Supreme Martial System
213 Difference
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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213 Difference

"Let me re-introduce myself, I am Akasha, the Titaness of Space, nice to meet you."


Hearing her words, Zhihao immediately made a few distances and drew out his weapon.

Akasha chuckled as she ignored Zhihao and touched the red minerals like it is some treasure, she then spoke.

"Did you know, there is something imprisoned in her?"

Hearing her words, Zhihao didn't let his guard down, but he has no idea on how powerful Akasha is, he could only try to pry it open layer by layer when the fight starts with her.

"Oh, what kind of being is sealed in such an unbreakable prison?"

Akasha looked at Zhihao and asked.

"Want to hear a very short story?"

Although Zhihao wouldn't want to, but without knowing Akasha's power, he might be stepping into his own graveyard, he sternly looked at Akasha before nodding his head.

Seeing Zhihao nodded, a smile formed on her lips as she continued.

"Not bad, I see that you are not that bad."

Akasha threw a seductive gaze at Zhihhao after speaking, although it is alluring, Zhihao is too tense to have any reaction, he is too afraid of someone that even he couldn't detect the power of, someone so much stronger than him.

"Ahhh, such a boring guy you are, well, let me tell you something then, it happened a few hundred million years ago, something that had brought chaos even at the God's Realm, your so-called Gods became corrupted..."

Akasha paused for a bit, a sad smile formed in her lips as she shook her head and continued.

"Let me change it on the one below this prison first, millions of years ago, the one under this crystals were one of the loyal pet of ours, Titans and the Gods' Father, and our Father is a very strong monster, he could easily crush anything even with the Titans and Gods' powers combined, we wouldn't even manage to scratch his clothes."

Akasha stopped as the smile on her face vanished, but what replaced it is a sad expression, she then looked back and continued.

"But one day, he vanished, without a notice nor a trace, he left four of his eight pets, and one of those pets is lying below here, for millions of years."

Somewhat like redemptions smile formed in her lips as she asked.

"Do you know why? our Father's pet, the supposed guardian is lying under such a seal, a prison for millions of years?"

Zhihao shook his head and replied.


Akasha smiled as she continued.

"Millions of years ago, the cornered Titan Realm was just living our lives normally, cultivating the way of our creator, but, we might've done something extremely sinful, the four loyal pet of our Father, made their way into our realm, killing their way into our base."

Pausing for a bit, Akasha felt that she's remembering extremely sad, her eyes moistened up but it dried up instantly before continuing.

"Four of the greatest Titans joined forces to stop the advances of those four beasts, but with the predicament and superior strength of the four beasts, one of those four decided to make a stand, he sacrificed himself to kill those beasts.

But it wasn't enough, his power was only enough to injure them and decrease their power by 50% temporarily, but the other three Titan made sure that his sacrifice wasn't in vain, the three of them and some other strong Titans joined forces to drag them down and kill those beasts one by one.

The Titans made sure that those beasts became separated, together, they are extremely powerful, but separated, they are just slightly more powerful than our greatest Titan, but with the support of the whole Titan Realm, those beasts were driven to a corner.

One of the beasts made sure that they will live, she made the other three retreat, but left herself in the Titan Realm to delay the chase, although the Titans had killed that beast, it kept reviving itself, and it becomes more powerful as time went by, we've decided that killing it wouldn't do anything much, so we've sealed her."

Akasha stopped as she looked at the crystal and tapped it three times.

Ting! Ting! Ting!

"That beast is sealed under these massive red crystals, the Celestial Red Krelzin, the toughest mineral in the whole of all five realms combined, no single power could break it, even the Titans, but implanting someone inside is easy."

Zhihao smiled as he spoke.

"Then, releasing that beast would help me in destroying your Titan Realm, thanks for the story, I deeply appreciate it."

Akasha chuckled as she ignored and continued her story.

"The one that sacrificed his life is my Father, ever since that time, I`ve protected this place like its a treasure..."

After speaking, Akasha's calm expression changed into a cold one before looking at Zhihao.

"So, do you think I'd permit just anyone to ruin something that my Father last memento?"

Just right after speaking, Akasha's aura surged forth, immediately swallowing Zhihao whole, pressuring him without any chance of resisting.

Zhihao gritted his teeth as he summoned the Supreme Martial God's set, just after equipping it, Zhihao immediately withstood the pressure and stood up, looking at Akasha with eyes prepared to kill or be killed, but his resolve was destroyed by Akasha's following word.

"Not bad, you`ve withstood 1% of my power's aura, you are not for a human, but let me ask, where did you get those armors of yours, it feels extremely familiar to me?"

Hearing her words, Zhihao was frozen stiff, he had used everything to withstood her and disperse the power from earlier, but that was only a single percent of Akasha's power.

Akasha saw Zhihao's reaction and chuckled, she then added a few words.

"No need to be shock, just calm yourself for now, I`ll let you live for a few more minutes."

Hearing Akasha's words, Zhihao smiled as he calmed down, but he is still shaking.

"How can I trust someone, who only knows how to bring chaos to the World."

Akasha smiled as she shook her head and sighed, Akasha, this time used 3% of her power to pressure Zhihao.

Zhihao immediately felt the pressure, he immediately knelt at the ground as two of his hands is trying to prevent him from slamming into the ground.

Akasha's aura stopped as she looked at Zhihao and spoke.

"I don't need you to believe me, I can do anything I want, but you... you can only live if I say so."

Akasha stopped as she walked near Zhihao and whispered.

"That's the difference between Human and Titans."

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