Supreme Martial System
198 My Situation
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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198 My Situation

Brgy. Tumana, Marikina City. Philippines.


Destroyed my brand new pc.

A lot of appliances.

Wifi / Internet DSL extremely Slow.(PLDT)

just finished cleanin up the house.

A lot of food were spoiled.
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Clothes unwashed.

Car broken

Motorcycle broken

T.V. Broken.

Well, that sums up my current situation.

To the questions.

Where will I post my last 19 chapters.

Ans:here in webnovel.

Where will I go to?

Royalroad or Wuxiaworld

What will I post.

Edited version of SMS.

What's the edited version.

It is a very well planned version of SMS where I added a lot of additional chapters in Volume 1.

The difference between the current one and the edited version.

Broader story, more chapters etc.

I have no money to pay for an editor which will make my story have a lot of errors, well just expect the quality of SMS starting from volume 2.

Why I'm doing this.

I want to sell my book in some of the famous platforms to earn some extra cash.

Thank you for having the time reading my dilemma,

I apologize as I wouldn't be able to release some chapters to the following days.

I need to buy a new computer to continue my writing.

But before that, I need to support my family first.

I hope you guys can understand as I'm not earning anything from writing in webnovel, I doubt I'll earn some from the other website, but at least I'll ge some recognition there.

You can search what happened in my village through the address I had provided from the start of this chapter.

Thank you everyone.


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    《Supreme Martial System》