Supreme Martial System
195 Reunion
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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195 Reunion

Earth, Zhihao's Mansion.

Zhihao immediately rushed towards the Gate without even properly dressing himself up.

He became excited, hearing the name of the one that wanted to meet him.

When he reached 15 meters away from the gate, he saw silhouettes of some people, and with the clothes, they are currently wearing, his eyes turned wet as tears flew down to his cheeks down to the ground.

He immediately rushed towards them.

"Ning'er, Verushka, Xiao'er! My children!"

Hearing Zhihao's words, all of them looked at Zhihao as they smiled, tears immediately gathered in their eyes as they rushed towards Zhihao with their children.

A group hug commenced as they tightly hugged each other.

Zhihao's parents also followed as they thought that there are some problems that occurred.

But when they finally arrived, they saw Zhihao, their son hugging a group of people that they haven't seen before as he cried his eyes out.

Ye Bing Bing looked at him as she silently spoke.

"Hao'er, who are they?"

Zhihao woke up from the atmosphere as he tidied himself up.

He looked at all of them as he replied.

"Let us all go inside first, we will talk about it there."

All of them nodded as they walked towards the Mansion.

Mariandra, seeing that no one is looking transformed into her Spiritual Body and entered Ning'er's mind.

The Guard has a poker face as he spoke: "Well... this is awkward."

The Guard then closed the gates as he went back and read the e-book on his phone with the title "Supreme Martial System"


When all of them finally reached the Guest Room, Zhihao spoke.

"Please have a seat first, I need to clarify something to them."

All of them nodded as they sat on the chairs and couch.

Zhihao then looked at his parents and spoke: "Mom, Dad, I need to talk to them in private, I`ll go and make a barrier, you don't need to go out."

After speaking, Zhihao configured the system to provide a Sound Proof air to prevent any words from leaking out.


=Orders confirmed, making a sound barrier for the seven of you.

After the notification, a bubble like thingy appeared out of thin air as it wrapped Zhihao and his Wives together with their children.

Zhihao then looked at them as he spoke.

"All of you, I want to tell you something."

Ning'er and the rest nodded, they don't know what it is, but Zhihao is extremely serious.

Zhihao then started: "The original owner of this body has already died, and I`m originally from this World, I was reborn and was brought to you by a certain person."

Hearing this, all of them became shocked, speechless, not knowing what to reply.

Zhihao continued: "It was the time before Ning'er and I was married, three days before."

Ning'er's expression immediately lightened up, but there is still something inside her heart that is bothering her, but Zhihao's following words

"If... you want to leave me, I`ll accept your decision, I wasn't the one who was meant to be married to you all, I am just a substitute, something like this, I know very well and..."

Ning'er immediately stopped Zhihao from speaking as she held her hand to his mouth, blocking his following words.

Ning'er herself didn't know what happened, but her hands moved unconsciously, she doesn't want to hear the next words that Zhihao will say.

"Hao'er, I..."

Not knowing what to say, she couldn't follow it up anymore.

Verushka then intervened.

"For me, it is no big deal, you are the Husband I know, and the one I married to, I could barely careless of who the person before was in your body."

Pausing for a bit, she blushed as she continued: "Well, the one I fell in love with was you, not the original owner of your body, so stop making excuses to have some new pair of wives now."

Hearing Verushka's words, both Ning'er and Xiao'er woke up from their condition and realized something.

The both of them didn't even meet the first owner of Zhihao's body, but, they met the current him that's living in it.

Ning'er smiled as that something in her heart vanished, she and Xiao'er slowly accepted the fact they are married to Zhong Zhihao, but the owner of the body is different.

Ning'er replied: "Hao'er, I don't care anymore, I think, I know why I suddenly stopped you from speaking."

"It is because you were the one that I loved and not the previous owner of your body."

Xiao'er smiled as she nodded and replied: "Yes, and if it wasn't you, Me and Sis Veru might not have ever loved and cared about you, we might've also died from those creatures that attacked our World."

Zhihao smiled as he bowed.

"Thank you, for accepting me."

The three of them nodded as they smiled and replied simultaneously.

"And thank you for loving us, giving us so much care equally."

Their children, Hilary, Jingyi, and Baichen looked at them as they asked.

"So... Daddy is not Daddy but he is Daddy?"

"Is Dad not Dad?"

"No! Dadwe is Dadwe! He is ow Dawd! Why you makwing nownshense."

The four of them smiled as they hugged each other.

Zhihao then released the soundproof as he looked at his Family and spoke.

"Mom, Dad, this is my Wives, from the other World."

Hearing his Words, both Ye Bing Bing and Zhilong was shocked speechless.

Zhihao sighed as he shook his head, he couldn't possibly think that his parents would accept his wives immediately, after all, the laws in this World is that there could only be a single wife, but what shocked him the most is what followed.

Zhilong looked at the tiny little children and asked: "They are my Grandsons and Grand Daughter?"

Ye Bing Bing cried tears as she asked: "We are Grandparents?"

The both of them already accepted that their Son is from another World, what is there to be shocked about, especially if they had already wanted some grandchildren before.

Zhihao chuckled as he nodded and replied: "That's right."

Hearing Zhihao's words, Ye Bing Bing spoke: "Ahh, come here children, come here."

Hearing Ye Bing Bing's words, Hilary, Baichen, and Jingyi looked at their Father, not knowing what's happening.

Hilary then asked: "Dawdy, who ish they?"

Zhihao chuckled as he replied: "They are your Grandpa and Grandma."


Zhihao nodded as he smiled and replied: "Yes."

Hilary was the first one to looked at them and ran as she jumped to Ye Bing Bing and spoke.


Jingyi and Baichen followed too as they ran and hugged Zhilong.


"One more Grandpa and Grandma! Yey!"

Zhihao and his wives laughed as they witnessed what happened.

The Reunion of Zhihao's original Family and his current ones was something that Zhihao had always dreamed of, tears in his eyes formed as he nodded in satisfaction.

Ning'er, Verushka, and Xiao'er stood beside him as they smiled.

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