Supreme Martial System
203 Heroes Party
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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203 Heroes Party

Takeji and his classmates are facing a very powerful enemy right now, they termed them as bosses.

Composing himself, Takeji took the front and placed his shield in a defensive position.

"I`ll take the hit, I wouldn't be able to protect you all, be sure to avoid the boss's skill and attack him at the same time!"


Maya rushed to the right while Nanami took the left, Yoshiro hid behind Takeji to ambush the Death Knight after the clash.

The hunter then dragged the heavily injured priests further behind and provided a cover for them, he then prepared himself to take a snipe at the Death Knight at any opening.


From the distance, Zhihao is observing.

Seeing this, Zhihao sighed and spoke.

"That formation will only work on a single enemy, they are fighting two of them."

Fei Xie thought that it was actually a good formation, and it would definitely be effective, but hearing Zhihao's words, Fei Xie was bewildered.

"But... I think that's a really great formation, what is the mistake in that."

Zhihao smiled as he replied.

"If you are facing a brainless enemy, that would work, and if there is only one too, but let me ask you, in that type of formation, would you attack the one in the front with the big shield in his hand?"

Fei Xie was still bewildered.

Zhihao then continued.

"Just watch them, and see for yourself."

Fei Xie immediately looked at the fight and was shocked.

The two Death Knights, instead of charging rushed at Nanami and Maya, the magic users a hundred meters behind Takeji.

The Death Knights immediately took notice of the unguarded magic users.

Fei Xie opened her eyes wide as she exclaimed.

"Not good!"


Seeing the Death Knights ignoring him and immediately went towards the damage dealers, Takeji was shocked, he immediately shouted.

"Not good! Get back here now!"

Maya and Nanami froze first when they saw the Death Knights charging at them, but when they heard Takeji's shout, they immediately woke up as they rushed to Takeji's position.

The hunter was shocked, he immediately opened fire, trying to just delay the Death Knight's advances.

"Tracking Arrows! Arrow Shower!"

The Hunter's arrows kept hitting, but it is only doing minimal to no damage at all.

The Death Knights ignored Hunter's arrow and continued their charge.

Takeji immediately rushed towards Maya and spoke.

"Yoshiro! Support Nanami!"

"On it!"

The both of them separated as they dashed, trying to get to Nanami and Maya before the Death Knights could.

Zhihao sighed, he shook his head and spoke.

"I wanted to intervene, but I guess, they needed to gain some experience for themselves, getting injuries would help them develop."

Zhihao spoke to calm down Fei Xie.

Fei Xie is clenching her hands, he/she had been wanting to rush forward and provide some aid, but hearing Zhihao's words, she stayed still and didn't provide any assistance.

"May the Goddess of Life ever bless your life and protect you from any harm."

Zhihao sighed, he already predicted what is about to happen.


A loud scream was heard right after that, it was not from Maya nor Nanami, but instead from Yoshiro.

Yoshiro had been rushing desperately, the Death Knight saw a lot of opening and immediately changed his trajectory towards Yoshiro, dealing an ambushing bonus as Yoshiro is unprepared.

Yoshiro was thrown a couple of meters away before slamming into a boulder before stopping.


Nanami screamed as she witnessed the strike that the Death Knight had dealt with to Yoshiro.

Blood spewed out of his stomach as traces of it can be seen, from the point of impact to Yoshiro's current location.

The Death Knight with its fiery blood eyes looked at Nanami and immediately charged.

Takeji saw this, wanting to rush, but if he does, he might not be able to save anyone, Maya is the target of the other Death Knight.

Takeji gritted his teeth and threw his shield towards Nanami.

"Divine Shield!"

After shouting, he kept praying in his thought.

'Please make it! Please make it!'

Takeji then focused himself towards Maya as he guarded himself against any unexpected ambush from the other Death Knight.

"Charged Shot!"

The Hunter kept his cool as he shot his most powerful skill towards the Death Knight that is targeting Nanami, as a Hunter, keeping a calm mind is the best option to make, since every arrow shot by a Hunter is a very arduous task, a nervous Hunter would never hit a large target.

The arrow that was shot is aiming at the Death Knight's heart, The Death Knight immediately noticed the power behind the arrow, although he is too late, he tilted his body and tried to block it with his sword.

The momentum of the Death Knight halted as he received the arrow, the arrow pierced at the Death Knight's shoulder, although to mortals, it would be a fatal shot, to a Death Knight, it would be an easy task to take it from anywhere other than his Vital Part.

The Death Knight pulled the arrow and broke it into two pieces before continuing his charge, but before he could, Takeji's shield finally arrived.


A sound of something exploding softly was heard as a barrier like energy appeared above Nanami wrapping the whole area around her was wrapped in it as Takeji's shield floated in the air above her.

Nanami just after a second immediately woke up from her nervousness and immediately attacked.

"Mana around me, help me defend the peace and harmony of the land as I repel the evil doers of this world, turn into my power as I wield you and break the chains of chaos, Frost Piercer!"

A massive spear like ice appeared that has the same size as Zhihao's flame spear appeared, it immediately charged towards the Death Knight.

The Death Knight saw this as he immediately tried to block it with his sword.


A sound of an explosion was heard as the Ice skill hit its target, a fog-like smoke appeared around the area as it stayed there for a while.


Nanami shouted in joy as she saw her skill hit the Death Knight head on.

Takeji smiled as he charged towards the other Death Knight.

"Titanic Smash!"

Although it hit, it didn't cause any big damage, only causing a minor smoke to gather and halting the advance of the Death Knight, Takeji immediately continued his way towards Maya.

Yoshiro woke up from his unconscious state and immediately looked around.


Yoshiro groaned in pain as he saw the hole pierced in his stomach, he tried to ignore it as he looked around.


Nanami shouted at him as she saw him finally move, she immediately walked out of the barrier and is going to Yoshiro's spot.

Yoshiro smiled as he shook his head, then he saw in his vision at the fog, a massive figure sitting in the horse is still there.

The eyes of the Death Knight opened as he saw Nanami walked out of the barrier.


The Death Knight immediately charged towards Nanami, Yoshiro saw this as he shouted.

"Not good! Nanami! Go back inside the barrier!"

Nanami heard Yoshiro's shout, she then looked at the fog she had created and saw a silhouette of the Death Knight appeared as it got out of the Fog.

Nanami immediately went and run back to the barrier, she was already 15 meters away from the barrier while the Death Knight is 35 meters away from her.

Yoshiro got up as he held his stomach and rushed towards Nanami.

Nanami was about five meters away from the barrier but the Death Knight is only a meter away from her.

The Death Knight lifted his sword up, preparing to strike at Nanami the moment he closed the gap.

Yoshiro screamed.


Takeji and the others saw this and immediately tried to control his shield to go closer to Nanami, but then, the one that he attacked also charged towards him.

Takeji gritted his teeth as he prepared to receive the blow from the barely damaged Death Knights.

"No one shall die!"

Takeji shouted with tears flowing out of his eyes down to his cheeks.


Author's note.

Hello everyone.

I`ve received a huge donation from Daniel Hezari (Drowsydan)

And as thanks, I would like to grant one of his wishes, if it is something that I can do, I`ll definitely do it!

I`m not asking for anything in return, but the passion and loyalty that a lot of my readers had provided me is making my morale boost.

The donations that I've had received are sincerely and deeply appreciated.

I sincerely love you all, for the continuous support with my messy novel.

With love, from a noob Author.


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