Supreme Martial System
209 Rivalry
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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209 Rivalry

Cloud Arc.

Zhihao is currently contemplating in what to do, Arthariaz didn't leave any sort of path for him to take, making his power take a standstill.

Ever since he had left the Cultivation World, his power had stopped from progressing, unlike the Cultivation World where Zhihao could gather the essence of energy, the Spiritual Energy which goes through his body and helps him evolve further, in the Fantasy Realm, their source of power can be seen everywhere, but it couldn't be stored, making his growth halt.

Zhihao sighed as he kept pondering for what else to do.

Fei Xie, or should I say, an Unnamed elf now, saw Zhihao's dilemma and asked.

"My Lord, what seemed to be causing you trouble?"

Zhihao sighed as he looked at Fei Xie and replied.

"Nothing, it wouldn't help even if I tell you the problem."

Fei Xie looked at him and asked.

"My Lord, I wish to be named."

Zhihao was bewildered as he looked at Fei Xie and asked: "Isn't your name Fei Xie? why do you need to be named?"

Fei Xie shook her head as she continued.

"Master, an elf once had finally changed their gender will have their previous name be changed, the old one shall be removed and a new one should be chosen by you."

After speaking, Fei Xie tried to hide her facial expression from changing, but her face betrayed her as she still blushed.

Zhihao was shocked at first, but then, remembering what he saw earlier, there really is no name.

Zhihao pondered for a while as he sat on the arc crossed legged.

Fei Xie smiled as she sat in front of Zhihao, waiting for his decided name.

Zhihao, then unintendingly did something, he entered enlightenment mode as his consciousness wondered around.

He tried to remember something, one of those that he had seen before on one of those anime he watched, and together with some of the novels he had read, an image appeared in his head.

A little beautiful spirit with cute wings, tiny with the size of a grown man's hands, Zhihao smiled as he knew which creatures these were.

"A Sylph."

The Sylph in his vision smiled at him and continuously nodded.

Zhihao finally opened his eyes as he saw Fei Xie looking at him, waiting for his answer.

Zhihao smiled as he spoke.

"Sylvia, from now on, your name is Sylvia, do you like it?"

But Fei Xie, or now named Sylvia was shocked after Zhihao had given her a name, she could feel the amount of thought a person made when they received a name from their chosen partner, and with the Enlightenment mode where the consciousness of a person is fully concentrated on a single thing, it felt to Sylvia that Zhihao had given his whole heart in thinking of a name.

Unconsciously, tears fell down from her eyes to her cheek as she smiled.

Seeing Sylvia with tears, Zhihao was shocked and became nervous.

"Wait! Ahh, you didn't like the name? I`ll think of a new one!"

Sylvia woke up from her dreamland and smiled as she shook her head and replied.

"No... No, my Lord, I love it so much that I unconsciously had tears gather in my eyes, I love it deeply."

Sylvia smiled as she smiled and closed her eyes, she then placed her hand in the middle of her chest and did something.

A bright light shotted out of her body as she transformed again, although it is not her whole body this time, but somewhere in her back.

Four glistening lights appeared as it became transparent wings, opening her eyes, she smiled and continued.

"I`ve gained the power of Wind my Lord."

Zhihao tilted his head in bewilderment and asked.

"What do you mean?"

Sylvia chuckles as she replied: "My Lord, if an Elf is to be given a name by their partner, depending on how much thought their partner placed in thinking about it, those feelings will be transferred to our heart as, then we will receive a power based on it, sometimes, we don't, It is my first time seeing my situation though, I've become extremely powerful."

Zhihao chuckled as he smiled and replied.

"The changes were caused by the cube, but the huge part of it came from your own natural talent, you had an awakening which would mean that you`ve become stronger, so you`ll only need to fill your empty body with power."

Sylvia shook her head as she knew what Zhihao mean, that it all came down to her own talent, she looked at Zhihao and replied.

"My Lord, no matter what you`ll say, everything came from you, and I had previously vowed, that I will forever stay, by your side."

Zhihao smiled as he stood up and looked at a distance, then from a few hundred miles away, he detected a powerful source of energy coming at their direction, and just at the next instant, that figure landed at the top of Zhihao's cloud arc.

"Master, I've returned."

It was Ying Mai, she looked very professional as she greeted Zhihao, Ying Mai then noticed a person who's also in there, she looked at Sylvia and frowned.

Zhihao nodded as he spoke.

"So, how is your mission."

"We've cleared off all of the paths that you`ve instructed and leaving of a single path from the straight line coming from the Human Race straight towards the Demon Race."

Zhihao nodded as spoke.

"Good, you can rest now."

"Yes, Master."

After replying, Ying Mai looked at Sylvia again, she saw her eyes glittering as Sylvia looked at Zhihao, Ying Mai already knew what that look is, that's the look she kept giving Zhihao every day.

Ying Mai frowned as she spoke to Sylvia.

"I came here first."

Sylvia was shocked, Ying Mai noticed her feelings and immediately blushed.

"I won't give up."

With that reply, she looked at Ying Mai full of resolution.

The two of them had a spark between them, as they looked at each other like they are looking at their rival.

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