Supreme Martial System
190 Author: How I cook Roasted Pork Chapter
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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190 Author: How I cook Roasted Pork Chapter

Zhihao and Shuan finished watching the commercial.

Shuan while leaning in Zhihao's chest lifted her face and asked.

"Would you like to eat now?"

Zhihao pondered for a bit as he nodded and replied: "Okay, Just a light one would suffice."

Shuan nodded as she stood up.

When She was about to walk away, she remembered something, she looked at Zhihao as she blushed.

She bent her body as she took a fast kiss on Zhihao's lips before blushing her way out of the living room, running as fast as she can towards the Kitchen.

Zhihao was speechless at first, but then he sighed as he shook his head.

Shuan then prepared the things she needed, thinking of what she wants to cook.

After getting over of her previous actions, she shouted.

"Hao, would you like some steak instead? or roasted pork?"

Zhihao heard her question as he replied: "Anything will do."


Shuan immediately took a big piece of meat from the freezer and placed it in a bowl.

She placed the bowl on the sink as she filled it up with water, defrosting the frozen chunk of meat.

Shuan took out some ingredients from the fridge, onion, garlic, black pepper, etc.

She then got another bowl from the drying place.

Squeezing a lemonade in it as she added soy sauce and vinegar, she then sprinkled a pinch of salt and added two spoons of sugar.

After placing the ingredients, she took a pot from the cabinet as she filled it up with water she then opened the stove as she placed the pot with water to make it boil first.

She then stirred the ingredients she had prepared earlier.

After a while, she then prepared the garlic and onions, dicing it to little pieces as she placed it on the chopping board.

Shuan then picked up the semi-frozen meat and dumped it on the boiling pot.

Preparing for another work, she took a frying pan out of the cabinet and placed it on the stove.

She opened the stove with the frying pan, put a tablespoon of olive oil.

After a while, when the oil is in a good temperature, Shuan placed the diced onions and garlic together.

She sauteed them on the frying pan as she prepared in putting the mix she did earlier with the lemon and soy sauce.

After a while, she poured the sauce she did in the frying pan, mixing it together.


A crispy sound was heard as the frying pan sizzled, a very strong aroma of flavors floated in the air.

Arriving at Zhihao's nose, Zhihao smiled as he could already tell that it would taste good.

Shuan then stirred the frying pan, not letting anything gets burned, she then added the black pepper and laurel leaves.

The Laurel leaves made a really great aroma after it was in.

Shuan left the stove for a bit as she took a tablespoon of cornstarch and placed it in a bowl, she then mixed it with water so that when she placed it in the frying pan, it wouldn't become solid.

Shuan stirred the cornstarch with water until it has turned into a single liquid.

Shuan poured it at the frying pan, as soon as she did, the temperature of the frying pan immediately calmed down.

Shuan stepped out of the kitchen as she poured another two glasses of juice and brought it to Zhihao.

"Another one?"

Zhihao nodded as he accepted the juice.

Then, when Shuan was about to steal another kiss, Zhihao held her neck and immediately kissed her lips.

Shuan blushed immediately as she returned to the kitchen and spoke.

"Bully! Meanie!"

Shuan, smiling in the kitchen as she turned the heat from high to low.

After a few minutes, the water in the frying pan had receded as she took it out of the stove and transferred it into another bowl.

Shuan poked some holes to the meat as she walked back to the living room leaving the chunks of meat to soften for at least another 40 minutes.

Shuan sat close to Zhihao and spoke: "I`m trying to soften the meat, so you could eat it deliciously."

Zhihao nodded as they both watched the T.V together.

Shuan then instead of leaving in Zhihao's chest decided to lay in his legs.

Zhihao chuckled as he spoke.

"You look like a kid."

Shuan chuckled as she continued watching the T.V.

When 40 minutes had passed, Shuan went back to the kitchen as she removed the meat from the boiling water.

She took out a brush and poured the sauce into the meat, the brush is for painting the whole meat without leaving any blindspot un-sauced.

She then placed the meat in the oven for 10 minutes.

After the 10 minutes, she would then take out the meat and paint it all again with the sauce, before placing it for another ten minutes.

When the dish is done, Shuan sprinkled it with diced up celery and brought it towards Zhihao.

Zhihao can already smell the luxurious aroma of flames when Shuan is bringing it, making him hungry.

Shuan placed the meat in the living room table and spoke.

"Let's eat."

Zhihao nodded as he took the knife and chopstick.

The chunk of meat has a golden brown color, with a lot of dry parts outside.

Zhihao then removed a part of the outer layer as a noise echoed.


The crispiness of the meat can be heard just by the chopstick removing the skin, then the meat juice can be seen crawling out of the meat.

Shuan and Zhihao ate the delicious meal together as they enjoyed watching the Chinese drama.


A Man and a Woman have arrived outside a cave in the middle of the continent.

It is Ning'er and Mo Ying.

Mo Ying looked at Ning'er and spoke.

"My Lady, I felt that we should report it.

Ning'er heard Mo Ying but then ignored it, she's looking at the cave with extreme fear, she could feel a very strong energy coming out of it.

But she knows nothing if its either evil energy or good.

Ning'er equipped everything that Zhihao had given her as she walked inside.

Mo Ying followed behind, prepared to save Ning'er once something happened.

The more she enters, the stronger the power it felt.

Ning'er frowned as she spoke.

"This power... is so much stronger than Zhihao's, even stronger than that Bugal..."

With this, Ning'er wanted to flee, but if she did, it might endanger them in the future.

If its something she could deal with right now, It will benefit them a lot.

Ning'er walked further inside as Mo Ying followed.

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