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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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216 Voice

Somewhere in the Wilds.

Amro is training Dennison to improve on his defensive skills, the one that Amro had imparted him, but these skills weren't the same as Amro's greatest defensive skills, these ones are amongst the basics.

"Good! Okay! that's great, keep going, what? you're already exhausted?"

Dennison shook his head as he kept using the skill repeatedly.

"Pentagon Block!"

"Tortoise Shell!"

"Thorn Mail!"

"Blade Mail!"

"Pant... Pant... True Defense!"

"Great! you are doing some progress! we'll only need 1,000 more years so that you can catch up to that kid, Zhihao's current power."

Amro kept provoking Dennison, trying to make him struggle harder.

And, it is effective, Dennison is provoked, he kept using the same skills repeatedly, exhausting his mental and physical state to the limits.

"Hahahaha, Great! Keep doing that!"

Amro smiled satisfied: 'Well, it really will be an extremely long way to go until you can help that brat, but you will grow, definite...'

Amro is currently relaxed, but he felt an extremely familiar aura, something he dreaded so much since millions of years ago.

Amro's face immediately changes as he transformed into a ball of light and streaked across the horizon.


Amro screamed at the top of his lungs, full of rage and hate.



Inside the Cave.

Zhihao's power finally halted at the God Realm middle stage, He looked at Akasha dead serious in dealing with her.

Akasha smiled as she spoke: "I`ll definitely use all of my powers to deal with you, I hope you wouldn't disappoint me."

Zhihao looked at Akasha, wondering if he could finally deal with her in any way.

"Will of the Supreme One!"

This time, summoning the same skill again only used 1% of his full power, Zhihao was astounded, a smile formed on his lips as he started summoning more until there were ten of it.


Zhihao immediately made his skills strike at Akasha.

"Hahahaha! Great! Great!"

Akasha chuckles as she summoned her skills.

"Black Hole!"

"Astral Cage!"

She summoned the same skills, but this time, it is three times bigger.

Zhihao immediately waved his hands and controlled the direction of his skills.

"OH! You can even do that?"

Akasha became extremely excited, but all of Zhihao's skills scattered midway, surrounding her from all direction.


All of the ten skills that Zhihao had summoned rushed towards Akasha.

Seeing this, Akasha's expression further brightened as she exclaimed.

"Ah! This is fun! Dark Spears!"

After speaking, thousands of Dark Spears floated in up in the air, immediately striking Zhihao's skills while trying to outrun them.

But after Akasha's dark spear had all been used, there are still three of Zhihao's skill left, Akasha smiled wildly as she exclaimed.

"Hahahaha, This is fun! This is definitely fun!"

After speaking, Akasha used her skill too.

"Dark Orbiter!"

A lot of dark spherical things surrounded Zhihao's skill, but Zhihao thought that it isn't doing anything, a smile forms in his lips as he pushed "Will of the Supreme One" faster, trying to catch Akasha while she's still running.

Then, after a few seconds, Akasha stopped as used another of her skill.

"Linear Ray!"

A dark energy formed in the tip of her fingers as she pointed at Zhihao, and just after that, the dark energy in her fingertips extended extremely fast.

Zhihao felt extreme danger and tried to evade, but before he could, it already pierced his left shoulder.

Zhihao ignored it and continued to push his skills towards Akasha, then, something outrageous happens.

The dark spherical energy surrounding his skills suddenly expanded and swallows the three"Will of the Supreme One." like it was nothing, something like a huge snake devouring a tiny mouse.

Zhihao was in a daze, then, Akasha smiles as she immediately used another skill.

"Gravity field!"

Just right after that, Zhihao's body felt extremely heavy as he knelt on the ground, he tried to fight it but it was too strong.

Akasha chuckles at the sight as she smiles at Zhihao and spoke.

"Is that all kid? we've barely started and you are already on your knees, or are you proposing to me?"

Akasha pretended to blush as she touched her face with two of her hands and giggles, then out of nowhere, she felt an extremely dense heavenly energy, a smile formed on her lips as she spoke.

"Wait for a bit, I`ll make a weak barrier, an old friend of mine wishes to meet me, but I`m currently in a private discussion with you, so I can't have that happen."

Akasha chuckles as she made a dark type of barrier around them, covering a 100 KM radius, after doing that, Akasha heard a shout.


Akasha chuckles at the words and looked at Zhihao that seems to not have heard of it.

Zhihao frowned, he felt extremely powerless against a Titan when she's using all of her power, Zhihao could barely stand up against her, and he can clearly see that Akasha is only playing with him like a little child against a grown-up man.

Gritting his teeth, he tried to fight against the extremely heavy gravity field, but he immediately fell flat on the ground.

"Fighting it will do you no good, the more you struggle, the heavier it gets."

Akasha smiles as she warned Zhihao, but after speaking, she sighs and is walking in a circle manner.

"Ah, if you die, it will be boring, but I don't want to train you, someone who's beyond this World's capabilities staying here means only one thing, you are planning something extremely dangerous."

Akasha touches her head as she frowned and pondered for a bit.

"Ah, what to do, what to do, it will be really boring to stay here for millions and millions of years without doing anything..."

Hearing Akasha's careless words, Zhihao's will finally give in.

'Am I... too weak... I`m... useless... I even promised Arthariaz... that I will... That I will help him to the best of my abilities... but... I couldn't even do anything against a single Titan..."

Tears started to drop down from his eyes as he felt extreme hopelessness in his current situation, Zhihao felt saddened, with the things that had been progressing so far, he thought that he and the others might really be able to do it, that they could win and destroy the plan of the Titans.

But he is currently fighting a single Titan and has been defeated without even managing to hit her once.

Zhihao felt pained, such a thing, can he even do anything to a war between these sort of strong monsters, and based on Arthariaz's knowledge, there are millions of Titans and Gods if he couldn't even do a single thing to a single Titan, how could he even do anything.

Then out of nowhere, a voice was heard.

"Human, do you want the power to destroy all of your foes? I can grant you a wish for waking up this heavenly being from her slumber, I will grant you a single wish that is within my power."

A heavy yet gentle voice sounded out of nowhere, Akasha immediately looked at the red crystals and spoke.

"Not good!"

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