Supreme Martial System
210 Trouble
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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210 Trouble

Zhihao was on his own World, then he heard the two spoke.

"I came here first!"

"I won't give up!"

Zhihao looked at them and asked.

"What are the two of you talking about?"

Ying Mai and Sylvia stopped as Sylvia looked at the ground blushing while Ying Mai walked towards him.

"Master, I've found some tasty fruits in the middle of the mountain, I've already tried one, and it tastes delicious, have one a taste Master."

Ying Mai brought out a fruit that looked like the grapefruits on Earth out of her Interspatial Ring, she then plucked one of it and immediately stretched her hand to feed it to Zhihao herself.

Zhihao was struck speechless, Ying Mai is becoming extremely aggressive today, his face blushed red immediately as he opened his mouth and received Ying Mai's deliciously round grape looking fruit.

Zhihao was shocked as the grapefruit is luscious, it has a crispy outer shell like eating an apple that is somewhat bland while the core of the fruit has a liquid that is as sweet as honey.

Ying Mai smiled as she asked: "Master, it tastes great right? I`ve picked about three full trees and had about a ton of them in my Interspatial Ring."

"Un! It tastes really great!"

Zhihao smiled as he opened his mouth unconsciously, Ying Mai smiled as she fed Zhihao one more fruit, Ying Mai threw a victorious glance at Sylvia as she went back and focused on feeding Zhihao.

Sylvia was shocked at the gaze that Ying Mai had thrown her, and it felt like Ying Mai had won something, Sylvia gritted her teeth as she walked closer and sat beside Zhihao and blushed.

Zhihao looked at Sylvia as he smiled and spoke.

"Have a taste too, and it really is a great fruit."

Zhihao then took half of what Ying Mai is holding and brought it in between him and Sylvia.

Sylvia looked at Zhihao as she smiled and spoke.

"Thank you, my Lord."

After speaking, she immediately took a piece and stretched her hand in Zhihao's lips.

Zhihao was shocked at first, but before he could react, Ying Mai moved.

"I`m enough. You just feed yourself."

Ying Mai pushed Sylvia's hand that was stretching towards Zhihao back to her mouth.

Ying Mai and Sylvia looked at each other as a spark can clearly be seen between the two of them.

Zhihao looked at them with bewilderment, why would the two of them act like that.

Sylvia blushed as she spoke.

"I`m just trying to serve my Lord!"

"I already told you, I`m more than enough!"

The two of them then fought as they fed Zhihao with the fruit while glaring at each other, then they heard a sound.


Sylvia and Ying Mai looked at where the sound came from and saw that Zhihao already had a mouth full of fruit, the both of them immediately sweated as they walked back a few steps at a time.

Zhihao looked at them as he sighed, he was about to throw them all out but remembering the taste, he circulated Mana in his hands as he made it go inside his mouth, the fruits immediately melted slowly as it was quickly gulped down by Zhihao.

"Ah! Refreshing!"

Zhihao gulped the whole of the melted fruit and felt extremely relieved.

Hearing Zhihao's words, Ying Mai immediately returned and sat beside Zhihao and continued to feed him.

"This, I don't think that I cawerhsdfnsdfsdf..."

Zhihao was about to reject Ying Mai's approach, but before he could, Ying Mai had already stuffed his mouth with three pieces of the fruit.

Sylvia saw this and immediately walked to Zhihao, trying to do the same.

Zhihao panicked as he stood up and waved at his hand and spoke.

"Stop, stop the both of you, what's wrong with the two of you?"

Zhihao alternately looked at the both of them seriously.

Ying Mai immediately had a solemn expression while Sylvia looked like a kid which had done something terribly wrong.

Not knowing what to do, Zhihao entered a predicament that he had never faced in his life before, he started to sweat, but then he remembered that he was still training Takeji's group and smiled.

"I`m going down again, they've already been there for hours, I need to teach and guide their training."

Zhihao was about to go, but Ying Mai and Sylvia held both of his arm as they spoke.

"My Lord/Master, I`ll go with you!"

The both of them looked at each other as Ying Mai frowned while Sylvia blushed.

Not knowing what to do, Zhihao scratched his head with a sigh.

"Okay, but you`ll go there with your armors on, understood?"

The both of them simultaneously nodded as they replied.


Looking at each other, one harrumphed while the other one blushed and stared at Zhihao with a pleading eye.

"Okay, just transform now, be sure to cover your face with a helmet, understood?"

The both of them nodded but didn't reply, trying to not do the other one's move, but sadly, they also did the same thing again.

Ying Mai then ignored Sylvia and transformed to her appearance, Sylvia then immediately followed as she also equipped her newly received armor.

A brightly showed as the both of them finished transforming.

"Good! Let's go now."

After speaking, Zhihao immediately descended from the sky, Ying Mai immediately followed.

Sylvia was speechless but immediately woke up from her daze and shouted.

"Master, I don't know how to fly!"

Hearing Sylvia's words, Zhihao nearly fell from the sky, he then sighed as he flew back again.

Ying Mai followed as she sneered at Sylvia and spoke.


But Sylvia didn't respond, she was actually full of smiles, Ying Mai saw this and immediately realized something as Zhihao went closer to her.

Ying Mai immediately dashed between them and spoke.

"Master, I`ll carry her down the ground!"

Hearing Ying Mai volunteering, Zhihao smiled as he nodded.

"Okay, be careful, she had just awakened, she is still weak."

After speaking, Zhihao flew down slowly as he waited for them to follow.

Ying Mai snorted as she picked up Sylvia and followed, not forgetting to leave a word.

"Great plan! but so long as I am here, nothing is going to work!"

Sylvia knew that Ying Mai had already figured out her intention, she immediately blushed and didn't reply.


The three of them descended from the sky.

Takeji's group looked at them with shock, amazement, and deityfying.

Zhihao immediately sat at his throne as the other two stood beside him, they can already guess their gender, with such a slender armor that showed their curves, their body's figure wasn't hidden at the very least.

But Takeji, on the other hand looked at the one on the right, Ying Mai, he was shaken as he spoke.

"You... you are..."
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    《Supreme Martial System》