Supreme Martial System
200 No Title
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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200 No Title

Zhihao came back to the Sword and Magic Realm (Fantasy Realm) with the shock of what he had heard and seen from his children before he left.

Without even noticing it, his back was covered with sweat running down from his neck down to his bottom.

It was a something that he hasn't felt even with the face of death.

Something called "Fear."

Yes, Zhihao felt fear from three children with the age that haven't reached ten years old, his own Sons and Daughter.

He couldn't think of anything, then a voice called out.

"Master, you are back."

Zhihao woke up from his daze as he looked at who it was that spoke, turning his gaze, he saw Ying Mai and Ma Dong standing behind him.

He then shook his head trying to leave the matter to some other day, he then spoke.

"What's the has happened when I was gone?"

Ma Dong immediately reported: "Master, we arrived just a few hours ago, we've already cleared half of the "Undead" that you've mentioned, and we left all those that seemed to be different from those 'Undead'."

Zhihao nodded as in confirmation, he then asked.

"How is the situation between the Human Race and the Demon Race?"

This time, Ying Mai reported: "Master, there's some signs of the Humans Race in this World that are getting stronger, it seemed like some seal had been opened after we finished half of the Undead, something like, Talents appearing from every corner, but they only have the same talent as the Sages of these lands, the one that you took under your wing Master."

Zhihao nodded and confirmed his theory.

The Titans are actually sucking the progress of a World to continue their growth, which means as soon as they landed in a place, they'll halt every progress and take it as their own to regain their own powers.

Zhihao frown, if this continues, a lot of World will be brought to chaos due to the halting of their development, some worlds might be destroyed because of this.

Zhihao looked at the sky as he spoke.

"We must do something before it gets too late."

Although Ma Dong and Ying Mai couldn't understand what's going on in Zhihao's mind, they nodded as all they do is believe his words, and Zhihao's words to them are absolute.

Then after a while, eight silhouettes appeared beside them and kneeled.


It is Roland's party of eight, they had arrived after they felt a strong surge of energy.

To the past day and hours that Zhihao was gone, they had built themselves and honed their skills to their limits, trying to break the cage that was once their capabilities, and with Ma Dong and Ying Mai's lead, they had succeeded somehow, but their improvements are minuscule compared to the other three.

Zhihao nodded at them as he asked.

"We will now exterminate the rest of the Undead, and all of you eight will be the one to do it."

Roland and the rest nodded in confirmation, everything that Zhihao is telling them to do is for their own benefit.

They had already witnessed how strong the enemies were, and if Zhihao didn't appear in their World, they would definitely have died, the Human Race will be lost forever, maybe their whole world too.

Just for this outcome, they are already very grateful to them, vowing to follow Zhihao for the rest of their lives.

Stephany then spoke.

"Master, we've found a lot of people that have great abilities, some talents that might surpass us eight in the future."

Zhihao then looked at Stephany as he replied.

"All of you, we aren't looking for people with talent that are bound to be a legendary figure, we are building people to be one."

Hearing this, all of them smiled, yeah, with Zhihao's power, authority, and knowledge, he can definitely make any people into powerful beings.

All of them nodded as they stood up.

Zhihao then ordered: "All of you shall disperse, divide yourself into four groups and eliminate the rest of the Undead."


The eight of them nodded as they formed a group and dispersed immediately.

Zhihao then looked at Ma Dong and Ying Mai as he continued.

"We have to hurry in our progress."

Ma Dong and Ying Mai can see the grim expression on Zhihao's face, it is something that they haven't seen since the fight with Bugal.

Ying Mai then asked: "Why Master? has something come up?"

Zhihao nodded his head and replied.

"I don't know how many, but the Titans... our enemies, might've done something similar to this world to other planets, they might've infested them too."

Ma Dong frowned a little, maybe there are other Worlds that the enemies might've infested, but he didn't think it would be much of a trouble if it is the same as this World.

"Master, how many Worlds exactly had they infested?"

Zhihao then looked at Ma Dong with a dire expression having that question been brought up and replied.

"I have no idea, maybe ten, hundreds? no... maybe thousands? worst is millions, and the longer they lurk in these Worlds, the stronger they get, I don't know what will happen if this continue, but one thing is for sure, chaos will rain down from all directions."

Hearing Zhihao's words, both Ma Dong and Ying Mai shivered, if that really happens, who could stop such chaos, Gods? They are already fighting the enemies of the Gods!

Ying Mai looked at Zhihao who's still trying to calm himself and asked.

"Master, what do we do?"

Zhihao smiled awkwardly as he replied: "You ask me... but who should I ask?"

With Zhihao's reply, they felt extremely hopeless, if their Master couldn't do anything about it, how will they fight it out with the enemies.

With no plans and countermeasures, they might as well give up.

Zhihao then looked at them as he spoke: "We will fight it, no matter what, but we need to think of something first, let's rest for today, we will continue this tomorrow."

Ying Mai and Ma Dong sighed as they nodded and replied.

"Yes Master."

The both of them then vanished out of thin air, they would go and scout the area around them for security, they don't want to have something disturb their Master while he is resting.

Then, when the two of them were gone, a wooden spoon fell.

Zhihao looked at where the sound came as he saw a figure.

It was the elf that has no gender, Fei Xie.

Zhihao smiled as he asked.

"You heard?"

Fei Xie nodded.

"What you had talked about, there are other Worlds out there? other Worlds like ours?"

Zhihao smiled as he nodded and replied.

"Yeah, there are more, some bigger, great, and much more powerful, some are weaker, peaceful, and much smaller than this World, I have only gone into three Worlds, but I know there are more, much more Worlds out there."

Fei Xie nodded and asked.

"Are there really going to be chaos? enemies that are threatening to ruin the order and balance of nature?"

Zhihao smiled as he nodded and replied.

"Yeah, there are a lot of them, and they are more powerful than I am, a hundred, a thousand, maybe millions of times stronger than me."

Zhihao chuckled after speaking, he isn't being humble, but actually is stating a fact, just based on Arthariaz's power, he is billions of miles away from reaching it, and that is the incomplete strength of Arthariaz.

Fei Xie pondered for a bit, not knowing what to do, then just right ouf of nothing, Fei Xie looked at Zhihao full of resolution and spoke.

"I know I`m not strong enough, I know I`m a weakling compared to you, but I can give you a helping hand, I`ll do anything to stop this chaos from happening, I want to aid your holy path and stop this from happening, please! Let me follow you!"

Hearing this, Zhihao looked at Fei Xie with an expression of a poker face, not knowing what to reply to such a thing.


Author's note part 2.

Marc Lim.

Thank you for that wonderful donation that you've given me,

I know you are still a child, I don't know how you donated, but I`ll try to finish volume 2 of SMS and volume 1 of MOFM here in Webnovel.

I`ll also continue the edited version of SMS in Royalroad, maybe in Wuxiaworld too if I got some permission.

Maybe some people would recommend it and make wuxia contact me directly.

To all those that had donated previously, I also thank you from the bottom of my heart.

To all my supporters that had always thrown me your Powerstones, thanks a lot!

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To all those that kept liking them, I also like you.

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I sincerely wish for you people to keep supporting this noob author of yours.



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