Supreme Martial System
212 Akasha
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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212 Akasha

Inside the tunnel leading towards the bottom of the mountain.

Feeling the dense powerful energy embued inside the tombstone, Zhihao tried to intake it, he closed his eyes and sat in front of it crossed leg as he started to meditate.

Zhihao used his spiritual energy to spread his whole power to pry open the tombstone, trying to pierce his way in, but just right after that, the power inside the tomb rejected his spiritual energy, casually brushing it off.

Zhihao was shocked as his Spiritual Energy slammed back into his body, throwing him a few meters away before finally slamming at the wall and stopped.

Zhihao quickly stood up as he looked at the tombstone.

"What a weird power, it feels like it has a soul of its own, but there is no life inside of it, but that power is extremely powerful, I would've died if it actually wanted to."

Sweat started to pour down his back with those thoughts in mind, although he is calm right now since there was no killing intent that came from the strike, it could also kill him quite easily.

After receiving such a great welcoming gift, Zhihao looked at the path behind the tombstone and continued his walk, ignoring the tombstone's slap.

Within the path, although there were monsters still lurking around with the same level from the other ones outside, these guys were different, they are evolving.

Although they are a few folds stronger than the ones outside, they still did the same, they made way for Zhihao's path.

Zhihao casually threw a glance at them and moved on, getting tired of the view, Zhihao decided to increase his phase and flew his way further.

Some of the monsters further in were evolving into those that he had seen from the anime he had watched before.

"They are turning into dragons, some big scary snakes, ahhh, such great evolution."

Although Zhihao had spoken that, he just ignored them and kept continuing forward.

Just right after a few minutes, Zhihao stopped as he saw something extremely incredible, stalagmites, but all brightly fiery red colored.

Zhihao stopped for a while as he took the view on his memory, it was such a scenery.

It looked like a ruby formed into pointing spikes hanging on the roof, there is also a river inside, which is so clear that he could see what's hundreds of meters below.

"Red stalagmites glittering on the ceiling, flowing crystal clear water, and a beautiful naked woma... wait... something's wrong."

Zhihao's thought stopped as he saw the woman who's actually taking a bath in the lake.

The lady has a black silky hair flowing with the river's current, not a white skin, but brownish yet glimmering skin, what like golden beige, but she had a lot of mark on her body, like some sort of ancient markings.

The lady stopped what she had been doing as she slowly looked towards Zhihao's direction.

When the lady saw Zhihao, she smiled and spoke.

"I`m Akasha, you getting here means that you are quite strong."

Zhihao woke up from his daze hearing Akasha's words, he immediately faced the other direction and spoke.

"Ah, sorry for barging in on your bath time, I was just curious about the place."

Akasha chuckled and spoke.

"No worries, I don't mind, a strong human can view my body, just not the privates, hihi."

Zhihao blushed for a bit, then he asked.

"Why are you here?"

But just right after Zhihao asked, Akasha appeared in front of him fully dressed and replied.

"I took this place as my home."

Zhihao looked at her and asked again.

"Oh, well, just be sure to be safe, there are a lot of monsters here."

Akasha chuckled as she spoke.

"Don't worry, I know my ways around here."

Zhihao smiled as he spoke.

"I`ll be going now, take care of yourself.

Zhihao took it as Akasha had sneaked her way in, the strongest Human is only at level 350 below, but such a gentle and cute woman from just seeing her.

Akasha immediately replied.

"Ah, why not stay for a bit, I`ll show you something greater than this place."

Zhihao is a curious guy, so he nodded his head and answered.


The two of them walked as Zhihao followed her towards somewhere.

After a few minutes, Zhihao stopped as he saw the scenery, there are gems, somewhat like a ruby, but greater in quality.

Zhihao tried hitting it with minimal force, it didn't shatter, he didn't even manage to scratch it, he then to appraise it.


=Celestial Red Krelzin

A type of stone that does nothing, except imprisoning a powerful being, has the greatest quality within all of the realms in terms of sturdiness.

Zhihao was shocked, such a thing actually exists? building an armor out of it would definitely be impregnable.

Zhihao smiled as he looked at Akasha and spoke.

"its really a very interesting thing, thanks for showing it to me."

Akasha chuckles and replied.

"Don't worry, it is good to have a human visit here once in a while, I've been here for a quite a few years, I know everything about this place like a back of my hand."

Zhihao smiled, then he realized something and asked.

"Oh, so you must be pretty strong too?"

"Somewhat, yeah."

Zhihao chuckled as he nodded.

"Then, you are not a human?"


Zhihao confirmed his deduction immediately and continued.

"What are you?"

Akasha chuckles as she walked a few steps around the humongous red crystal, she was like a child playing around in her home house, humming sweetly.

Although Zhihao is smiling, he is staying on full alert, something might happen, he tried to use his Spiritual Energy to scan Akasha but it bore no fruit, it was immediately slapped away.

Akasha then looked at Zhihao as she bowed gracefully and in a playful manner.

"Let me re-introduce myself, I am Akasha, the Titaness of Space, nice to meet you."
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    《Supreme Martial System》