Supreme Martial System
191 His Name is...
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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191 His Name is...

Ning'er and Mo Ying continued on their path.

The cave went in was the same as the one that Zhihao had gone into.

But something is different.

When Zhihao brought Amro out of the cave, the cave went back to its original size.

But now, it seemed to have returned to becoming big again, but this time, its only half of its size from Amro's power.

Which means, there's a being inside that is making the cave expand, faster than how Amro had done it before.

Someone stronger than Amro is lurking inside the Caves.

Ning'er and Mo Ying both continued as they walked inside, the both of them are on full alert.

After a while, Mo Ying spoke.

"My Lady, I think we should return now."

Ning'er then looked at Mo Ying, but what she saw is extremely shocking, Mo Ying is kneeling as his skin is being solidified.

Mo Ying has frostbite all over his body.

Ning'er immediately pushed Mo Ying back with her power, sending him a few hundred meters away.

Mo Ying circulated the energy as he tried to fight the cold energy driving it out of his body.

Ning'er looked at Mo Ying and spoke: "Return and report what happened, I`ll come back once I`ve figured something."

Mo Ying frowned, but after a while, he nodded, he couldn't do anything if he sticks around, the best thing to do is report to Shen Xiao and Verushka immediately.

"Yes, My Lady."

Ning'er nodded as she continued to walk forward.

After a while, she had now felt the cold energy entering her body too.

Ning'er summoned all of her energy as she protected herself, she then dashed forward, thinking that the longer she'll be there, the harsher it would be.

After an hour, Ning'er finally arrived at the end, unlike with Zhihao, there is only a single tunnel.

The whole cave looked like a snow cave, a cave made with ice, with a lot of sharp and deadly pointed ice in the ceiling.

Ning'er with her spiritual energy growing thinner can make two choices, to gamble everything and return, or proceed.

If she returns now, she might lose all of her Spiritual energy half way and run the other half.

Ning'er gritted her teeth as she entered further, to the only entrance.

After entering, Ning'er was shocked, there's no cold energy here, instead, it felt quite good, the best temperature to live.

Ning'er can see a lot of flowers growing, and grasses too, there are even trees inside.

Ning'er then sat as she tried to gather Spiritual Energy.

After regaining every Spiritual Energy she missed, Ning'er walked forward, and the closer she gets, the more green life can be seen.

After a while, Ning'er saw the exit and rushed.

A bright light assaulted Ning'er's sight as she closed her eyes and tried to block it with her hands.

Then after getting used to the light, Ning'er was shocked at what she's seeing.

It feels like she's seeing a different world, a world full of life and greens, a rainbow, a fountain, a stretch of forest, rivers... its like she's seeing an oasis.

But after that, out of nowhere, a voice as gentle and feminine, like listening to a goddess' words sounded.

"So... someone really came."

Hearing this, Ning'er searched everywhere, trying to find where the voice came from.

The voice then sounded again.

"You won't be able to find me, even if you searched all over."

Ning'er frowned as she stop searching and replied.

"Who are you?"

"Me? I am no one, just someone searching for a certain somebody."

Ning'er then asked again.

"Are you... going to harm our World?"

The voice seemed to have paused for a bit before continuing.

"Should I?"

After speaking, a gust of extreme power surged forth as it assaulted Ning'er.

The scenery changed from the Harmonious nature in broad daylight into a grim and dark place.

Everything is the same, but the lights went out as power surged from all directions.

Ning'er was immediately pushed down to the ground, unable to fight the power.

'Such... power... another invader?'

Thinking like this, Ning'er shuddered.

Then the voice spoke again.

"Or should I not?"

After speaking, the voice retracted her power and returned everything back to normal.

Ning'er stood up as she asked.

"What do you want to do with our world?"

"I told you, I am finding a certain person."

Ning'er then frowned as she asked.

"Who is it that you are looking for? So long as you promise to not destroy our world, I`ll help you."

The voice chuckles as she replied.

"I want you to find my husband, he's been missing for a while now."

Ning'er was bewildered, but after a while asked again.

"Is there anything I can have to know who he is? how does he look? and what type of person he is. how long has he been missing for?"

The voice stopped for a bit as she replied.

"He has been missing for a while now, for about 500 million years, he suddenly vanished from the God's realm, together with his brother."

Pausing for a bit, the voice continued.

"Even his disciples don't know where is he, but I felt his power towards this direction, and when I reached your World, I saw his power, circling around this planet of yours, which is why I have decided to lurk here for a few million years, he might come back."

Ning'er was puzzled at her description before asking.

"What's his name? I might be able to help."

The voice chuckled as she replied.

"He is a God, One of the strongest God that had appeared in our Realm, The God's Realm, his name..."

Ning'er waited for a while, waiting for the name to come.

The one speaking seemed to be emotional, drowned by her own feelings.

Then, out of nowhere, in front of Ning'er, a silhouette appeared, flying in the sky as she closed on Ning' er.

An elegant, pristine beauty, a body of perfection, dark blue eyes that could alure any man, long and beautiful blue hair that reaches up to her feet, and a face so beautiful, that both men and women would fall in love with.

The woman then spoke.

"His name... is Arthariaz."

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