Supreme Martial System
220 Something Wrong
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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220 Something Wrong

"Welcome to my World! Bloody Divine! My own, personal World, one of the eight Celestial World!"

Ying Mai was astounded as she looks at Riku.

"Do you like it?"

Riku asked as she looked at Ying Mai, waiting for her response.

Ying Mai nodded her head as she looks at the environment, she was too awed struck and exclaimed.

"What a great World!"

There are birds as big as a dragon, monsters as big as a whale, a lot of trees as big as a mountain, and mountains reaching the heavens.

A few miles away, Ying Mai can see a big town, somewhat like a ancient china, but there's something different, there is a City in the sky as big as the mountains with a lot gems as big as houses surrounding it, like some sort of mystic element floating all around it.

Riku smiled as she spoke.

"I`m not going to explain a lot, but the power here is different compared to the ones from outside my World, this is my own world, a Celestial World."

Ying Mai looked at Riku as she ask: "What do you mean Celestial World?"

Riku chuckles as she proudly lifted her chin up and spoke: "The power here, is stronger than the Gods Realm, or the Titan Realm, but sadly... haaa... our creator forbid us from involving the people of our World to the Worldy affairs of the Gods and Titans."

Ying Mai nodded and asked again.


"Because, the strongest person in my Celestial World, can slaughter his or her way to the Gods Realm."

Hearing Riku's reply, Ying Mai was astounded, she nodded immediately as she looks at Zhihao.

'Maybe... just maybe, he`ll get stronger if he stays here."

Riku saw Ying Mai's expression and immediately knew what she is thinking.

"Sadly, the power here, is something, that the both of you wouldn't ever be able to comprehend, but there is some thing that you can learn here, a lot."

Ying Mai nodded.

"Then, what should we do for now?"

"First, head into that small village there, and try to look for a place to stay."

Ying Mai nodded her head as she carried Zhihao in a princess style and walked forward.

Seeing this, Riku chuckles as she exclaimed.

"Wait, wait, here, use this."

After speaking, Riku summoned a carriage out with a demon beast the looks like a big allegator and has a shell covering it all over its body.

Riku flapped her wings again as she summons a pouch looking thing, she immediately handed it to Ying Mai and spoke.

"Go and take it, that pouch is what we use in this World, it also has the same effects as a interspatial Ring, but that's the very first invention of Interspatial storage, which is a very old fashion, there will be money inside of it, you will need it. Now go and board the carriage, that beast will automatically move."

Ying Mai nodded her head as she brought Zhihao inside, after sitting, Ying Mai laid Zhihao's head on her lap.

Seeing the innocent sleeping face of Zhihao, Ying Mai couldn't help as a smile forms on her lips.

Riku smiles at the sight and spoke: "Why not take advantage of him? you know, **** him."

Hearing Riku's words, Ying Mai opened her mouth and eyes widely as she looked at Riku in shock.

"I... I... I won't ever do something like that! Ever!"

Riku chukles as she added.

"Well, a cooked rice would definitely ensure your future with him, if you know what I mean."

Riku spoke as she repeatedly lifted her eyebrows, hinting on something.

Ying Mai blushes as she pondered.

"Sh..Should I?"

Riku repeatedly nodded.

Ying Mai lost her focus as she closes her face to Zhihao's.

A smile forms in Riku's lips and giggles.

And just as soon as her lips intertwines with Zhihao, she started to feel the heat in her body calmly taking over her body, she then closed her eyes and let her instinct lead her.

But as soon as she enters in the mood, Riku chuckles.


Ying Mai opens her eyes and saw Zhihao's eyes wide open staring at her in wide shock.

She immediately parted her lips from Zhihao's as Zhihao stood up from Ying Mai's lap and sat at the corner, like some teenage girl that was taken advantage of.

Ying Mai immediately fixed herself up and avoided Zhihao's gaze.

Riku looked at the both of them and spoke: "Hey, based on what I saw from Amro's memory, you already took advantage of my partner here, right Mai?"

Hearing Riku's words, the both of them remembered what had happened from when Zhihao was drunk, both Zhihao and Ying Mai blushes further remembering what had happened from before.

"Ahh... A bunch of innocent people."

Zhihao then remembered something as he looked at Riku and asked: "Then... the ones with..."

"Yep! the ones with your three beautiful wives too."

Zhihao sighs as he shook his head, trying to ignore Riku's words.

Then, out of nowhere, a lot of noise came from outside, attracting the attention of both Ying Mai and Zhihao.

"Wow! look at that grand carriage, a Frulaktor, a rank 9 Demon Beast!"

"Something so powerful is actually used to pull a carriage? from which powerful sky city did it come from?"

"Must be from the most powerful Sky City near ours"

"There are only two other Sky city away from ours, and that is the Eih Sky City, and Ayh Sky City, they might have come from one of them."

"Un! but what are they doing here?"

Hearing them, Zhihao looked ouside as he saw a lot of people dressed averagely, but they are excuding some weird power, he looked at Ying Mai and asked.

"Where are we?"

Ying Mai immediately went back to her originally serious expression and replied: "Master, we are in a Celestial World that is privately owned by Riku, Bloody Divine."

Hearing her reply, Zhihao looked at Riku and asked.

"What are we doing here Riku?"

But to his surprise, the cheerful bird, Riku, is dead silent as her mood felt extremely serious, like she is in a really bad mood.

Then out of nowhere, Riku spoke.

"Something is wrong here."
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    《Supreme Martial System》