Supreme Martial System
204 I Am...
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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204 I Am...

Takeji and the gang could only think of one outcome, their death.

Takeji, Nanami, Maya, and Yoshiro frowned as they smiled sadly.

Takeji then spoke.

"It was a great time, spending it with all of you."

The other three smiled as they nodded.

"It was a short life."

"But lived well."

"The only regret I have is not going back to my Family and have my funeral."

All of them chuckled and started laughing.

But then, something extremely fast was seen in approaching as it fell from the sky.


The thing that fell directly hit the location where Death Knight is standing, smokes flew from the sky as it covered the whole area.

The other Death Knight saw this and was about to attack, but before it could walk, the Death Knight shivered together with his mount, the undead horse took a few steps back unconsciously.

In the clouds of dust, a figure appeared as it walked out of the smoke towards Nanami.

Takeji and the others saw this, but they also saw of how the Death Knight reacted, the Death knight retreated just right after wanting to charge in.

When the dust cleared, the figure inside became visible, and also the Death Knight's.

A Knight in shining armor kept walking towards Nanami, adorned with a full black armor with golden decorations and blazing red outline can be seen, a massive yet sharp broadsword can be seen in his hand as he placed it on top of his shoulder.

The Death Knight that was close to that Knight immediately tilted as it slid down, both the Man and the Horse was sliced into two parts.

The other Death Knight immediately retreated as it tried to rush off from the other direction where the Knight appeared.

The Knight in covered with black armor saw this and immediately threw his broadsword.



The Broadsword immediately pierced at the Death Knight and turned into specs of black dirt and flew with the air, vanishing completely without a trace the same with the other one.

Takeji, Maya, and Yoshiro finally managed to make it to Nanami.

The Knight within the Black Armor then turned his back at them and stood still, waiting for something.

When the priests and the Hunter arrived, they assisted each other then looked at the Knight in Black.

Takeji looked at the Knight and asked.

"Who... Who are you?"

The Man inside the armor smiled as he looked at them.

"Who am I? I am..."


A few minutes earlier.

Within the Arc, Zhihao sighed.

Fei Xie looked at him and asked.

"Master, are we not going to help them?"

Zhihao scratched his chin, if he will help them, he will immediately be known by them, he then thought of some alternatives.

"Maybe... I`ll just shoot a fireball and kill those Death Knights? or just make those Death Knights directly vanish?"

Fei Xie was shocked, the situation is urgent, but Fei Xie's Master is still calm, she/he then shook her/his head and waited for his judgment.

In her/his view, Zhihao is a God, if a God wants to help someone, it would be as easy as flipping a page in a book.

Zhihao kept thinking hard of how to help them without much of a fuss, if he did it without any explanation, it would be extremely mysterious and might make Takeji's group unable to continue due to trauma.

He needs to help them without alerting them, making them continue on their journey.

Zhihao then looked at Fei Xie and asked.

"Can you defeat those Death Knights alone?"

Fei Xie was stunned, she then thought for a bit and replied.

"Master, If it is holding on, I can fight one of those, I think, but if two, I`ll definitely be at a disadvantage."

Zhihao nodded as he sighed, he needed to think of something else.

Then, he thought of a great idea as he looked at Fei Xie and threw something.

"Hold on to this cube."

The cube that Zhihao gave is the same as what he had given to Roland and the others.

Zhihao them smiled as he continued.

"I`ll teach you how to use it later."


Fei Xie nodded.

Zhihao then looked at her and spoke.

"Wait for me here."

Fei Xie nodded again, then he/she saw that Zhihao flew in the sky, higher and higher until he vanished from her sight.

"I wonder... when can I fly too..."

Zhihao in the sky smiled, the smile that, Ma Dong, Ying Mai, and the others wouldn't want to see happening.

The smile that causes them to shiver unintentionally.

The smile of someone that is plotting that is extremely unfashionable.

The smile that can kill someone with shame.

The one and only smile that Zhihao gives whenever he thought of something very eccentric.

He then equipped his armor, the armor that was covered in black with gold and red decorations all over it, he then casually picked a weapon in his storage and found a broadsword.

Zhihao smiled as he looked at the ground where the Death Knight is approaching Nanami.

He immediately rushed downward as he aimed at the Death Knight.

Then he thought for a bit and spoke.

"I need to make it flashy, the ones I saw on those televisions before."

After pondering, he smiled and continued.

"Smoke, it would look cool! hahaha, I`m a genius!"

Zhihao immediately increased his phase as he prepared to strike.

When he is about to land, he gathered a tiny amount of mana in his hand and immediately aimed it at the ground.

"Wind Blast!"

After casting the skill, he immediately slashed at the Death Knight in half.


Zhihao then looked at Nanami, but then, he frowned and thought.

'D*mnit, the smoke takes too long to disperse!'

He then casually used mana to drive the wind and fastened the phase of the smoke to vanish.

'I can see now, okay, I`ll stop here.'

He stopped the wind as he started walking towards Nanami.

When the smoke cleared up, he was about to say 'Are you okay?' but then, the other Death Knight started to run away.

'D*mn that weakling!'

He immediately thought of that movie he saw in the T.V stores near the public toilet and smiled.

He then threw his broadsword and immediately killed the Death Knight.

He then thought of how to make a cool appearance and faced the other way from Takeji's group as he looked at the wide horizon.


Present time.

"Who... Who are you?"

Zhihao smiled as he tilted his face towards his shoulder and smiled.

"Who am I? I am..."

Zhihao intentionally paused to cause tension, and yes, it was effective, Takeji's group was tense and nervous.

Zhihao then looked at them as he posed himself and continued.

"Mana Ranger, Platinum Black!"


After Zhihao spoke, deathly silence echoed throughout the wasteland as even a pin dropping could be heard.

Takeji's party of seven was speechless, the only thought in the Heroes' mind is.

'Are you filming a movie or something?'

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