Supreme Martial System
207 Difference of an Insect and the Heavens
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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207 Difference of an Insect and the Heavens

"My Lord, I can go through this, with little problem, urgh!"

Fei Xie is definitely a lot better now, but she could still fill a tremendous pain and strain from the power that is changing her whole body, steadily making her evolve.

Zhihao was shocked, so shocked at what he's currently seeing, he wasn't shocked at how Fei Xie had suddenly powered up by a whole wide margin but was shocked at Fei Xie's changes.

All of the muscles and corners that Fei Xie had made before were gone and what had replaced it is a very smooth skin, slender body, and a gorgeous face, a well-endowed rear and two very well developed... ahem, well basically, Fei Xie turned into a female, a woman with great features and beautiful face, a face that would make all men drool over.


Fei Xie gritted her teeth as the pain coursed through her whole body.

Hearing the sound, Zhihao finally woke up from his daze, he then immediately tried to insert his Spiritual Energy inside Fei Xie's body, this time, it was accepted.

Fei Xie's face immediately eased a bit after Zhihao's spiritual energy entered.

Zhihao smiled after he saw Fei Xie's face change to ease.

After a few hours, Fei Xie finally calmed down as the pain finally subsided until it completely vanished.

Fei Xie immediately fell asleep after struggling so much to bear the pain.

Zhihao looked at her and smiled.

Zhihao immediately dragged the cloud arc towards the top of where he left Takeji's group.

He immediate equipped his Black armor and descended from the sky, not forgetting to show off.


A loud sound echoed as Zhihao landed to the ground near Takeji's group's camp.

Takeji's group of seven immediately looked at the scene, Zhihao walked out of the cloud of dust and spoke.

"Mana Ranger Platinum Black is back."

Takeji's group immediately looked at each other with a sigh.

"If he doesn't speak, he'd look really cool."

"Yeah, I might've fallen for him already, but... ah."

"With all of those weird stuff, it's just... it is just that..."

The seven of them sighed.

Zhihao grew some black lines in his forehead as he sighed and continued walking.

'I guess... I shouldn't speak those words again...'

Zhihao thought for a bit as he continued thinking.

'I`ll need to think of something cooler next time.'

When Zhihao finally came close to them, he spoke.

"The training will start now."

Zhihao looked at the hunter and two priests.

"Do you three want to join?"

The three of them immediately nodded as they replied.

"Yes, Lord!"

Bowing their head like they are begging for acceptance.

Zhihao nodded as he summons a throne out of nowhere and sat there.

All of them was shocked, where'd such a big thing came out of!

The hunter immediately has sweats all over his body and was shook.

"Di... Dimen... Dimensional Storage?"

Takeji and the rest looked at the Hunter and asked.

"What do you mean by that?"

The Hunter cleared his forehead and looked at Zhihao, seeing that Zhihao is not against it, the Hunter continued.

"Dimensional Storage is spaces that a person creates within his own body, depending on their power, it can grow into a new vast World, and..."

The Hunter paused as he looked at Zhihao and continued.

"Those are only made, by people... by people that... that had surpassed us, us Mortals... Transcending to something else..."

Takeji and the gang immediately looked at Zhihao like they are looking at some monster.

Zhihao chuckled as he waved his hand and spoke.

"Don't worry about it, I`m a human being, it is just a little trick up my sleeves, let us start."

All of them gulped a mouth full of saliva and braced themselves for the ultimate training that Zhihao will give them.

Zhihao then summoned three black things with the size of a small couch glittering like the black thing itself is saying that 'Hi, I`m fabulous.', he had purchased it at the system before going back here.

Pillar of Solidity, Fortune, and Fortitude.

Description: Slowly drains the power of the ones holding it, but once that person broke the Pillar, their power will double from the previous time.

Those black pillars showed and planted itself at the back of Zhihao's throne.

Seeing this, Takeji's group immediately shivered, such a horrifying yet gorgeous block pillar looking thing.

Zhihao then threw three pieces of normal swords at Takeji, Yoshiro, and the Hunter.

"The three of you shall hold a sword each."

The three of them nodded, then Zhihao walked towards them and continued.

"You will copy this pose now."

Zhihao lifted one of his foot as the other one standing straight, then his left hand is pointing at the sky while the right hand is piercing out.

Takeji and the rest nodded as they copied his pose.

"Good, now stay like that for three hours without moving, you three will do that three times a day, and after that, you will sit on this pillar to meditate for thirty minutes, the next ones, I`ll say after."

After speaking, Zhihao immediately returned to his throne.

The three of them were shocked, but they shook their head, it might be a real training, Yoshiro had watched an anime before and saw something like this, he immediately thought.

'So... training like this really helps you grow stronger?!'

Sadly, the both of them, Zhihao and Yoshiro had watched/read the same anime.

Takeji was about to ask something, but then, he saw Yoshiro became serious, the Hunter just immediately followed Zhihao's instruction without any words.

A teaching from someone that had surpassed mortality, it could only be said as one thing, a blessing from the heavens itself.

Takeji shook his head and concentrated, the three of them would shake a few times before regaining their balance.

Zhihao then looked at Maya, Nanami, and the two Priests.

Zhihao immediately gathered mana in his hands as it formed into something else, it became extremely thin like a needle and grew upwards as it immediately pierced through the clouds, its color is a blinding white light.

Maya, Nanami, and the two Priests were shocked, what kind of control is that!

Zhihao looked at them as he smiled.

"Cast a skill, all of you."

The four of them nodded as they did what Zhihao had asked.

"Fire Spear!"

"Ice Daggers!"

"Holy Cross!"

"Holy Cross!"

Immediately, the skills floated in the air after casting, feeling proud of what they had done, they've done their best in releasing this skill, pushing their best.

Four massive skills floated in the sky, ready to be released at any time, a wild flame scorching in the sky, a freezing daggers, frosting the air around it, sparkling white lights in a form of a cross as the energy in it were bursting with the power of light.

They looked at Zhihao, waiting for his appraisal.

Zhihao looked at them as he sighed.

"We have a long way to go."

Hearing Zhihao, all of them, including the other three was shocked, that is a power that they haven't seen before, the maximum power that Nanami and Maya had released ever since they started, but Zhihao actually told them that they have a long way to go.

Maya had a sad expression and was about to say something, but then Zhihao flicked his fingers.


Their skills immediately vanished as it dispersed like a small fire being trampled by a foot, a water that evaporation, a light bulb that exploded.

Zhihao then flicked his fingers another time.

Then, mana gathered in the air as they formed into something else, three kinds of things floated in the air, a humongous red spear, hundreds of blue daggers, and a bright big white cross.

Although it looked like weapons, they definitely felt that these are the skills that they have had just casted earlier, but what Zhihao released is extremely different, like theirs was a pile of mud while Zhihao's was a sturdy mountain, the difference between them is a useless insect and the Heavens itself.

Cold sweats appeared at their backs, seeing Zhihao's skill, the evolved form of their skills.

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