Supreme Martial System
222 Blythe Cantar
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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222 Blythe Cantar

"Never point that filthy sword of yours to someone you will never be able to afford to offend!"

Ying Mai's countenance is that one of a demon, looking at a very sinful creature, preparing for its judgment.

Ying Mai gathered her spiritual energy at the tip of her fingers ready to strike.


Zhihao spoke, halting Ying Mai's attack. He looked at the man covered in the black robe as he continued.

"What do you mean by traitorous?"

The man wearing a black robe chuckled at the question as he removed his hood, a man in his early 40s with a mark that seemed to be a Yin and Yang appears on his forehead, a mark that seemed to look like a birthmark.

"Royalty, Immortal Clan."

Riku spoke inside both Ying Mai and Zhihao's mind.

Hearing her words, Zhihao nodded and looked at the man.

"What do I mean by traitorous? your family is the ones I am talking about! Your family betrayed the Royal family and took control of the Bhie Sky City!"

Ying Mai's eyes kept looking at the man, wanting to kill him as soon as Zhihao gave his order. Her beloved one's Family is getting cursed without any proof, making her extremely enrage.

Zhihao nodded his head, he ignored the words as he knew that the man is visualizing somebody else different from his family.

"I`m not from any Family owning any Sky City, I`m just a traveling merchant, and I`m here to make some living expenses, I received this one from a friend that I had made on one of my travels." Zhihao took out the pass and showed it to the man, behind it, there is a written word, Celestial, seeing this, the man was astounded.

'Celestial!?' The Man's thoughts ran wild, the pass with Celestial inscribed in the back of a pass is limited to only a limited people, and a pass like this has not been used for millions of years.

"My Lord! Forgive this one for my rude behavior! I`ll gladly die for my own mistakes, please don't involve my relatives in this."

The man pulled out a dagger and held it up and immediately aimed it at his heart and struck, but before it could reach its aim, it immediately halts midway as someone grabbed the edge of it.

The hand that held it started to bleed, Zhihao looked at the silhouette, he was about to stop it too when it nears the man's stomach, but someone did it in his stead, a little earlier than his plan.

It is a woman and looks like she's in between 17 to 20 years old, violet radiant hair and eyes, silky smooth skin, and a great figure to boot.

The woman looked at Zhihao and spoke: "I am the one in charge of this man and if anyone is in need to suffer, make me be responsible in his stead."

The woman arrived late, but she still heard a few things, especially from the time that Zhihao revealed the Celestial branded Phoenix pass.

Zhihao looked at the woman and chuckles.

"I`m not planning to have him dead, you can look at the tip of the dagger."

The woman looked at the tip of the dagger and was astounded, almost half of it is removed, and even if the man struck it in his chest, in maximum, he will only receive a slightly serious injury.

Seeing this, the woman bowed deeply as she spoke: "Thank you for your magnanimous decision your Majesty, please let me pay this debt of gratitude."

Zhihao chuckles as he looked at the inn and spoke.

"Do you have any place to stay? we'd like to have and have a free rent instead, will that be great to pay your debt? and just call me Zhihao."

The woman shook her head and replied: "Sorry your majesty, but our humble abode would be a too low class for your taste to stay, and you staying there would make me owe you more instead of paying my debt."

Zhihao was astounded, he chuckles at the display of attitude this lady is showing him, a smile formed in his lips as he added.

"Well, I want to stay there, it is free, and that is better for me, if staying in there is not enough, I`ll think of something to add later, that would make us even by then."

The woman frowned as she looked at Zhihao, thinking that Zhihao is planning to do something.

She nodded her head and replied: "Of course, I already warned you, don't regret it later... Your... Ma... Jes...Ty..."

The woman intentionally slowed down her words, pouring every syllable slowly, one by one.

Zhihao was astounded yet again and in his thought.

'What an attitude! hahaha.'

Zhihao nodded his head and spoke: "Then, lead the way."

The woman rolled her eyes and started to walk, not even replying.

The old man stood up as he looked at Zhihao and spoke: "Your Majesty, forgive her for the behavior, she was a sweet child before, but circumstances forced her to toughen up."

Zhihao nodded as he walked and followed the lady's direction.

The old man followed behind Ying Mai and spoke: "Your Majesty, my name is Ollie."

Zhihao nodded as he replied: "A good name."

But in his thought, Zhihao is thinking. 'What does Ollie mean?'

He kept this thought in his mind as they continued walking.

After just a few minutes, they finally arrived at the far corner of the City. Zhihao was astounded, this place looks like a slum.

"Young Miss!"

"Young Miss!"

All of the people immediately greeted seeing the Lady coming back from her walk.

There are about 40 people in the small courtyard, with about 50 houses in total, everything looks terrible as holes in the ceiling can be seen and a lot of the woods are starting to break due to it being overused for a long time.

The lady looked at Zhihao and spoke: "Well, I hope your Majesty wouldn't regret his decision, my name is Blythe, Blythe Cantor, if you wish to know something else, be sure to call me first before my people."

After speaking, Blythe immediately walked out and headed to the house in the middle of the courtyard, not even waiting for Zhihao's reply.

Zhihao chuckles as he spoke: "What a great attitude indeed."

Zhihao looked at Ollie as he asked: "Where do we stay?"

Ollie scratched his head as he replied: "Your Majesty, you can stay in my home first, I`ll stay with Blythe in her house for the time being with my Family."

Ollie bowed and added: "Your Majesty, don't worry, we usually do this, Blythe is my niece, so it is actually not a problem for us."

Hearing this, Zhihao nodded as Ollie led the way towards his home.

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