Supreme Martial System
189 National Sensation
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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189 National Sensation

Zhihao and Shuan watched the drama on t.v as they sat on the living room.

Zheng Lin, on the other hand, kept reading the newspaper while glancing at the both of them once in a while.

Looking at the both of them, she sighed and thought.

'You guys are engaged, a little sweetness wouldn't hurt, why are you guys so far away from each other.'

Seeing the two of them a seat apart, Zheng Lin couldn't help but wonder, then a thought popped up in her head as an evil but brilliant scheme appeared in her head.

She then got her phone and messaged someone.

She wrote.

-Call me, you`d need to make it looks like a very urgent matter or else, you know what will happen, be sure to shout too, I need something that would become something very believable, you have a minute to prepare.

Sincerely, Grim Reaper.

After sending the message, Zheng Lin smiled as she put down her phone and continued to read the newspaper.

After a while, someone called Zheng Lin.

Zheng Lin opened her phone and pressed the loudspeaker as she placed it on her arm chair.

The one from the call immediately spoke.

"Ma'am, We've got a problem."

Zheng Lin pretended to frown as she asked.

"What's the problem? report."

"Yes, one of our major investors are backing out of the contract, they wish to annul our agreement with their company."

Hering this, Zheng Lin stood up and acted like in a panic as she replied.

"Oh! Wait for me there, I`ll go."


Zheng Lin closed her phone as she looked at Shuan and Zhihao.

"I need to sort some problems in the company first."

Shuan looked at Zheng Lin as she spoke.

"Mom, that sounds serious, want us to go with you?"

Zheng Lin smiled as she shook her head and replied: "I can handle it, you both spend your days quietly today, you both haven't seen each other for a week, spending some time together will be good, I`ll go now."

Shuan nodded as she spoke: "Okay, mom, Take care."

Zheng Lin nodded and spoke to Zhihao.

"Hao, I`ll leave my daughter to you, for now, I won't be coming back until late evening."

Zhihao nodded as he replied.

"Okay, take care of yourself."

Zheng Lin immediately wore a jacket as she walked towards her parked car, driving it out of their house.

Zhihao and Shuan sighed as they both continued in watching the t.v, then after a while, their commercial appeared.

Some words appeared before their video started.

-Zhong Zhihao and Zheng Shuan's time together.

A duet of two lovers, fighting for the acceptance of public opinion.

Zhihao and Shuan chuckled at the words written on the screen, they seriously thought of some serious words to attract some attention.

After a while, the song started as the videos of the two of them showed.

Seeing the video on the screen, Shuan smiled as she walked towards the kitchen.

She got some juice from the fridge and made one for each of them while watching the commercial.

She got back towards the living room as she handed the juice to Zhihao.


Zhihao smiled as he received the juice, Shuan then sat closer to Zhihao as she had a sip of the juice, placing it at the table.

Shuan then leaned at Zhihao as they both watched the commercial.

The both of them smiled as the atmosphere became calm and soothing to be in.


On the internet.

Shuan's agency also posted the video in Omnitube.

Omnitube is a very popular watching platform on the internet with almost trillions of videos uploaded inside.

The people that want to watch Zhihao and Shuan's video immediately came and searched for it in Omnitube, they want to watch it for the second time.

The comments section has been flooding with comments as the views kept rising.

"Oh my god! Is this for real?"

"Shuan's fiance has a great handsome face, and with a godly voice too!"

"The Harmonization of their voices is too heavenly!"

"Why is someone as talented as he is hasn't yet became known?"

"He could already be a match for any of the Heavenly Kings and Queens!"

"Such a handsome face!"

"Look at his build! I want to lift his shirt up and lick his abs!"

"Me too!"



"Advance ako mag isip +10."

The video became a national sensation within just a few seconds, the power of the publicity from Shuan's popularity added with her Agency is the top amongst its peer!

A million views, billions, and it still kept increasing by the time.

A single person almost watched it for a hundred times, kept replaying it as it sounded really great and lovely to watch too.


Somewhere in the distant where Zhihao and Shuan took a picnic together.

A silhouette of a female is clenching her phone as tears flowed down from her eyes down to her cheek.

She walked out of the park as she strode aimlessly at the sidewalk, not minding anything.

Every car she passed by, a figure of her is speaking to her inside her mind.

"I told you, you`ll only get hurt."

It is Rin, and her 2nd personality.

"If you had already done it, you will be the one that would be in that video."

"Just follow my words and you`ll live a life full of satisfactory."

"I`ll handle everything, you should rest."

Rin kept weeping as she shook her head, trying to ignore her second personality's voice.

"If you don't, you will die!"

Rin woke up from her daze and found that she's almost half way through the pedestrial.

Its a no-walk signal, and the cars were extremely fast in the highway.

A youth in his 19s is walking by casually with a thought.

'The heavenly energy in this World is too sparse, will I ever reach Dark Gold realm in this world?'

While thinking like that, he then saw a woman with no life in her eyes, he looked at the traffic lights and immediately spoke.

"Not good."

Yi Long immediately rushed towards her as fast as he can.

Although Yi Long wouldn't careless if any unrelated person to him dies, but if its in front of him, he'll do anything to save that person from dying.

Rin woken up from her daze, as she looked around, cars are rushing towards her.

The driver finally saw Rin standing in the middle of the road as he tried to break, he kept hitting the horns in order for her to run.

But the shocked Rin is in the panic, couldn't move on her spot.

Then a figure appeared in front of her.

The figure embraced her and jumped from the sky, evading the car.

Rin in his embrace felt awed, wasn't these sort of things can only be seen in the movies?

The both of them landed as Yi Long let go of her.

The man driving the car went out to check what had happened.

"Are you both alright? what are you doing dazing around in the middle of the road, you could've died!"

Rin looked at the man as she spoke.

"I`m really sorry, I was in such a mess, I`m really sorry."

The man saw Rin's face and immediately smiled.

"Aren't you Rin? The heavenly Queen? please give me an authograph."

Rin looked at the man that saved her and spoke.

"Thank you."

Rin bowed as she expressed her gratitude.

Yi Long nodded as he continued his walk.

Rin looked at Yi Long wanting to entertain him some more for saving her, but her mood is so down that she couldn't see his face clearly.

She then looked at the Man as she took the note and sign it.

The one in Rin's head spoke.

"What are you doing? He almost killed us! you should throw the paper and demand appropriate payment!"

Yi Long paused his steph as he felt a big negative energy, he looked at Rin and frowned.

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