Supreme Martial System
192 God“s Bond, Soul Drive
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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192 God“s Bond, Soul Drive

Hearing this name, Ning'er pondered for a while, she hadn't heard of such a name before, she kept searching for any clues she might've heard somewhere within the Empire.

Then, when she is deeply in her thought, the lady smiled as she spoke.

"Did you know, you wouldn't be able to get here even if you have reached God Realm cultivation?"

Ning'er looked at the Lady in bewilderment.

The Lady smiled as she looked at the armors that Ning'er is wearing, her lips started to curve upward as a very alluring smile formed, she then continued.

"I would've killed you if it weren't for something I found familiar in you."

Ning'er frowned as she asked: "Familiar with me? What do you mean?"

The Lady pointed at the armor Ning'er is wearing as she continued.

"Those armors, were the one I wore, the first one I received from Arthariaz when we met, the armor I equipped into the grand chaotic battle, hundreds of millions of years ago."

When Ning'er heard this, she was shocked, she looked at the armor as she replied.

"I received it from my Husband, and I doubt it will look like this if it is a hundred million years old armor."

The Lady chuckled as she spoke.

"Those were the ones made by Arthariaz for me to wear, I doubt it that you could comprehend the type of materials he had used in making it."

The Lady then realized something, the environment started to shake as the clouds turned black.

"Who is your husband?"

Ning'er realized something that is what the lady says is true, then, is Zhihao her husband? but hundreds of millions of years ago definitely is something impossible, unless Zhihao went into reincarnation.

Ning'er then shook her head as she replied: "My Husband's name is Zhihao, Zhong Zhihao, aged 24, the Young Master of the Zhong Clan."

The Lady thought of the same thing as Ning'er, maybe Arthariaz had reincarnated into a new person, but if Arthariaz reincarnated, who killed him? one of the Mightiest Gods in the God Realm.

She then introduced herself: "I am, Mariandra Riverdry, The Goddess of Ice, I wish to confirm something, I want to see your Husband to make clear things out of something."

Ning'er doesn't want to agree at first, but something is bugging her now.

If what Mariandra had spoken is true, then that explains a lot of things on how Zhihao had acquired the Godly items he had been bringing out in a massive quantity.

Ning'er nodded as she spoke.

"Okay, but my husband isn't in this World right now, so you should wait first."

Mariandra frowned, her husband isn't in this World? then, how come a cultivator that haven't reached Godhood actually cross planets? the only way is to play out of the World itself, and he needs to be at least in the Demi-God's Realm pinnacle to do that.

Mariandra asked Ning'er: "Where is he? and how can he go out of your World? and tell me his cultivation, if you answer my questions to my satisfactory, I could make you see your husband now."

Hearing this, Ning'er became excited as she nodded and spoke.

"Deal! but you`ll have to bring his other wives too, I treat them like Sisters, so I wish you would do no harm to them."

Mariandra chuckled as she nodded, she then took a physical form as she wore a very graceful clothing with a veil in her face, covering her very attractive and charming face.

She then asked.

"I`m going inside your body now, I`ll stay in your mind."

Ning'er frowned as she asked.


Mariandra casually replied.

"I`ll enhance your powers, up to God Realm, lower stage, this is called SoulBond."

Hearing this, Ning'er is still hesitant, but wanted to see Zhihao again, she nodded.

Mariandra then entered Ning'er's body as she spoke.

"Focus your energy into your whole body, circle it around all of your veins as you visualize the power I had shown you before."

Ning'er nodded as she tried to do what Mariandra had instructed.

After successfully doing it, Mariandra smiled, she then went in Ning'er's palm as she spoke.

"Now, let my Soul enter your body through your heart and shout 'Soul Drive' and let my Soul enter your body, not your mind."

Ning'er still a little bit hesitant did what Mariandra had said.

"Soul Drive!"

A Surge of powerful Heavenly Energy entered Ning'er's body as she vomitted a mouthful of blood.

Her body started to brighten as the power started to merge with hers.

Mariandra then floated in Ning'er's shoulder and spoke.

"Such great powers, right?"

Ning'er looked at Mariandra as she nodded, if she had this power before, maybe Zhihao wouldn't have been gone after the War had ended.

Mariandra can feel the sorrow in Ning'er's heart as she sighed.

She could cope well with how Ning'er is feeling right now, she had felt it for millions of years.

Mariandra then held hopes in her heart, maybe she could actually mix well with Arthariaz's new wives if this Zhihao is really Arthariaz.

She then spoke.

"Let's go now."

Ning'er nodded as she flew out of the cave, and in just about a minute, what took her hours before actually ended, like in a blink of an eye.

Ning'er smiled as she immediately dashed towards the Empire.

After just a few more minutes, Ning'er arrived at Verushka and Xiao'er's location.

Both of them were shocked, at first, they thought it is a godly enemy that is approaching with a massive power inside their body but seeing Ning'er with the strength that might've surpassed the Previous Zhihao, they were shocked.

Such overwhelming power, It is not Spiritual Energy, but something more pure, and so much greater.

Verushka looked at Ning'er and asked.

"What happened to you?"

Ning'er smiled as she shook her head and replied.

"I`ll tell you later, we need to do something first."

Verushka and Xiao'er was bewildered in what Ning'er is saying but then asked.

"What do you mean?"

Then, A silhouette appeared on Ning'er's shoulder as she replied.

"We are going to find our Husband."

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