Supreme Martial System
206 Evolution
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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206 Evolution

Zhihao led Takeji's group to a vast wasteland full of dead trees, animal hides, bones, etc, they then stopped there to make it their base of operation.

He looked at Takeji's group and spoke.

"We will stay here for a month, that's the only time I`ll be guiding you all."

Takeji's group nodded, then they scanned everything and asked.

"Are we... going to stay here without any cover?"

Zhihao chuckled as he replied.

"You can do that, or you could make a shelter yourself, I`ll be back after a few minutes, we will start once I return."


All of them replied as they scanned the area around, trying to find something to make a lodging for them to stay for a month.

When they started to walk, they then looked at Zhihao.

They were astounded immediately, where had Zhihao had gone to? he was only there a few moments ago but he suddenly vanished without a trace.


Zhihao immediately flew towards the Arc, he also needed to train Fei Xie.

After arriving, He then saw Fei Xie trying to imitate what he had done earlier, flying.

Seeing the sight, Zhihao chuckled.

Fei Xie heard Zhihao's chuckle and immediately turned to look around.

"Lord! You are back!"


Zhihao walked near Fei Xie and started.

"The cube I gave you, place it at your chest and push it inside."

Fei Xie immediately nodded as he/she did what Zhihao ordered.

The cube immediately entered inside her/his chest and was astounded.

"Lord, what next?"

Zhihao nodded as he continued.

"Bear the pain."

Fei Xie looked at Zhihao in bewilderment: "Ehh? what do you mean Ma..."

Fei Xia hasn't finished his/her words yet, because something cold is surging out of his/her body, she/he then looked at Zhihao, Fei Xie opened her/his mouth but before a word escaped her/his mouth, she/he immediately clenched his/her chest and held it tighter.


An unexplainable pain immediately surged inside his/her body as cold energy tried to devour her/his whole body.

Fei Xie lost his/her consciousness but was immediately woken up by the pain.


Fei Xie continuously screamed at the top of his/her lungs.

Zhihao looked at Fei Xie calmly and spoke.

"Can you bear it? we can stop now."

Hearing Zhihao's words, Fei Xie looked at Zhihao intensely, she/he wants to say no, but the words inside in her/his mouth wouldn't go out, instead, screams are the only thing she can shout.

Seeing this, Zhihao sighed and continued to watch, but then, Zhihao received a notification.


=A extreme power is awakening, Warning to host, there is a 50/50 chance that Fei Xie would survive.

-Due to the heavenly compatibility of that person's body with the Cube of Nature and Balance, an evolution occurred.

-After the awakening, the body of that person will be completely empty like an empty bowl without anything inside, filling that body of emptiness will turn that person into a great companion, someone that can stand along with you in your great path.

-Death, if that person fails, there can only be a single consequence, Death.

-Warning, the pain of transforming is four times harder than when Host has received the Tyrannical God's Body physique, you can't pull out the cube in the middle of its transformation.

Hearing this, Zhihao was shocked, he immediately stood up to check on Fei Xie, but what he saw is an extreme change.

Fei Xie is bleeding from all holes as she/he is turning to a male, muscles kept protruding in Fei Xie's body as the once neutral body turns masculine, Fei Xie's face is also transforming as more corners appeared.

Zhihao sighed and shook his head before coming close to Fei Xie and patted Fei Xie's back.

"I`ll help you, don't give up, you can do it, I know you can."

Fei Xie is evolving as a man due to the strong belief in Justice and Balance, Fei Xie wanted to destroy all sorts of plans that wanted to breed chaos.

This belief is pure will and power, once an Elf had transformed to a gender, they will stay like that forever, no potions nor magical treasure can turn it back or change it to something else.

Zhihao immediately inserted his Spiritual Energy inside Fei Xie, trying to ease Fei Xie's pain.

Fei Xie felt an very powerful yet gentle energy enter his/her body, lessening the pain for more than half of what it was earlier.

Fei Xie gritted her/his teeth and tried to bear the pain, but then, the pain that Fei Xie had accumulated was already tremendous, the stamina and energy inside his/her body started to diminish, if this continues, Fei Xie would definitely die.

Zhihao can feel that Fei Xie is already at his/her limit, he then tried to inject some mana and spiritual energy inside Fei Xie's body, but Fei Xie's core rejected it as it was pushed out of his/her body, immediately halting Zhihao's aid.


Zhihao's power drawing back from him immediately returned the amount of pain that Fei Xie is receiving.

Not knowing what to do, Zhihao immediately activated Arthariaz's buffs.

"Supreme Martial God's Aura."

"Supreme Martial God's Elemental Law of the Universe."

"Supreme Martial God's Fortitude and Fortification."

But sadly, the first and third buffs didn't help Fei Xie, only the Elemental Law of the Universe did, easing Fei Xie's pain by a quarter.

All sorts of pain can be felt inside his/her body as the pain steadied.

Zhihao noticed that the intensity of the pain finally stopped increasing and spoke.

"30 minutes more, you can do it Fei Xie."

Fei Xie wanted to nob, but he/she already knew that the limit of power inside his/her body had finally reached the limit.

"My... Lord... I`m... I`m so sorry..."

Fei Xie's lifeline immediately blurred, steadily vanishing.

Zhihao didn't know what to do, he can bear other people's death, but losing people that he had made ties with is unacceptable.

"Don't! please!"

Remembering the times with his Direct Disciples that died from the War with Bugal in the cultivation World, he couldn't stop trembling.

Zhihao immediately teared up as his eyes became wet, he immediately held Fei Xie's hand and tried to send his spiritual powers.

People that had pledged their loyalty to him are his men, and he treated them equally, no one is above the others if it's in term of care.

Fei Xie looked at Zhihao and saw his face full of anguish, Fei Xie thought that Zhihao only accepted due to his/her persistence, but it was actually not, Zhihao treated everyone that he had accepted equally.

Fei Xie felt warm inside as he/she smiled.

"My Lord."

Fei Xie looked at Zhihao as she found something to hold on to, something other than Justice and Balance.

Something that immediately lessened the pain drastically that she had been feeling, Fei Xie looked at Zhihao full of warmth in her eyes.

Zhihao heard Fei Xie spoke and looked at her.

Fei Xie smiled as she continued.

"I can go through this, my Lord."
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    《Supreme Martial System》