Supreme Martial System
219 Riku“s Plan.
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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219 Riku“s Plan.

The three of them finally arrived at the location above Ying Mai.

Riku immediately felt something strange, she was astounded as she looked at the group of people below, she stared at Amro and Zhihao.

Amro chuckles as he spoke: "Sis, that's the person that our Young Master had picked for you."

Riku looked at Zhihao and asked: "I can feel a very extreme synergy with her, she is?"

"My Celestial General."

Zhihao replied with excitement, Ying Mai is his very first Celestial General, and before she could have her own partner, Dennison, who is the second to join the ranks immediately received Amro's power.

Riku smiled as she nodded.

"Let's go."

The three of them descended, Riku and Amro returned to their celestial beast form their human form.

The moment that the three of them landed, although they did it silently, Ying Mai and Sylvia are both looking at them.

"My Lord/Master."

The both of them bowed sincerely and greeted.

Zhihao nodded his head, Riku is currently in her small form behind him, not showing herself yet.

Amro remembered something as he looked at Zhihao and spoke: "I`ll return to Dennison for now, I think he might've died, I left him for a few hours making him repeatedly using his skills, he must be extremely depleted, he must've collapsed already."

Hearing this, Zhihao nodded his head.

"Okay, good luck on your side."

Amro nodded his head and immediately vanished.

Zhihao looked at Ying Mai and spoke.

"Ying Mai, I`d like to introduce you to somebody, she will be your..."

But before Zhihao could finish, Riku revealed herself and spoke in an almighty tone.

"Be blessed human! Appreciate the being who's in front of y..."

But before Riku could finish, she was stopped immediately as someone has grabbed ahold of her body.


Ying Mai's serious manner vanished completely as she hugged the ruby red bird flying in front of Zhihao.

"This!! How dare!"

Riku was astounded, but what followed is Ying Mai's continues assault of words.

"Ohh! such a fluffy cute bird! ahh! so gorgeous! such a beautiful bird!"


A clear snap was heard as something broke in Riku's mind.

"Hmmp! good human! keep admiring! keep the praise going!"

"It can talk! so cute!"

"Hahaha! Human! go on! I like what I`m hearing!"

Ying Mai hugged Riku as she kept flooding her with praises and such.

Seeing this, Zhihao spoke.

"I guess... I wouldn't be having trouble making them closer."

Zhihao looked at the Ying Mai's sudden change and couldn't help staring at her for so long.

Badum Badum!

Zhihao felt extremely weird, a sudden beat inside his chest sounded and it felt extremely tight, light someone is caressing your heart gently.

Zhihao immediately took back his stare away from Ying Mai and walked towards the throne and sat there trying to calm himself down.

Riku, although is in a very great and loving mood, noticed what happened to Zhihao in the single second that it had sounded.

A smile started to make its appearance in Riku's smile as she glanced at Zhihao, the smile then turned into something wicked, like one of those that has a sudden plan made in their mind.

Riku looked at Ying Mai and ask: "Hey, you are Zhihao's? what?"

Ying Mai blushes a little as she calmed herself up and replied: "I`m his, my Master's Celestial General."

Ying Mai answered full of resolution and dedication.

But even with Ying Mai's straightforward answer, Riku noticed a slight painful reaction toward's Ying Mai's heard and immediately knew what this is all about.

"Ah, I thought you want to know how to get his heart, but I guess, I thought of it wrong, I guess..."

Riku stopped as she looked at Sylvia and added: "I`ll just help her instead."

Ying Mai followed Riku's vision and saw that she is looking at Sylvia.


Ying Mai couldn't help but exclaim.

Riku smiled as she spoke: "Don't worry, I know, I`ll definitely help you."

Ying Mai then suddenly realized something: "Wait, you can talk?"

Riku opened her eyes widely and immediately replied.

"Haven't I been speaking from the sta..."

But before she could finish her words, Ying Mai grabbed her and hugged her tightly and exclaimed.

"Waaa! a cute, gorgeous, speaking bird! such a cute bird!"


Riku was astounded, she then lifted her beak up and spoke: "There, there, keep the praise going, human! I like it! go on!"

Riku kept accepting the praises, but although Riku is careless, she's actually counting down on something, then a smile formed in her lips as she became serious and looked at Ying Mai.

"Hey, I`m going to tell you something, you see your Master?"

Ying Mai nodded her head and replied: "Yes, what is it?"

"He will collapse, he had used a lot of techniques that will stress his power too much, and the side effect, is the lock of his cultivation, I kept making plans, but I`ll definitely be sure to make him fall for you completely, so go by his side in thirty seconds."

Ying Mai nodded her head as she started to countdown in her thought.

When the 30 seconds are up, Ying Mai walked closer towards Zhihao and spoke.


Zhihao looked at Ying Mai and replied: "What is..." but before he could finish his words, his vision suddenly darkened and lost consciousness.


Ying Mai exclaimed as she immediately grabbed the falling Zhihao.

Sylvia heard her scream and looked towards her direction.

"My Lord!"

Sylvia immediately rushed as she flew to Zhihao's location, but before she could move further, a flame suddenly appeared and blocked her path.

Riku then appeared in front of her and smiled.

"Hey lady, sorry but, I`ll need to make some space for the two of them, you can go after her, okay?"

After speaking, Riku descended to Ying Mai's shoulder and clasped her wings.

"We will be back in a month or less, just make sure to not make these people go and deal with the 'Demon Lord' while we are out!"

Afterward, a big dimensional scar appears below both Ying Mai and Zhihao fell immediately.

Riku looked at Sylvia and spoke: "Don't worry, you`ll have your time!"

After speaking, Riku dives down inside the dimensional scar she created.




Somewhere, from the sky, a scar within the heaven appeared out of nowhere.

Two figures fell from it as a bird followed.

The figures were Riki, Ying Mai and Zhihao, the two of them drops out of the dimensional scar as Riku followed them from behind.

Ying Mai then tried to gather Mana to break their fall but was surprised that she couldn't collect any Mana.

Riku smiles seeing this and flapped her wings multiple times.


A strong gust of wind builds up on the ground upward, breaking the speed of Ying Mai and Zhihao's fall.

After making their way down, Ying Mai looks around and was shocked.

Riku smiles as she spoke: "Like it? This is my very own, private World, this is the World created for me by our Father, the Omnipotent Being."

Ying Mai nodded, she could see clearly see the beautiful atmosphere around.

In the far northern place, she could see an ancient city, but there are a lot of people inside walking cheerfully.

Riku then spoke: "This is my World, the Bloody Divine World, I hope you`ll like your stay here for a few months!"
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    《Supreme Martial System》