Supreme Martial System
215 Update by the Almighty Author.
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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215 Update by the Almighty Author.

Hello everyone, I've decided that I`ll stick SMS, Supreme Martial System here, because of the Readers that kept supporting me.

Let me finish two of my novels here in Webnovel, I`ll just ignore some minor things and bring joy to all of you!

I will finish this Novel in about 800 to 1,200 chapters, I hope all of you have the patience to do so!

This is all thanks to all of my loyal readers, commentators, especially the ones that had read my novel since the beginning.

And thanks to those that kept donating to me last month, although I had no donations these past few weeks, I wouldn't mind since money isn't earned by it falling from the sky.

I hope you guys would continue and support me!

But, I am making three novels right now and updating 3 of those daily means a lot of time.

Supreme Martial System

Masters of Faith Medieval

and lastly, my new novel. I Stand Supreme.

I just need to make things clear again.

I`m a father of a boy, who is only a year old and two months.

My monthly salary is $400, and that barely fits our daily necessities.

I work from Monday to Friday.

5AM wakes up prepare and must be at work by 7AM.

I go out of work by 5PM and goes home by 6:30PM if there is no traffic, and 8PM and above if there is one.

I immediately take care of my baby and wait for my wife to return from her work too, and that is between 7PM to 9PM.

I write my chapters from 9pm to 12mn, after that I sleep. and do everything all over again.

That is my circumstances and I hope you guys would forgive me.

I sacrifice part of my sleep to provide you guys with chapters, sometimes I make a few words with my mobile when I`m eating lunch at work to sleep early.

Well, if you can see my squinty eyes with eye bags below it, you`ll definitely see what I`m talking about.

Well... Good news is! I`m not going out until I finish two of those "3" novels, or I might finish everything.

Sincerely, from a doting Author: OmnipotentDad!

Hope you guys continue to support me.

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