Supreme Martial System
217 Déjà vu
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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217 Déjà vu

"Human, I can give you power, riches, anything that is in within my power, it will be granted."

The voice stopped for a second before a powerful surge of Aura surfaced from the ground below, the feminine voice then continued.

"Or... Kill that Titan that is playing with you..."

When the voice finally stops, Akasha's lips slowly moved upward as it formed into a smile.

"Hahaha, you are imprisoned, I wonder, how will you even do that?"

After speaking, Akasha increased her powers further and dashed towards Zhihao, aiming to kill him before he could make a wish.

It only took just a 0.01 seconds, but before Akasha could reach Zhihao, blazing fiery flames surge forth, blocking her path and continued to pursue her.


Akasha couldn't help but retreat.

"Black hole!"

Akasha tried to block the flames with her skill, but when the flames entered the Blackhole, it immediate emerged from the other side of the black hole.

"Stupid Rebirthing Flames!"

After cursing, Akasha immediately dashed a few meters away.

Akasha then increased her strength further, using 100% of her current strength, the ones that she had used before were only 10%, but she could already play with Zhihao like a child.

But after the appearance of the mysterious voice, even though she's currently on her weakened state, she could still fight back decently, on her full power, her current 100% is only 20% of it, which describe how weak Akasha is currently at.

But who said that she's the only one on a weakened state, the beast itself could only use part of her original strength.


Akasha calms herself as she uses another skill, the surrounding immediately turns dark as the flames vanishes without a trace of its previous glamour.


Akasha smirks at the victory she had.

Then a voice sounded: "These flames of mine, dies with time, but with time it burst back and defeat its foes!"

After the voice stopped, a flickering light emerged from the shadow as many more followed.

"Burn! o' my Eternal Flames!"


Akasha felt the intense flames as it became excessively brighter, the heat started to pierce her skin.

"Nether field!"

Although this skill is of a dark element, after summoning it, the field neutralized the flames' heat, but the flames are still there, shimering brighter than ever.

Akasha finally stopped moving as the flames also didn't chase further.

The clash only lasted for 10 seconds, but a lot of things had already happened, Although blurry, Zhihao could still see a few glimpse of their fight.

Zhihao could only speak in shock: "Such... such great exchange of power..."

Zhihao already know what had happened, Akasha was just playing with him earlier, she had not used her full power on her, just a tiny bit of portion is enough to deal with him

The mysterious voice then continued: "Human, I`m waiting for your wish."

Akasha only stood there, waiting for Zhihao to make the wrong wish, if she wants to deal with this creature, she'll need a few more back up, the same time millions of years ago, when she dealt with the this beast.

But if Zhihao made a mistake, she could still kill him and escape unscathe.

Hearing this, Zhihao woke up from his daze as he asked.

"If i receive your power... your blessing, will I be able to deal with her?"

The mysterious voice chukles as she replied: "No, the gap between the two of you are too wide, although it may seems such a tiny gap between a middle stage God Realm and a God Realm Pinnacle... a Titan Realm pinnacle, but the difference is like the heaven and the underworld."

Pausing for a bit, the mysterious voice added: "When you`ve naturally stepped into the God realm yourself, you will know the difference, there are millions of pinnacle God Realms and Titan Realms, but still, the gap between them are huge, because... of a certain power."

The mysterious voice stopped there, not wanting to explain things further.

Zhihao nodded his head and replied: "Then, if I wish for you to kill her, would you be able to accomplish that?"

Hearing Zhihao's remark, Akasha smiled as she spoke: "Hahaha, well, kid, a very interesting person you are, we shall meet again."

After speaking, Akasha immediately summoned a dimensional scar and went inside, vanishing without a single trace.

Zhihao was astounded, he was shocked at such a display of running, he haven't even wished for it, but Akasha immediately escaped.

It felt extremely awkward right now, such a thing happened, and he didn't know what to wish now.

"If I wish for you to follow her and kill her, will you be able to do it?"

The mysterious voice chuckles as she replied: "I wouldn't even manage to injure her if I chase her with my current power, she had already fled back to the Realm of the Titans."

Hearing this, Zhihao sighed, not knowing what to wish, then a sudden wisdom made its way to Zhihao's head.

'What if, she was released, would she also target the Titans? then I would have an additional power, although it isn't my own comrade, an addition wouldn't be bad!'

Zhihao looked at the red crystals and asked.

"I wish, for your freedom!"

The mysterious voice didn't reply, It was actually shocked at such a request, a smile forms on its lips as she spoke.

"You wish for my freedom to help you fight with the Titans, am I right?"

Zhihao without any hesitation smiles at the question and nodded.

"Yep! Any help counts, I think that, someone who's imprisoned for millions of years would like to have their veangeance, helping you would also be helping me too, its a win win for me."

Hearing Zhihao's response, the mysterious voice laughed out loud.

"Hahahahaha! you are a very interesting kid!"

With laughing as loud as that, the cave immediately vibrated as walls and ceiling started to shake.

"Human, I deem you worthy of seeing my appearance! Be honored!"

After the mysterious voice's words, the hardest mineral in the universe broke down pieces by pieces as it started to melt.

Seeing this, Zhihao can already guess how powerful this being is.

A shadow of a very big creature is slowly making its way out of the hell hole that once was filled with the red crystal.

Zhihao can already feel fear towards the creature, such a big silhouette that looks extremely formidable is approachin in his direction.

"Human! Rejoice!"

After speaking, the silhouette made its way out.

Zhihao is currently looking at the ceiling, then, when the shadow vanished, he looked from behind him to check if its there.

"Human! where do you think you are searching? I am here!"

Zhihao followed the direction of the voice and saw something on the ground, he couldn't help but exclaimed.

"A BIRD?!"

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