Supreme Martial System
208 Fei Xie... Her Complete Awakening
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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208 Fei Xie... Her Complete Awakening

Middle of nowhere.

What Zhihao had shown them is extremely terrifying.

Three massive skills floating in the sky, hovering above, it felt like the God of Death is Zhihao himself, with just a casual flick of his fingers, he summoned three massive things out of nowhere.

The flame spear looked like a solid gem, a fiery blood red ruby with golden metals surrounding it, while the ice daggers seemed like treasured weapons, one where a lot of embroideries are embedded around it, while the holy cross wasn't showing any brilliance, but instead looked like a relic, a white relic full of glimmering sparks.

Zhihao looked at them and spoke.

"Your training will be finished, if you could form an object out of mana through your skills, learn how to control the flow of mana around you and bend it to your will, be sure to fully concentrate and remember any improvements that you make."

The four of them, Maya, Nanami, and the two Priests woke up from their daze as they looked at Zhihao and nodded.

"Yes, Master!"

The four of them immediately sat down as they imitated what Zhihao had done before, the needle-like thing that had pierced the sky, or might've pierced the heavens itself.

After seeing that they started to focus on their training, Zhihao nodded as he also withdrew another four piece of those sucking black crystals, but the one he summoned is different, well not much, only the colors, it has a color of violet, and it is a lot softer than the black ones, basically made for Magic users to break sooner or later.

He then immediately placed it beside the other three black pillars and walked towards Takeji's group.

Seeing Zhihao's look, they were feeling nervous, what if Zhihao had done something while they are doing his training, well, they wouldn't be able to do anything if they are fully vitalized, so they just shook their head and continued.

Zhihao then walked back to his throne and sat there.

After 45 minutes, he saw that Yoshiro and Takeji are already at their limits while the hunter is still doing fine, although a little shaky, that Hunter had already seen the tricks to this training, and that is the balance.

The Hunter is placing the core of his balance at the center of his body if his hands are getting numb, then will place the center of his balance in his hands if he's feeling that his foot is feeling fatigued, continuing this, the Hunter's body has less stress compared to both Yoshiro and Takeji.

Zhihao chuckled as he thought.

'There really is a big difference between the people of an evolved World from Earth, well, it will take a few more days for them to get used to it.'

Zhihao then looked at the magic users, he sighed as the four of them haven't made any progress, none at all.

"You four, imagine how a tree grows."

Zhihao provided a small tip, but that tip is too profound, Zhihao himself didn't know it, but that tip is somehow the most profound way of controlling their powers.

Hearing Zhihao's words, they were immediately woke up from their struggle, like a sudden enlightenment, the big round mana on top of their hand started to have a bulge at the top of it.

"Ah! It has a bulge!"

Maya excitedly spoke, but just right after that, all of their concentration vanished as the Mana on their hands exploded.

Nanami knocked Maya's head and spoke.

"Return to training! look at the sky! We got a very long way to go!"

Maya pouted as she sat and returned to training.

Zhihao chuckled as he spoke.

"I will be going for now, be sure to train diligently."

All of them looked at Zhihao but was extremely shocked, Zhihao was no longer there, he had vanished again without a trace.

Then, remembering who Zhihao is, they shook their head as they continued.


Zhihao already returned on top of the cloud arc, he had felt that Fei Xie finally woke up and decided to return.

Fei Xie woke up on a gorgeous bed, it is so soft and felt extremely comfortable, she then looked at the front and saw Zhihao standing.

Fei Xie blushed as she fixed herself up and kneeled.

"My Lord, thank you for your assistance."

Zhihao smiled as he nodded.

"You`ve fully recovered?"


Zhihao nodded as he continued.

"Okay, now, try activating the cube in your body, feel it and make it cover you as a whole."

Fei Xie nodded as she tried to do what Zhihao had instructed.

Zhihao smiled, but then he heard a notification.


=Evolution completed awakening in process.

Zhihao was bewildered, he doesn't know what it means, but then a sudden bright flash of light emerged from Fei Xie's body.

Zhihao immediately tried to disperse it but it wasn't effective, he then gathered mana and made a very thin dark wall, making it like a tint of a car's in front of him.

He saw Fei Xie started to have some strange white thing floating around her, Fei Xie's clothes started to dissolve as that white strange thing started to wrap her body, transforming into something else.

The white thing wrapping Fei Xie's body started to take form as it separated into nine different parts and went to Fei Xie's body.

Hands, Arms, Body, legs, feet, head, lower garment, belt, and the last huge part went to her back.


=Awakaning completed.

The blinding light vanished, Zhihao immediately removed his thin dark wall.

What he saw is like a Fairy, descending from the Skies, the white things turned into dark green armor with a brass colored corners, exquisite details, the armor made her look like a Battle Goddess.

Waking up from his daze, Zhihao appraised Fei Xie's status.

Name: No Name.

Age: 412

Level: 720

Race: Berserker Elf (Sword Empress)

Talent: Nature and Void

Swordsmanship: 185/1,000,000

Magic: 1/10,000,000


Dimensional Summon

Heavenly Energy (Nature and Void)

Mana (Nature)

Awakening effects.


-Great Control over nature and void

-Dimensional Storage

-Enhancing Weapons(Self-use)

-Immortal (Until killed by someone of the same power or stronger without a trace)

There are a lot of locked features.

Seeing Fei Xie's new status, Zhihao was shocked, not knowing to say.

Fei Xie, no, an unnamed being is born.

After changing their gender, they will have a new name, and once bestowed with a great name, something extreme will happen.

She looked at Zhihao and blushed, Zhihao had been staring at her without blinking his eyes even once.

Zhihao woke up from his daze as he spoke.

"You will become extremely strong, someone that can walk a path, together, or even higher than mine."

Although Zhihao spoke of it unconsciously, but that is the assessment he has with the knowledge that Arthariaz had left him, if he stayed the same, she will definitely surpass him in due time.

Zhihao clenched his fists as he spoke.

"I need to become stronger too."


Basically, something like this.

What Fei Xie turned into.
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    《Supreme Martial System》