Supreme Martial System
196 No Title
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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196 No Title

Zhihao has a little over three hours left on Earth, he needed to make the most out of it before he would return to the Sword and Magic Realm.

He suddenly thought of something as he smiled and looked at his children.

"Want to do something fun? Jingyi, Baichen, Hilary?"

The three of them nodded as they replied.




Lu Fan smiled as he nodded and continued: "Come with me, Mom, Dad, I`ll be bringing them to the Mall to have fun."

Ye Bing Bing and Zhilong nodded as they smiled.

Lu Fan then remembered something as he walked towards the garage with his Family.

Lu Fan smiled as he contacted someone.

"Shuan, are you free? Ning'er and the rest are with me, I`ll come and pick you up if you are free."

Zheng Shuan smiled as she remembered Zhihao's wives and replied.

"Okay! I`ll wait for you in the studio."

Zhihao hangs up the phone as he looked at his Wives and spoke.

"We are getting Shuan, the one that thought you about phones."

Then remembering something as he looked at them, he sighed and spoke.

"We need to change your clothes' appearance, it would be too weird."

All of them looked at their clothes as they felt bewildered.

Zhihao then ordered the system.

'Change their clothe's appearance, make it something that would fit well with them here on Earth.'


=Order received... Loading... Checking Fashion on the internet... Match Found... Applying Fashion.

Just right after that, Ning'er and the other's clothes transformed into one of those in that's really in this season.

Zhihao smiled as he nodded, he then looked at Verushka's clothes in bewilderment.

"Why didn't your clothes change?"

Verushka looked at her clothes, and yes, they haven't changed, it is still the same.

Zhihao then asked the system: 'Why didn't you change her clothes?'


=The most suitable clothes for her based on the Internet search 90% picked "Gothic Lolita"

Zhihao facepalmed as he sighed, this World is really into clothing that they see on the Internet.

Zhihao then looked at them as he spoke.

"Let's go."

Everyone nodded but Verushka asked.

"What about my clothes? I want to wear something that looks the same as them."

Zhihao sighed as he thought.

'System, give her something else, something that would look good on her.'


=Order confirmed.

Verushka's clothes changed as they became a casual middle schooler's wear.

Zhihao felt pained yet again, what kind of categories are these!

On the other hand, Verushka smiled as she spoke.

"This is great! Hahahaha, It feels extremely great!"

Zhihao sighed as he led them towards the garage.

They all boarded the Car, then Ning'er asked Zhihao.

"So, how far had you gone with Shuan'er? are we getting our fourth Sister?"

Ning'er teased Zhihao as she chuckled.

Zhihao drove his car as he replied: "Uhh... we're currently engaged in this World."

Verushka, Xiao'er, and Ning'er burst out with laughter as they held their stomach.

"Hahahaha, I knew you wouldn't leave a beautiful woman alone, well, I guess we got our fourth Sister."

"Yep, definitely, this kind of leech is one that wishes to collect a lot of women."

Xiao'er only chuckled as she nodded her head.

Although there would be an additional, so long as she's acceptable, they would permit it, Shuan helped them a lot, especially with new knowledge about their phone.

But there's also something, they liked how innocent and pure Shuan is, she doesn't want to pretend or lie, nor force anyone, she's exactly what they are missing in the group, one or two of such person is welcome to them.

All of them then chatted as they took the sight in their memory, they want to cherish the memory with Zhihao, they would also like to share his burden, hearing the Story from Arthariaz, they already knew of what Zhihao will go through.

They will be returning to their World later, but they will do their best as to not drag Zhihao down, supporting him with his great battle.


Somewhere within another World.

A being that has the same look as Bugal and Bagul when they were combined is kneeling on the floor with blood all over his body, he is too weak right now, he is glaring at someone, and that someone is sitting on his throne, unharmed, not even a scratch can be seen.

That being is Mazadar, he is the Lord of both Bugal and Bagul, someone that has reached the power that can be compared to a God Realm lower stage cultivator, someone that stood at the Peak of the Mecha World.

But right now, he is kneeling in defeat, he wanted to fight back but he couldn't due to the power that is suppressing him, suppressing someone that has reached the same power with the weak Gods from the God's domain.

Mazadar looked at the one on the throne as he spoke.

"I`ll kill you, even if I die, I`ll definitely kill you!"

The one on the throne faced Mazadar as he asked: "How will you do that?"

"If I escaped her, I`ll definitely have a chance, sooner or later, I will!"

The one on the throne smiled as he nodded and replied: "Do you think, I`m as kind as the weakling that let you escaped millions of years ago?"

Mazadar smiled as he forcefully tried to stand up and spoke.

"So... you are from the God's Realm, then I guess, killing you will be worth it, dragging a God down will definitely be a great boon!"

After Mazadar spoke, he cast a self-destruction on his core, preparing to detonate it immediately.

The one on the throne chuckled as he waved his hand.

The self-destruction that Mazadar had made suddenly stopped as he returned back to his kneeling position like he had done nothing at all.

Mazadar was shocked. 'What kind of power is this!'

The one on the throne then opened his eyes, three bright red lights shone from his face as the three eyes opened, staring at Mazadar like he is some sort of insect.

"I am Chronos, The Supreme Titan of Time, You can choose two option, to serve the Titans and be one of our vassals in destroying the God Realm or you can die now."

Hearing Chronos' Words, Mazadar was shocked, he then contemplated for a bit before he asked.

"What are the Titans?"

Chronos smirked as he explained.

"Titans are the Arch Enemy of the Gods Realm, we get our power from Darkness, while the Gods from Light."

Mazadar looked at Chronos as he smiled and replied: "I will, but let my wish succeed at least when the time has come."

Chronos chuckled as he replied: "You can kill the Gods after they are weakened, you can kill any God so long as you can, you can even beg us to spare a few Gods for you to torture, so, will you?"

Mazadar was shocked, he was going to ask again but Chronos intervened.

"I am the God of time, I can see the Future of you mere weakling."

Mazadar smiled in realizing it, he then bowed as he spoke.

"I will join your cause, and be one of the forces that will destroy the God's Realm."

Chronos smiled as he nodded and vanished without any track.

He then left a message.

"I`ll leave you with a thousand Titans from our Realm, although they are still on the Lower stage of the Titan Realm, they will gain back their strength in the years to come, just order them and continue to grow with them, I`ll give you some power when I return."

Mazadar smiled as he nodded.

Then out of nowhere, a lot of Titans has appeared outside Mazadar's headquarters, He smiled as he looked at the Far Distance and spoke.

"God's Realm, HAHAHAHAHA I`ll be part of your demise, your doom is near!"


Author's note.

I`ll go on a hiatus, writing my novels on this website is too heartbreaking, informing us that Original Authors are trying their best to provide daily chapters even though we get sick, etc etc..

Yeah, we were touched... but reading the following shiits, I give up on this website.

Out of all the Original Authors there, they only deemed three people they had a contract with as an Original Author, which makes us look shiity trying to do our best.

So yeah, they support their contracted Authors, but what about us? who writes for free? a little bit of benefit wouldn't heart, they could also limit it to top rankers, but I guess that's too much right? I mean, how much money can they even get on a million views? etc. etc. I don't really know, but I don't want to find out.

We're not getting paid to post here, nor getting any spirit stones, power stones, etc, just free writing as WN benefits from views and stuff.

Well, that's just my bottom line, At least, they could've given us some inspiration, All I saw is, "Congrats to our Original Author, the Three of them deserves a Break, while the others are stupid, so let them rot there to die, Okay, let us support these three contracted authors! Banzai!"

Now... I Give up, I`ll try to find another website where they would actually appreciate our hard work, I`ve already found a few websites that could give us a pay per view, but it is kind of hard to get in.

Thanks for the continuous support everyone... I`m done...

Well, I might write some chapters depending on my mood, but not as inspired as before.

Thank you for your continued support everyone, I sincerely appreciated it.

I`ll write my last 20 chapters as thanks to those people that had donated and go on with my Life, I had better things to do than provide profit for them while getting nothing, unappreciated work.

For people that wishes to donate, you don't need to, I appreciate the thought already, I`ll go back to working after this is done and dealt with, thank you so much.
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    《Supreme Martial System》