Supreme Martial System
188 Releasing
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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188 Releasing

After a whole morning of filming, Zhihao and Shuan finally came back to the studio.

Lim Cheol spoke to them.

"Shuan, you should go and get some rest, I guess the both of you aren't that hungry as you`ve basically eaten for the whole morning, take the day off for now."

Shuan nodded as she replied: "Thanks Manager, I`ll go and rest for today, I`ll go with Hao for now."

Lim Cheol nodded as he walked out and spoke.

"Leave the editing to me, I`ll immediately post it on the internet."

Waving his hands, he then walked to the editing room with his team.

Zhihao looked at Shuan as he spoke: "I`ll go and get the car in front of the building, wait for me there."

Shuan nodded as she replied: "Okay, I`ll just pack some of my things and go there immediately."

Zhihao nodded as he walked out of her room.

Shuan smiled at Zhihao's leaving figure before packing her things up.

After a while, Shuan finished packing and immediately walked out of her room.

But before she could, a silhouette blocked her path.

Shuan looked at the figure and saw Rin standing.

Shuan was about to speak, but Rin beat her into it.

Rin bowed her head and spoke: "Shuan, for all the things that I had done, I`m really sorry."

Shuan was shocked at first, but then looked at the sincere bow of Rin as she smiled and nodded.

"Don't worry about it, there were no people harm, just some small fights with our words."

Although Shuan didn't buy anything, she could at least try if what she said is really the truth.

Rin looked at Shuan as she nodded and replied: "Thanks, I`m trying to change, but I guess it won't be that easy."

Shuan nodded as she smiled and walked away, leaving a few words of goodbye.

"Well, I`m going now, see you."

Rin smiled as she nodded, then at the glass wall from Shuan's room, Rin's second personality showed up.

"She's going to the man you love."

Rin tried to ignore it.

"There's no one here, there are no surveillance cameras too."

Rin still tried to ignore it as she walked.

"There will be no evidence."

Rin frowned, but after a while, she shook her head.

"Without her, he'll definitely be yours."

Rin's eyes immediately changed as she looked at Shuan, she immediately walked as she tried to catch up to her.

Rin saw some pen on the chairs loitering around, she picked it as she continued chasing after Shuan.

Shuan felt something weird as she heard some footsteps closing in on her, she immediately grabbed her handbag preparing if there's something that's going to happen.

It is already 12:01 PM, all of the employees are having their lunch outside the office.

Rin smiled as she held the pen in her hands, she then held Shuan's shoulders, but right after that, she woke up from her daze, noticing that she's holding Shuan's shoulders, she was shocked.

Shuan was about to retaliate, she looked at who it is and saw it was Rin, but she's not doing anything and asked.

"What is it?"

Rin looked at Shuan as she woke up from her daze and replied: "Nothing, I just wish for you to have a safe trip."

Shuan looked at Rin a bit longer before speaking.

"Thank you, I will."

After replying, Shuan sighed as she walked out of the room.

'That was close, I almost hit her with my bag.'

After thinking, Shuan walked faster to avoid anymore misunderstanding to happen and went towards the front of the building to wait for Zhihao's arrival.

Rin sighed as she thought.

'What was I thinking, its all because of this crazy mind of mine, haaa, I`ll just go and drink some coffee.'

Rin then walked back to where she came from, and from the window, her silhouette is speaking to her.

"That was the perfect opportunity, why waste it!?"

Rin frowned but continued to ignore it.

"Hmmp! Getting your man stolen from you, what a weakling."

Rin sighed, it wasn't even her man in the beginning, what's there to be stolen, she continued to walk as she ignored her other personality.


Zhihao and Shuan rode the car back to Shuan's house.

After arriving there, Shuan invited Zhihao inside.

"Hao, why not spend the day here?"

Zhihao pondered for a bit as he nodded and replied: "Okay, I will."

Hearing his reply, Shuan smiled as she nodded and entered her house.

Zhihao called his mom and Dad over the phone and spoke.

"Mom, Dad, I`ll be staying with Shuan and her Mother for the day, I won't be coming back until night."

"Okay, enjoy yourself Hao'er."

"I will."

Zhihao closed his phone as he parked his car in the parking space of the Zheng residence.

After a while, he walked towards the Zheng's door as he knocked.

Zheng Lin immediately answered: "Come in, the door is open Hao."

Zhihao sighed as he nodded and opened the door.

Zhihao saw Zheng Lin and immediately greeted: "Aunty, I`ll be intruding."

Zheng Lin smiled as she nodded and replied: "Come in, Come in, hahaha you`ll finally be staying here for a while, so I guess Shuan's moon will be pretty good for a few days."

Shuan then appeared from the stairs as she spoke.

"Mom! what are you saying!"

Shuan blushed hearing Zheng Lin's words.

She had just finished changing her clothes to some casual ones to wear at home, unlike other women, Shuan doesn't like revealing clothes as such, she wore a short for boys and a loose shirt for men.

Seeing this, both Zheng Lin and Zhihao chuckled.

Zhihao laughed because of how weird Shuan looks when she's on her casual wear, on the other hand, Zheng Lin is laughing for a different reason.

Zheng Lin's thought.

'You are bringing your fiance, dressing like that... do you want to cancel your engagement as early as possible? hahaha'

Zheng Lin shook her head as she continued in reading the newspaper.

Shuan noticed their laughter as she blushed, she then ignored it and spoke: "Hao, what would you like to eat? I`ll cook something..."

but before she could finish, her phone rang, Shuan picked up her phone as she answered.

"Yes, Manager Lim?"

Lim Cheol smiled as he replied: "We'll be releasing your video now, and the upper management already approved and even made a generous advertisement fund, we already have a few million to spare for your promotional video."

Hearing this, Shuan excitedly nodded as she replied: "That's great! Thanks, manager Lim!"

"Don't worry about it, just watch it our T.V's channel, it's a five-minute long video, so be sure to get a glimpse of it."


Shuan looked at Zhihao as she spoke: "Hao, our video will be posted today, want to watch it first?"

Zhihao smiled as he nodded and replied: "Sure, I`m still stuffed at all those food we ate earlier."

Shuan ran towards Zhihao as she dragged him to the couch.

Shuan opened the T.V as she watched the Chinese drama currently on the play.

Zhihao smiled at her as he also watched the T.V.

A very calming atmosphere had encircled the whole living room of the Zheng's house.
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    《Supreme Martial System》