Supreme Martial System
193 Those Are...
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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193 Those Are...

Ning'er looked at them with excitement in her eyes.

Verushka then spoke.

"Mo Ying returned a few hours ago, he's in extreme pain."

Hearing this, Ning'er's excitement immediately vanished.

"Where is he? is there no one that can treat him?"

Verushka shook her head as she replied: "No, we tried all of the pills in our storage, Mo Ying is our husband's second Direct Disciple, it would be bad if something happens to him."

Ning'er immediately nodded as she spoke: "Lead the way, maybe we can do something about it."

Verushka and Xiao'er nodded as they flew in the sky.

After a few seconds, they finally arrived at where Mo Ying is staying.

Half of Mo Ying's body is already in deep freeze, he is not even shaking as he is now numb to all sorts of things, there are at least eight doctors checking his state, trying to cure him, as a lot of flames around Mo Ying is trying to prevent the ice from swallowing Mo Ying whole.

Ning'er was shocked, is it because of the cave's freezing aura before?

She then looked at Mariandry and asked.

"Is this your power?"

Mariandra is currently on her Spirit God form, hence she could only move, but not speak, she nodded in confirming.

Ning'er then asked: "Can you cure him then?"

Mariandra nodded again as she poured her power out, trying to grab the little Heavenly Energy in Mo Ying's body.

Mo Ying's frozen body parts immediately went back to normal as the Heavenly Energy returned to Mariandra's hand as it entered her body.

Witnessing such everyone was shock, everyone tried so hard to prevent it from spreading, but they saw Ning'er standing there without even moving, but she then cured it.

Only Verushka and Xiao'er had seen what actually happened, Only Mythical Realm lower stage and above can see the Spirit God form in Ning'er's shoulder.

After a few seconds, Mo Ying woke up as he looked at the crowd gathering around him, realizing what happened, Mo Ying stood up as she bowed and spoke.

"Empresses, thank you for saving this weak nimble one."

Ning'er nodded and followed up.

"The three of us with our Son will go out for a few days, I don't know when will we return, but you will go and take over and guard the Empire."

Hearing this, Mo Ying nodded as he replied.


Ning'er nodded as she looked at Verushka and Xiao'er before speaking.

"Let's go to our children, we will bring them too."

The three of them nodded as they flew towards the Floating Fortress.

The three of them arrived as they called.

"Baichen, Jingyi, Hilary."

After just a few seconds, three silhouettes appeared in front of them.

Baichen (8) Heavenly Establishment Realm Pinnacle stage.

Jingyi (8) Heavenly Establishment Realm Pinnacle stage.

Hilary (6) Divine Origin Realm Lower stage.

"Yes, Mothers?"

The three of them asked together.

Ning'er smiled at them as she spoke: "We're going to find your Father, do you three want to come?"

The three of them hearing this became extremely excited as they nodded continuously and replied.




Verushka, Xiao'er, and Ning'er smiled as they nodded.

Ning'er then looked at Mariandra and asked: "How do we start?"

Mariandra entered Ning'er's body as she spoke.

"I`ll make a Dimensional Scar, but before I do, I would need you all to think of him, his aura, features, everything that you had known him for."

The three of them nodded as they closed their eyes, visualizing Zhihao's figure, his demeanor, everything about him.

When they started to remember everything about Zhihao that they knew, all sorts of expression appeared in their faces, happiness, satisfaction, relieved, sad, heartache.

Then, when Mariandra is about to speak, she saw the three of them wept as the tears flowed down from their cheeks.

Mariandra felt the same, even though Arthariaz had been missing for millions of years, every night, she would cry herself to sleep, making her Realm, the coldest place in the God's Realm.

Even Gods couldn't enter without her permission, much less ordinary people.

Mariandra smiled as she approved of them if ever Zhihao is really Arthariaz.

Then when Mariandra felt that is time, she summoned a Dimensional Scar within the Air, four times as big as Zhihao had used.

She then spoke to Ning'er.

"If you enter there, you`ll immediately go to the World where your husband is currently in."

Ning'er nodded as she spoke to Verushka and the others.

"Zhihao is in the World beyond this Dimensional Scar, we will finally be able to see him again."

All of them smiled as they nodded, picking up their child, they held hands as they walked towards the Scar.

Just right after they walked in, a bright light assaulted their vision, all of them immediately shielded their Child's eyes as they closed theirs.

When they got used to the light, they opened their eyes little by little.

What they witnessed were breathtaking for them, they can see mountains made of stones scraping the sky, horseless carriage, metal birds, and more.

They opened their eyes widely at such a scene.

Then Baichen spoke.

"Mom, it stinks here, the air is bad."

Ning'er and the rest nodded as they moved away from the carriageless horse that seemed to be the main reason for the foul smell coming from the air.

The three of them walked as they tried to find some clue.

Due to the Goddess bringing them here, their cultivation wasn't locked.

As they walk with no location to go, the people them were shocked and started to chat amongst themselves.

"Is that a Cosplayer?"

"Woah, they look extremely great!"

"Such a high-quality work."

"Wow, are they an Idol or something? the three of them look so great!"

"A real-life gothic lolita cosplay!"

"Oh my God!"

They immediately took out their phone as they took some pictures of the three.

Seeing this, the three were shocked.

Verushka looked at them as she spoke.

"Those... Those are... Those are the Boxed Treasures that Hao'er had given us!"


I Made a Ying Mai my new cover for the month! I hope you guys like it.

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