Supreme Martial System
214 Limits
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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214 Limits

"That's the difference between Human and Titans."

Zhihao shudders hearing these words, but he calmed himself and walked a few steps back, making a distance between himself and Akasha.

Then he looked at Akasha and spoke.

"I may only be an ant in your eyes, but even an ant knows how to fight back."

After speaking, Zhihao let out his Spiritual Energy and started to gather the Mana around him, causing a massive whirlpool around him, sucking almost all of the Mana in a 20 KM radius.

Akasha chuckled as she tilted her head and waited for Zhihao patiently.

Zhihao used everything he has to offer, all of his Spiritual Energy while also combining it with the Mana surrounding him.

Zhihao opened his eyes as he looked dead serious at Akasha.

"Will of the Supreme One!"

This time, it looked like a real sword with a lot of armaments all over its body, it still felt extremely sharp, but this time, it is almost two times of what he had used to strike at Amro.


Akasha smiled as she saw what Zhihao did.

"So... you are not from this World? Interesting!"

Zhihao ignored Akasha's words, he couldn't care less from what a Titan that is causing chaos in other worlds spoke of, the only thing on his mind is to destroy their plan.


Zhihao released his skill and directly made it fly towards Akasha, he figured out that the crystals behind her would stop it.

Akasha chuckles as she formed a few seals in her hand and made something come out in front of her.

"Black hole."

Akasha casually summoned a skill and followed up.

"Astral Cage!"

Two extremely powerful spells appear out of nowhere, the Black Hole sucked the skill towards its center, while the Astral Cage is in that location, the suction force of the Black Hole is directing all of Zhihao's skill inside the Astral Cage, imprisoning the skill itself, all of the energy and mana that Zhihao had used were trapped inside.

Seeing his most powerful skill destroyed in just a matter of second like without Akasha making any effort, Zhihao was speechless.

"Not bad, for a human that is."

Akasha looked at Zhihao expecting for something more, but after a few seconds of waiting, Zhihao is just standing there without doing anything.

Akasha sighed as she spoke.

"So that's it? that's your limit?"

Zhihao woke up from his daze as he heard those words, he frowned as he took out three types of pills out of his Interspatial Ring.

One is the Sacred Origin Pill, the other two are cultivation pills, one of the few hundreds that he had made before.

Spiritual Explosion Pill, and Chaos Conversion Pill.

Akasha looked at the pills that Zhihao had withdrawn from his Interspatial Ring, a smile formed in her lips.

Before Zhihao could swallow all three of them, something happened, all of the three pills were gone from his hands, he immediately looked at Akasha and saw that those three pills are in her hand.

"Oh, a Sacred Origin Pill? I thought you could only find these sort of things in the God's Realm?"

Akasha paused for a second before looking at Zhihao and continued: "Who are you, kid? why do you have such a great thing?"

After speaking, Akasha threw the Pills back at Zhihao, she deemed the other two pills extremely low quality.

Although Akasha deemed it great, it is not something worth to steal, such a thing is like a daily necessity out there in the Titan Realm.

Zhihao caught the pills and ignored Akasha's question, immediately swallowing the three pills.

"Haaaa, such an impatient brat you are."

After swallowing the Pills, Zhihao immediately restored his Spiritual Energy and with the addition of the other pills, something happened.

Spiritual Explosion Pills does what the name itself, it makes the user of these Pills have their Spiritual Energy go berserk, multiplying his power by ten fold, but with a price to pay after just ten minutes, their cultivation would drop by a large margin.

Chaos Conversion Pill would do the same thing, it would multiply the user's power by five folds, but would decrease the user's cultivation power.

"Human, your effort is futile, even other Gods are having trouble dealing with me, how can a mere Human like you do something? Face it, you`ve already reached your limits!"

Akasha felt the surge of power going on in Zhihao's body, but it is still minuscule compared to the ones that she had faced before, even the weakest God she killed can squash this kind of person.

Zhihao looked Akasha and spoke: "Limits?"

Akasha looked at Zhihao when she heard him speak.

"Yeah, limit, you wouldn't be able to do something to me, a mere Mythical Realm pinnacle would hardly sate my appetite for fighting, I could just kill you, but I would be bored to death here, without any playing thing."

Hearing her words, Zhihao frowned, then, he continued.

"Then, I`ll just surpass those limits!"

After speaking, Zhihao's aura changed, he closed his eyes as he felt something inside his body is changing.


=Congratulations! You`ve finally stepped into the Ranks of the Demi-God's Realm, the first stage, the Lower stage.


=The effects of the Pills in your body will change from the decrease of cultivation power into a temporary removal of power for a year.


=70% of the Supreme Martial God's set has been activated.


=The second seal inside the Supreme Martial Sword has been broken, increasing its power by 100% from before. you`ve unlocked 30% of its true potential!


=Berserker God's Wrath Activated.


=Berserker God's Sin, Divine Dragon's Wrath activated.

Zhihao's power soared so high, but he can only think of one thing after this, he'll either die or become a cripple, with all of the side effects these powers will give him, he will definitely put one of his foot down the grave.

Zhihao looked at Akasha and spoke.

"I`m ready!"

Zhihao spoke in a confident but nervous manner, his current cultivation level is at the Lower stage of the Demi-God's Realm, but his current power lifted him to fake God's Realm lower stage, equipped with the Supreme Martial God's set, he can fight on equal terms with a God realm middle stage cultivator.

Akasha's eyes flashed brightly as she spoke.

"Hahaha, Interesting, you are becoming more interesting by the second!"
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    《Supreme Martial System》