Supreme Martial System
202 Author Betrays the Readers.
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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202 Author Betrays the Readers.

Goodbye Everyone, I`ll stop now, and sorry for the donations!


Waking up from his sleep, Zhihao pondered for hours, not knowing what to do.

The dream that he had seen might really come true, such a thing would end everything, peace, balance, and order.

After a while, Zhihao opened his eyes and smiled.

"I`ll leave the future, to the future me, I`ll do what I today, and that is what matters first."

Zhihao stood up as he went out of the Tree House.

Just when he got out, he was shocked as he saw a person standing still at the doorway.

It was Fei Xie, she's been motionless ever since he left her there, with the exact same pause as before.

Fei Xie saw Zhihao and immediately saluted in an elvish way.

"My Lord, did you have a good rest? and like you ordered, nobody disturbed your rest."

Zhihao facepalmed, this person is an extremely serious type, he doesn't want to have a conversation with such people.

"Ah, Yes, I did..."

Zhihao then remembered his dream, he saw Fei Xia there, a beautiful woman with overwhelming powers.

'Maybe... just maybe!'

Zhihao held Fei Xie's shoulder and spoke.

"You will be my Sword Maiden!"

Hearing this, Fei Xie blushed a little and nodded, she immediately replied.

"Yes, Lord! your order shall be my will!"

Zhihao sighed, will he have to trouble himself with such a serious person daily?

"Yes, uh, first, I`ll give you four swords, one of these swords were the ones I used when I had started to grow stronger."

Zhihao handed the Nethersbane and three other swords to Fei Xie.

Fei Xie was ecstatic, but then realized something and asked.

"Lord, I've only used Scimitars before, I`m not good with weapons like these."

Zhihao smiled as he spoke.

"Don't worry, everything can be learned."

Zhihao then scanned Fei Xie's stats.

Name: Fei Xie (Temporary)

Age: 412

Level: 132

Race: Elf (Berserker Elf)

Talent: Nature and Void

Swordsmanship: 185/1,000,000

Magic: 1/10,000,000


Dimensional Summon (Locked)

Heavenly Energy (Nature and Void- Locked)

Mana (Nature)

A Berserker Elf is a once in a billion chance in happening, due to the traits of Elves in loving nature, they barely produce someone with an extreme talent for the bloodbath, as such, this type of elves tend to only show once in a billion years.

Seeing this, Zhihao was shocked, what kind of aspect is this! Fei Xie's talent is even stronger than Ying Mai's.

Zhihao was both excited and afraid, his dreams are starting to become reality after he saw Fei Xie's status.

Zhihao shook his head, he definitely needs to change the outcome of that fight.

"Come with me first, I will have to train you for a few years if we wish to make you stronger."

Fei Xie nodded and replied.

"Yes, Lord!"

Zhihao sighed as he continued walking down the stairs while Fei Xie followed him.

Zhihao immediately scanned the whole continent and found Ying Mai and the rest's location, he then sensed something and frowned.

Somewhere within the vast continent, under a big mountain, there's an extremely powerful force hidden inside of it, he couldn't notice it before, but after clearing the Dark Energies loitering around the whole place, he finally had a clearer view.

Zhihao looked at Fei Xie and spoke.

"We will go somewhere first, follow me."


Zhihao immediately formed a cloudy arc and lifted Fei Xie to board the top.


Fei Xie was shocked, she hasn't experienced flying before, and being thrown by Zhihao to board the arc made her feel like a bird.

Zhihao immediately boarded the arc and headed there.

After a few minutes, they were about halfway through there and found something familiar.

Zhihao descended the arc and avoided those familiar faces.


"Freezing field!"

"Fire Storm!"

"Titanic Smash!"

"Justice Pierce!"

Zhihao immediately figured out their identity, it is Takeji's group!

Zhihao smiled, he saw Takeji's group and had a satisfied look.

He appraised them and nodded in approval.

They've become stronger, they became stronger than the past powers of Roland and his seven comrades.

Takeji's group is fighting the undead on their way to the Demon Continent.

Zhihao immediately contacted his subordinates.

"Do not kill any undead from the path of the Human Race's stronghold to the Demon Race's stronghold."

All ten of them immediately replied.

"Yes my Lord/Master."

Zhihao smiled as he nodded, then he remembered something and thought.

'Wait, Fei Xie has a talent for Heavenly Energy, but Heavenly Energies are energies that Gods uses, then... the strongest Gods has a different power, the power that transcended the Heavenly Energy, Arthariaz didn't impart me those ideas, maybe it is too heavy of a burden in my mind.'

The knowledge that Arthariaz had imparted Zhihao is lacking if he wanted to do something for the greater cause, but after thinking that as a human, his capabilities are not yet there to comprehend those powers, he sighed.

Then looking at Takeji's group, he scanned the area surrounding them, there are at least weaker undead and only two Death Knights that they encountered before.

"They can handle something like that... Maybe..."

Zhihao then chuckled as he watched the four of them continue their fight.

Takeji's group of four has some other companions, maybe the King had decided to aid them further with those three.

"Piercing Arrow!"

"Holy Light!"


Two priests and a hunter, they make a good team with Takeji's group, they coordinate properly and barely commit mistakes.

But Takeji's group are still filled with Amateurs, they are sometimes delayed in taking action or too advanced in taking one.

Zhihao sighed as he spoke.

"They still need a few more experiences, but that will come as they go, fighting is better learned with actual combat."

Fei Xie only kept staring at the group fighting and listening to Zhihao's words, Fei Xie actually wanted to join the fight, but thinking that Zhihao has other plans, she shook her head and continued to observe.


Takeji's group is actually doing a great job on their own, and once they are done, they'll be able to return to Earth.

"Good! we're making progress, we might finish our conquest sooner if this continues!"

Takeji spoke to encourage his classmates, although they enjoyed staying in the Fantasy Realm, they also missed their life on Earth.

The other three smiled as they nodded.

"Yeah! but I guess our story will end with that."

"Well, our parents might be too worried about us, so we should hurry or we will get a lot of trouble when we return."

"Hahaha, yep! we are lacking some manners, but we need to be fillial to our Family."

The four of them joked around as the other three only smiled and laughed together with them.

Then out of nowhere, two Death Knights appeared, walking slowly towards their location.

Takeji noticed their presence and spoke.

"Be careful! The bosses are here!"

All of their expression turned serious as they waited for the Death Knights to approach.

Then, the Death Knights immediately charged as their ghostly bodies left after images.

Takeji was shocked, this undead are stronger than the ones they had faced before.

"Holy Shield!"

He immediately cast a defensive shield around their party.

The Death Knight brandished his sword from the ground upward, creating a fissure like skill aiming at Takeji directly.


A loud noise sounded as the seven of them were thrown a few meters away.

Takeji and the rest were shocked, speechless.

Some blood flew from their mouths as the other priest that has less defensive capabilities were heavily injured.

Takeji gritted his teeth and spoke.

"Let us fight it out!"
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    《Supreme Martial System》