Supreme Martial System
194 Reunion of the Gods
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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194 Reunion of the Gods

Seeing the people starting to surround them, they immediately walked quickly, trying to remove all of the attention from them.

When they reached an alley, they immediately flew up to the roof of a building.

And just when they are about to land, they felt a very powerful pressure suppressing them, a tidal wave of heavenly energy trying to devour them.

Mariandra immediately shivered as she called out.


Ning'er looked at her shoulder as she saw Mariandra trembling in both excitement and fear.

Mariandra is doubtful if Arthariaz could actually remember her, it has been more than millions of years after all, and the power that suppressed her definitely came from the Man she loved the most.

Mariandra then pushed her way out of Ning'er's body as she protected them and shouted once more.

"Arthariaz! Get out here now!"

The force then powered up some more, trying to push her out of the Earth.

Mariandra gritted her teeth as she summoned all of the power in her and screamed.

"Don't play with me! even if I die, I will not leave! I definitely won't leave unless you show and explain yourself!"

The force kept pressuring her, the power that's pressing her is too great, she only has 30% of her original power as it is only her clone, she separated her power into four, trying to find Arthariaz in all parts of the Realms.

And Unlike Arthariaz, Mariandra is only a higher tier, while Arthariaz, had almost reached the Epitome of the Gods.

If the both of them fought, Arthariaz would only need to use 10% of his power to deal with Mariandra's full power.

Mariandra, couldn't stand the pressure anymore as she fell from the sky and landed on the roof with blood in her mouth, tears immediately ran out of her eyes as she spoke.

"Why... I want to know why you left me... why'd you suddenly vanished..."

The pressure immediately stopped, as a silhouette appeared out of nowhere.

A handsome man, flew from their direction as he looked at Mariandra and spoke.

"Why'd you have to find me... you should've stayed in your realm."

Mariandra looked up and saw him, the color in her eyes returned as she replied: "So... you really are here, why did you leave me? why did you leave the God's Realm?"

Arthariaz looked at her as he sighed.

"I had died, millions of years ago."

Mariandra couldn't believe what she's hearing as she asked.

"What happened? who killed you? which titan was it?"

Arthariaz sighed yet again, he then retold her of what had happened that time.

After a few minutes, Mariandra was shocked as she couldn't believe something like that actually happened.

"Your Brother... had betrayed you? was it because of... of that?"

Arthariaz nodded in confirmation then continued.

"I wish, for you to help me in my plan, I want to destroy my Brother's scheme, I will regain my body, but that is for the later years, I don't know when, but I`ll be able to reconstruct my body to destroy their ploy, but we need to make to have a back up plan."

Arthariaz then told Mariandra all of what he wants to do.

Mariandra nodded as she replied.

"Then, I`ll try to make them stronger, this three, I`ll try to make them reach the Pinnacle of Godhood in the shortest amount of time."

Arthariaz smiled as he nodded.

Mariandra then asked: "What about this three and their children, they wanted to see their Husband."

"Zhihao will return to the World I designated him to in about four hours, but we could reunite them for a short time."

Mariandra nodded, she knew the pain of having lost your loved ones so she wanted to at least help Zhihao's wife reunite with him, even if it is for a few hours.

Mariandra then looked at them as she spoke.

"I`ll turn you all invisible, Arthariaz told me that this World is ruled by Mortals, and beings with powers are treated as threats, we should go on a low profile."

The three of them nodded.

Then a powerful aura enveloped them as they ascended from the Air.

They are currently in Japan, which is a far away place from Zhihao's current location, but with Mariana's power, they arrived in China for only about a minute.

Arthariaz then vanished on top of Zhihao's mansion as he spoke his last word.

"Mariandra, this is where he lives, I wish that we could destroy the plot, please do your best until I remade my whole body."

Mariandra nodded then she heard a sound transmission.

'Do not trust any God, do not tell them anything.'

Mariandra was shaken at first, but thinking that there might be some Gods harboring the same intentions as Arthariaz's brother, she should take precaution.

Mariandra then landed them near Zhihao's mansion and removed their invisibility.

She looked at the three of them and spoke.

"Arthariaz said that we need to go to the gate by walking, we will ask the one guarding the Mansion for the owner's permission to enter."

Ning'er and the rest nodded.

Mariandra took her physical form as she leads the way towards the gate, the three of them then followed walking as they put down their children to walk.

Reaching the gates, Mariandra looked at Ning'er, making her talk to the guard.

Ning'er looked at the Guard as she asked.

"Hello, I`d like to meet with the owner of the Mansion, his name is Zhihao, Zhong Zhihao."

The Guard looked at them as they became extremely shocked, four great beauties had come to ask for his employer, he then shook his head as he returned to Earth and spoke.

"Okay, wait a minute, I`ll go and call inside."

Ning'er nodded as added.

"Please tell him that I`m Ning'er, with his children.

The Guard nodded as he sighed and picked up his phone to call the Mansion.


Zhihao was talking to his parents as Butler Ma approached him and whispered what had happened.

Zhihao was shocked as he opened his eyes widely, he then ran out of the Mansion as he rushed towards the gates.

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