Supreme Martial System
211 Continuing the Search
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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211 Continuing the Search

Takeji kept looking at Ying Mai with curiosity, something like he had seen her before.


Takeji lost his composure after he thought that it is someone he recognizes, his body immediately felt numb and fell to the ground.


Zhihao looked at him as he asked.

"What's wrong?|

Takeji shook his head while his body still feels numb from standing there without moving, he looked at Ying Mai then spoke.

"It feels like I've seen her from somewhere before."

Zhihao was shaken, he looked at Ying Mai, and yes, she seemed to be wearing something identical to her previous clothes when they were inside the Castle.

Trying to avoid any problems to occur on Earth after he comes back there, he made a question.

"Do you know him?"

With that question, Ying Mai already figured out that Zhihao is hiding their identity, she immediately responded.


Ying Mai also changed her voice to match their cover-up.

Zhihao nodded in approval as he looked at Takeji and spoke.

"She doesn't know you, I guess, it was just mistaken identity."

Takeji pondered for a bit before he nodded and replied: "I guess so."

Yoshiro and the others chuckled as they continued in what they are doing, still focused on their training.

Takeji smiled as he also returned to his training.

Zhihao breathed a sigh of relief as he avoided that would become troublesome in the future.

Zhihao looked at Ying Mai as he spoke.

"Yi... The two of you, observe them for me."

Ying Mai and Sylvia nodded as they looked at Zhihao and replied.

"Yes, Master/Lord."

Takeji's group took a glance at Zhihao before returning to training, they all thought that Zhihao had better things to do and watch their boring training, leaving the two masked beauties to check on their progress.


With that, Zhihao finally had a chance to continue his way towards that Mysterious energy coming from below the humongous mountain in the middle of the Fantasy World's continent.

Without anyone around, Zhihao immediately flew and reached the location of the mountain and steadily flew in the air.

Zhihao then scanned the mountain again with his spiritual energy, just right after a few seconds, he immediately found the source of the energy, a humongous red energy is a 100 kilometers down the ground.

Zhihao smiled as he scanned for the entrance, after just another minute, he rushed towards what seemed to be the entrance, but the entrance wasn't anywhere near the mountain, it was a few kilometers away from the mountain itself, a grand river with a great waterfalls, and behind that waterfalls is a very huge cake.

Zhihao flew inside as he saw a lot of scribbling inside of it, somewhat looked like one of those hieroglyphics from Egypt's ancient time.

There were a few monsters too, snake monsters, reptiles, birds, all sorts of monsters that range from level 700 to level 999, and level 999 were the maximum level of this World, but the Human Race had only managed to have adventurers with levels below 350.

Zhihao was astounded.

"The Human's on this World had barely managed to enter the middle of their evolution? or is it, that this place had evolved further and created its own world inside the cave?"

Seeing Zhihao entered the cave, the Monsters were about to attack, but they felt the presence of someone that is extremely powerful, someone that they couldn't offend no matter what.

One of the monsters stood in front of Zhihao and spoke.

"Human, we only want to live, we seek no trouble with the Human race."

Zhihao was shocked and asked.

"You can speak?"

The one in front of Zhihao was a bird, but about four meters wide and three meters tall, that bird had a soft look, but its feathers are much harder than a steel, that Bird immediately replied.

"Yes, all of us here can speak, but we had only started evolving when we came here, truthfully speaking, I was just a level 24 Steel bird, but after coming here and absorbing the abnormal energy, I continuously grew up stronger, and better."

Zhihao nodded, he then noticed something and asked.

"Why are there only your type of monsters in this cave? reptiles and birds?"

The monster pondered for a bit before answering.

"Great human, we don't know anything about that, but, all of the other monsters that entered here didn't grow, they just felt terrified and left after a few days seeing they didn't improve."

Zhihao nodded and spoke.

"You may leave now."

The monster nodded as it made way for Zhihao to enter.

Zhihao walked for a few steps, but he stopped and asked.

"Ah, I forgot something!"

All of the monsters immediately shivered as they all thought.

'Ohhh shiiit! we're gonna die, we're gonna die! he changed his mind!'

'No! he didn't want to spare us in the first place!'

Zhihao then continued.

"Please don't go and terrorize humans for about 50 years or making your own lair in the future."

Hearing Zhihao's words, all of them calmed down and asked.

"Just that great human? nothing else? you won't kill us?"

Zhihao was astounded as he replied: "Uhh... I wasn't really planning on killing anyone, I`m just passing by, but I`d appreciate it if you guys don't cause any trouble in the continent for the next 50 years."

Hearing Zhihao's confirmation, all of the monsters felt relieved.

Zhihao then asked.


"Of course oh great human, thank you for sparing our lives."

Zhihao nodded as he continued his way inside the cave.

Everytime that Zhihao passed by a group of monsters, they would immediately make way and hide in a corner.

After walking a few hundred meters out, Zhihao stopped and is currently looking at something, a great huge tombstone was erected in it with a lot of words written from an ancient text, luckily, with Arthariaz's imparted knowledge to him, he could understand it.

"Here lies, one of your four sovereigns, oh Great Lord, the Omnipotent Being that guides all life, I had followed your orders, supported your plans for peace, but we were defeated, your second descendants, the Gods, had been corrupted by your first born, the Titans.

I, the ~~~~~~~~~~ have alw~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~ Pho~~~."

We were defeated by the combined power of Gods and Titans, we've decided to flee, and scattered throughout the whole of the Realms that you've made, I will wait for ~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~ forever"

There were a lot of blurred words that was destroyed due to the passing of time, but the tombstone was imbued with a power that he had never seen before, but it felt extremely familiar.

Zhihao looked at the path ahead and spoke.

"What's inside this World."

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