Supreme Martial System
199 Final Words
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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199 Final Words

Zhihao felt like he's in a very difficult predicament right now, not knowing what to do after what his children had done.

Looking at the shocked faces of the Clerks, Zhihao sighed.

Just when he was about to give up, he suddenly thought of a stupid excuse.

"Ah, this is the Magic I`m trying to teach them, Its a great way to pass time, a very believable illusion."

Although a bit doubtful, the Clerks could only nod their head, that's the most logical explanation that can tell them of what had just happened.

Zhihao then handed a cheque worth a thousand dollar and spoke.

"Please keep it a secret first, I want to surprise people on the Internet about it."

The Clerks sighed as they nodded their head, but there's still a question lingering in their head.

'Where did the boxes of candies go to?'

Though they wanted to ask, they already received the shut it up fee for it, and if they asked, the tip might be asked to be returned.

With that in mind, they shook their head and fought the urge to ask the question.

Zhihao bowed to them as he led his children somewhere else.

The clerks looked at them as the other one asked.

"That guy looked extremely familiar, have I seen him somewhere?"

"I don't know, but I`ll definitely go out with him if he's a single father, he has this calming aura around him, I felt extremely satisfied just to be close to him, I wonder how it would feel when we're both in bed together."

The other one chuckled as she replied.

"Can't you see the faces of those kids? their Mother must be extremely gorgeous, that man would definitely not go out with you so give up."

"Sigh... It is not bad to dream about it."

"Huhuhu, well it is time to pack our things now, we've just started about an hour ago, we still have six more hours to spend, let's go!"



Somewhere within the Mall.

The four of them stopped in a chair as Zhihao spoke.

"Don't do those sort of things again, just act like how a mortal would, okay?"

Both Baichen and Jingyi nodded, but Hilary shook her head as she asked.

"Bawt whai?"

"Just don't, okay? all of the people living here are Mortals, the whole world is full of mortals, we can't just casually bring out our powers, understand?"

Hilary pouted as she looked down at the ground.

Zhihao sighed, he's imagining what sort of thing would he do if he was a kid with his parents, he smiled as he looked at Hilary and continued.

"How about this, promise me that you won't do anything like that again, and start acting like a Mortal in this World, and in return, I`ll buy you three whatever things you wanted, okay?"

Hearing Zhihao's words, the three of them smiled as excitement can be seen in their eyes and nodded repeatedly.

"Okay, let's go."

Zhihao carried Hilary on his shoulder as Baichen and Jingyi are both holding his hands as they walk.

After a while, they arrived at a fast food restaurant and sat down.

"I`ll take our orders first, wait for me to come back, okay?"

The three children nodded their head repeatedly in confirmation.

Zhihao smiled at them as he walked to the clerk, ordering some foods like hamburgers, spaghetti, hotdog sandwich, etc.

All sorts of food he wanted to eat when he was a child, he wanted his children to taste it.

Although it is bad for children, it is not for cultivators.

After some time, Zhihao came back with all sorts of food in a tray with three waiters following him with their own trays that Zhihao had ordered.

The three cute children first tasted the food, but after the taste, they were immediately mesmerized by the taste as they started to dig in.

Zhihao looked at them with satisfaction.


After a while, the four of them finished eating as they rested for a few minutes before heading out.

Hilary looked at Zhihao wanted to ask something.

Zhihao noticed it as he asked: "What is it?"

Hilary shook her head and replied: "Latewr."

Zhihao smiled as he nodded his head and brought them to the toy stores.

Hilary, Baichen, and Jingyi almost emptied out the World of Happiness as they bought all of the things they wanted.

This time, the three children didn't suck it inside their Interspatial Ring and let the twenty men do the pushing of the carts.

Seeing this, Zhihao sighed as he spoke to the three.

"Let's go and meet your Mom, it is about time we return."


The three children replied simultaneously.

Zhihao then led the way towards the place that they will be meeting.

Just after a few minutes, Zhihao and his kids finally arrived.

Zhihao immediate saw the four of them and signed.

They were carrying mobile phone paper bags, full of phone boxes inside.

He already knew what they wanted to do with them.

Zhihao sighed as they all walked to the parking lot, he then checked his time as he only has twenty minutes left.

He looked at the staff that is pushing the carts and spoke.

"This place is good, I`ll have someone pick it up later."

After speaking, Zhihao handed a few paper bills to the staffs.

They immediately smiled as they walked back inside the mall and spoke.

"Thank you, sir!"

Zhihao nodded, then Zheng Shuan saw the CCTV and immediately told them to hide away from the CCTV camera.

After hiding the carts, they then placed all of the things they bought in the Interspatial Rings.

Zhihao looked at Shuan as he spoke: "Shuan, bring them back to the Mansion, I only have a few minutes left before I return to the other World."

Shuan nodded as the four of them hugged Zhihao, not forgetting to kiss him and leaving a few words.

After that, the four of them went inside the Car.

Then, Zhihao looked at his Kids as he hugged them tightly and spoke.

"I`ll miss you all, but we will meet again after a few days, okay? so don't be sad."

His three kids sobbed as they nodded their head.


Then, Zhihao remembered something as he asked Hilary.

"Hilary, what were you going to ask me again?"

Just right after he spoke.

Hilary, Baichen, and Jingyi's face turned extremely cold as they looked at Zhihao in a serious manner.

Zhihao was shocked at the change of expression his children had went into, but he shook his head and ignored those facts as he listened to them attentively.

Baichen then started.

"Father, didn't you mention that... this World is full of Mortals?"

Zhihao nodded as he replied: "Yes."

After he replied, the ground under his feet started to crack open.

Zhihao saw this as he sighed and returned his gaze at his children.

But right after he looked, Zhihao was stunned as he could see their eyes shining in dark colors, Dark Violet, Dark Blue, and Dark Green.

The three of them simultaneously spoke.

"Father, the Man you almost bumped into, He is no Mortal."

Zhihao opened his eyes widely, but before he could reply, he was sucked in by the void, unable to spew out the words he wanted to ask.

When Zhihao vanished, the three of them returned to normal as they ran towards the car and boarded it with their Mothers.

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