very higher power, you can even control life and death, making it follow your will."

"Like elemental power?"

Riku rolled her eyes as she continued: "No, for example, the Laws of wood, you can generate different kinds of plantations appear as you will your power."

After speaking, Riku looked at Zhihao, seeing that he still couldn't get it, she sighed and continued.

"More example is, Law of sharpness, Law of solidity, Law of fire, Law of creativity, Law of softness, and many more, so long as you can comprehend it to the limits, you can gain enlightenment towards the Laws, and after you reach a set amount of experience, you can grow stronger and stronger."

Zhihao finally got a gist of it and nodded repeatedly.

"What's the base power here? how do you level your power here? Is it the same as ours?"

Riku sighed, she didn't think that bringing Zhihao here would cause her to receive a lot of annoying questions.

"No, There are three levels of powers here."

"Only three?" Zhihao asked in astonishment.

Riku nodded then continued: "The first level is, what you saw that Ollie had used, that is Empowerment, using elements to help you in your fight, embedding the elements inside your weapon or armor."

Pausing for a bit, Riku continued: "The second level is Celestiality, you can wield the power of elements yourself, aiding you in your battle, with the power of Celestiality, like your Heavenly Establishment realm, you can float, but after you reach the level of Celestiality, your power would be able to have the same strength as a Demi-God realm's cultivator, and even reach the God Realm lower stage."

Hearing this, Zhihao and Ying Mai is both shocked, such a huge leap in power. Zhihao looked at Riku and asked.

"The third is?"

"The third power is, the power of Law, like what I had told you before, it is a power of different quality, you can either make a weak Law or a strong Law, the choice is yours, in the cultivation world, it is termed as 'DAO', the path that you choose and wishes to pursue, the way you want to strive, the way for perfection in that path."

Hearing Riku, both Zhihao and Ying Mai nodded.

"Then, how strong can one be once they comprehended the power of Law?"

Riku sighs, she can clearly see the blaze in Zhihao's eyes after asking the question, Zhihao wants the strength to support him through his path, Zhihao's pursue in helping their Young Master, Arthariaz, in foiling the enemy's plan, crushing the Titans.

Riku couldn't help but shake her head: "Let me say it first, you wouldn't be able to receive nor get anything out of my World, that is design by the Omnipotent Being, our creator, our first Master's rule, we wouldn't be able to do anything to change it."

Riku stopped as she looked at Zhihao, in a very stern warning before continuing: "If you made it to the third level, the power of Laws, you will have the same power as a God's Realm lower stage, and if you can master it to the limits, the highest that I had seen is, he could fight me while I`m using 40% of my full power."

Hearing this, Zhihao and Ying Mai were both stunned, but Zhihao is in a more shock, he already saw how Riku had fought before, she was only on 30% of her full power, but the fight is already too extreme for him, even when he had fully powered himself, using all sorts of abilities and pills.

"Do you both understand?"

"Is there any different stages between these levels?" Zhihao asked.

"Yeah, they go with the 1st stage to 10th stage, for Empowerment and Celestiality, but for Laws, there are none, it just goes with what you have comprehended," Riku explained, slightly lazy.

Nodding his head, Zhihao then asked again: "Then what is the stage of what Ollie had used before?"

"1st stage."

Seeing that Riku is already too lazy to explain further, Zhihao nodded, he then looked at Riku and Ying Mai: "Let us rest for the day, we should do some things tomorrow."

Riku just sighed as she flew to the table and closed her eyes.

Zhihao looked around as he found out that there is only a single bed, he looked at Ying Mai and spoke: "You take the bed, I`ll sleep on the floor."

Ying Mai shook her head and replied: "Master, I`d rather die than make you sleep on the floor, you should go and sleep on the bed as I go to the floor."

Hearing them, Riku opened her eyes and shouted: "The both of you sleep on the bed!"

After shouting, Riku blew a strong gust of wind aiming at the both of them as she threw them towards the bed.

"Now sleep there and it's settled!"

After shouting, Riku immediately used her power as red metal cages appear surrounding the bed, making them unable to go out.

"This... what are you doing?" Ying Mai asks in shock.

"I`m helping you to **** him!"

Riku shouted as she flew in the air and added: "You enjoy his embrace, I`ll go and visit my Celestial Phoenix Mountain."

Without waiting for their reply, Riku took flight as she left them in their room.

The both of them, Ying Mai and Zhihao looked at each other as an awkward atmosphere surrounded them, they then laid in the bed and tried to sleep.

"Sleep well."

"You too Master."

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