Supreme Martial System
201 No Title
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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201 No Title

"Please let me follow you!"

Due to the sudden request, Zhihao was speechless, not knowing what to do or what to say.

Fei Xie looked at Zhihao with pleading eyes, noticing that he is not going to approve, Fei Xie immediately made a bow and kneeled.

"Please, I want to help you fight the one that is destroying the balance."

Zhihao sighed and replied.

"Okay, you`ll be my sword maid... sword... Sword servant, you`ll be the one to carry my other weapons."

Fei Xie smiled as she nodded.

"Thank you! I`ll do my best to be of help to you my Lord."

Zhihao sighed as he waved his hand.

"You can go now, I will rest for today, don't let anyone bother me... and thanks for letting us stay in your village."


Fei Xie acted like a royal guard as she stood at the door of her own house.

Zhihao sighed, he already cut off the feelings he had with Fei Xie, although he likes to pursue his dreams, he is not crazy enough to fall in love with someone that might become a male someday.

With that thought, Zhihao entered the tree house and took a rest.


Late night.

Zhihao was in the middle of his dream or should I say a nightmare.

Zhihao and the rest of his subordinates are in the middle of a vast land.

There are people in each side slaughtering each other, shouting, screaming for their enemy's heads.

Zhihao was shocked as he kept looking around, he saw Ma Dong laying on the ground dead as Mo Ying is struggling to get up, but someone pierced a sword right through his chest.


Zhihao wanted to scream, but there is no voice escaping his mouth, the bloodbath continued, there are millions and millions of beings gathering in this plain, killing and being killed.

A never-ending struggle is in front of his eyes.

Four beautiful women descended by his side as they spoke something with tears in their eyes.

"*[email protected]#&[email protected]#"

It was Verushka, Ning'er, Xiao'er, and Shuan.

After speaking, they immediately rushed towards the enemy lines.

Powerful clashes can be seen as the two forces clashed together.

Zhihao tried to stop his wives but he couldn't move, he then looked at himself and found that there are tens of swords, spears, and axe embedded in his body, making his body lose blood so much.

A figure descended at his side as she spoke.

"*[email protected]#!&"

It looked like Fei Xie, only much more beautiful than the current her.

Fei Xie smiled as she kissed Zhihao on his cheek and followed Ning'er's group to aid them.

Thousands and thousands of sword emerged out of her body as she used those weapons to kill a lot of the enemy.

Then, at the sky, Zhihao saw a phoenix bursting with bright red flames, annihilating all of the foes that it reached.

It was Ying Mai, she was then shot at by a piercing power out of nowhere, penetrating her body immediately.

Ying Mai tried to hold on but couldn't as the enemies followed up.

Zhihao was speechless, all of the people he knew were so strong in this place, what is happening here.

Zhihao then looked behind, he was shocked, there are fallen enemies from the path that he had carved to get here.

Another figure descended with blood in her lips dropping, It was Yi Yan, she smiled at Zhihao and nodded before following Ning'er's group and carved a path of death at her wake.

Then, a lot of people with face paid their respect to Zhihao as they followed Yi Yan's lead, they charged immediately as they burst out with powers unimaginable to him.


After a while, their group finally took a big hit as they lost their morale and started to back off, then a figure descended out of nowhere with eight beings behind him.

That figure smiled at them as he shouted.

"[email protected]#[email protected]#^[email protected]#!%@#!!!!!!!!!!!!"

The eight beings charged as they aimed at Ning'er and Yi Yan's group, but what was thought to be a clash became a slaughter, one by one, Zhihao's side died, with no room to escape or breathe.

They were killed mercilessly.

Ning'er looked at him from the distance as she smiled and vanished, Verushka, Xiao'er, and Shuan followed immediately as they vanished, death without any trace.

Zhihao wanted to cry, this is something that he definitely doesn't want to happen.

His direct disciples then took his body as they escaped.

The figure leading the eight beings looked at Zhihao as he smiled and spoke.


Zhihao woke up immediately after hearing those words, he was full of sweat as all of the hair in his body stood up, Zhihao is shivering, then, he remembered something, he saw three figures behind that being, only observing.

He ignored it as it was just a dream, shaking his head and waking up from his daze, he looked outside and saw that it is already morning.

Zhihao only thought of one thing.



Author's first thought.

I wanted to "He woke up as he saw a ceiling, something extremely familiar to him, he then made a sudden realization as he woke up and shouted."

"I turned back to the past! the first day I was in the cultivation World!"

Well, that would be awesome, but you all would definitely hate that, so I didn't do that...

Cheers! Here's another chapter, a chapter closer to ending volume 2! Have a good read guys, sorry it was short, but I can't think of anything more, and I`m using my Phone to do this Chapter.
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    《Supreme Martial System》