Supreme Martial System
197 No Title
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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197 No Title

The first thing that Zhihao did is to drive towards Zheng Shuan's company studio.

After a few minutes of driving, they finally arrived, Shuan is already waiting outside the office with her face fully covered.

Zhihao stood up as he opened the door and walked to her.

A Man then almost bumped into Zhihao, the both of them reacted simultaneously as they evaded each other.

Zhihao looked at the Man and bowed as he spoke: "Ahh, sorry, I almost bumped into you."

The Man was shocked as he looked at Zhihao in a bewildered way and murmured.

"A cultivator?"

That man is Yi Long, he is just returning after bringing Rin back to the studio. he removed Rin's other personality too, making Rin solidify her own mentality.

He, like Zhihao, is also a person that was reincarnated, but he is a Supreme God before he got reincarnated as a Mortal in Earth, with lesser Heavenly Energy from a new planet like Earth, he is struggling his way to cultivate again.

Zhihao, Shuan, and the rest heard of it, as a Cultivator, their senses are enhanced multiple times than that of a normal Human.

Zhihao looked at Yi Long and asked: "What do you mean?"

Yi Long shook his head, he only felt it slightly earlier, he might've just imagined it due to the flex of Zhihao's muscles when the both of them evaded each other.

"Nothing, I thought you are a Martial Artist, so I murmured a little, well, It is fate that we encountered each other, I`ll be going now."

Yi Long then bowed in return as he took his leave.

Zhihao pondered for a bit as he shook his head, he only has an hour or two to spend the day with all of them.

Zhihao looked at Shuan as he spoke: "Let's go."


Shuan replied as she approached the Car.

Seeing Ning'er and the rest, she felt emotional as she hugged Ning'er.

"Sisters, I missed you all so much!"

All of them chuckled as they patted Shuan's head.

Verushka then spoke: "So, when are you going to get married to Hao? we could all get into fun together faster, the sooner the better."

With Verushka's teasing, Shuan blushed as she boarded the car.

Hilary and Jingyi sat on Verushka and Xiao'er's lap to make some space for Shuan.

Xiao'er looked at Shuan who's currently removing all of her disguise and asked.

"Why is your face fully covered? is someone after your life?"

Shuan shook her head as she blushed and explained.

"I`m... a popular person on this World, although we don't have powers, we have something like... how should I put it... umm... fame... I do something like... active, singing and such... to earn money..."

Nodding their head as they understood Shuan's explanation, they changed their topic as Zhihao drove to the Mall.


After a while, they finally arrived at the Mall.

Zhihao then looked at the four of them as he spoke.

"I`ll take the Kids to enjoy, Shuan, you should go and enjoy yourself with the three of them."

Zhihao wanted to enjoy the time together with Ning'er and the rest, but if he did, he would be in a pinch as the time is extremely limited.

If he brought Ning'er and the rest together with the Kids, a day wouldn't be enough time to finish everything.

Understanding his intention, all four of them nodded, although they wanted to spend some time with Zhihao, they knew too well that he only has a few hours to spend together with them, they might be able to spend some time together later, so they want to at least let Zhihao and the kids to have some bonding time.

Zhihao then brought the kids and spoke.

"Today, I`ll treat you to something you haven't experienced before."

The three kids smiled as the glow in their eyes shone with excitement.

Jingyi: "Yay!"

Hilary: "A twip wit Daddeeeeh!"

Baichen: "I want FOOD!!!"

Zhihao chuckled as he looked at Ning'er and spoke: "We will meet here again, if you can return here, I`ll go and come back once every month."

Ning'er and the rest chuckled as they nodded and made their way with Shuan leading them.


The first thing that Zhihao did is ask his children.

"Are you three hungry? want to eat something extremely delicious?"

The three of them has this unexplainable hunger coming out of their eyes, hearing something like 'Extremely Delicious' coming out of their powerful Dad's mouth made them expectant to the food that he'll introduce to them.

The three of them repeatedly nodded as they replied.


Zhihao smiled as he led the two of them into some place called "Dessert Palace"

The four of them entered as Zhihao immediately went to the receptionist.

He had always dreamed of going into one of this kind of establishment as a child, he can always see children being taken to someplace like this by their parents, making him extremely envious of such a thing.

Zhihao smiled as at least he could bring his children here to eat and play.

The three kids, Baichen, Jingyi, and Hilary were astounded at the multiple colored candies and displays inside.

They immediately rushed towards the booth.

They haven't seen a market place that looks as great as this.

Hilary immediately came back as she spoke.

"Dawd! I want those things! the colorful thingsh!"

Hilary dragged Zhihao's clothes as she led him towards the Candy booth, pointing at everything she can see.

Zhihao chuckled as he nodded and spoke to the clerk.

"I`d like to buy everything in your stall, divide it into three please."

Seeing this, both Jingyi and Baichen went towards Zhihao as they waited for their portion.

The clerk was shocked, it is good that he'll sell all of his goodies, he might even get a bonus, but eating this candies would definitely be bad for the Kids.

Zhihao, on the other hand, thought otherwise, as a cultivator, his children would be immune to such things as preservatives, it will immediately disperse inside their body without any worries, with that, he could buy anything they want.

Noticing that the clerk is concerned, Zhihao spoke.

"Don't worry, they won't eat it in a single go, it is for a long travel."

The clerk nodded as she called three of her friends to help in packing up everything.

After a while, they finally finished wrapping everything, but when they handed it to Zhihao, they were having a realization, how could Zhihao take the six boxes.

One of them immediately spoke: "Sir, please wait a moment, I`ll bring a cart here from the groceries."

Zhihao smiled as he replied: "Thank you."

He then looked at the Clerk and asked: "How much for it all?"

The clerk smiled as she replied: "Sir, that's a total of $2,120."

Zhihao then pulled out his wallet and pretended to pull some money into it.

Then a five thousand bill appeared inside as he handed it to the Clerk and spoke.

"Okay, here's the payment, you can keep the change."

The clerk was astounded, such a big bonus, it would definitely be able to make them survive for a few weeks without a problem.

The clerk bowed as she expressed herself.

"Thank you, sir, it is definitely a great help!"

Hilary then looked at her Dad as she spoke.

"Dawdy, why we need to liwft eit up? we could do dish inshtead."

Hilary then waved her hand as two of the boxes vanished and immediately went inside her Interspatial Ring.

Baichen and Jingyi smiled as they also did the same.

All of the six boxes vanished within just a mere second.

The Clerks had their mouths closed but their eyes wide.

They still had the same smile as before, the only difference is their eyes that is currently field with shock.

Zhihao facepalmed as he didn't know what to do.

Hilary saw her Dad in a bad expression as she patted his shoulder and spoke.

"Dawd, it ish okay, what ish the pwobwem?"
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    《Supreme Martial System》