Supreme Martial System
187 A Satisfied Goddess
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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187 A Satisfied Goddess

Zhihao and Shuan walked towards the cafeteria for the filming.

Lim Cheol immediately ordered his team in organizing the area.

The team immediately placed cameras everywhere, placing green backgrounds in places that people would pass to avoid them getting caught in the video.

Lim Cheol ordered some foods from a restaurant and made it look like some foods sold on the streets while gathering some things to decorate the area.

Lim Cheol looked at them as he asked.

"Are the both of you ready?"

Zhihao and Shuan nodded, waiting for instruction.

Lim Cheol smiled as he spoke: "Okay, all you have to do is act natural, like what the both of you guys are doing, spending time together."

Hearing this, both Zhihao and Shuan smiled as they immediately both entered working mode.

In Zhihao and Shuan's state, they are trying to ignore anything else.

Then Zhihao asked.

"What should we do?"

Shuan looked at him and replied: "I... don't really know."

Zhihao sighed, then he picked up his chopsticks to eat, but as soon as he saw the look of the food in their table, Lu Fan frowned as he picked one up and spoke.

"This... it looks like a Frog's foot."

Shuan looked at the chicken wing with some designs at the end of it, then realizing Zhihao's words, she chuckled and replied.

"Ewww, that's gross."

Zhihao thought of an idea as he closed his chopsticks towards Shuan's lips.

Shuan saw the chicken wings, but imagining that it really looks like a frog's legs, she moved away.

Zhihao chuckled as he moved the chicken wings towards her some more.

Shuan is sighed as she picked a chopstick on her own and fought Zhihao, on a bloody death match.

After a while, the both of them finally had a truce, as every chicken wings are on his plate now.

Shuan chuckled as she spoke.

"You eat that, I`ll just eat this barbequed meat."

Zhihao with a chicken wing in his mouth nodded.

After a while, Zhihao looked at Shuan and asked.

"So, has there been anything unusual?"

Shuan looked at him as she pondered for a bit before shaking her head and replied.

"Nothing that I know of."

Zhihao smiled as he spoke: "So... when will I have a chance of eating your meals?"

Zhihao asked while eating the chicken wings.

Shuan blushed for a bit as she chuckled.

"I`m not really that great at cooking, but you can go to our house anytime, I`ll make you a meal."

Zhihao nodded as he continued eating.

Shuan watched Zhihao eating while she smiled at him.

Lim Cheol witnessing the bond between them, he sighed.

There could basically some couples that you know will break up sooner or later, but seeing the both of them, Zhihao and Shuan looked like they were soulmates, it looked like they had been together from their past life.

He ordered the cameraman and his group to pack up, and prepare for the next scene.

Lim Cheol walked closer to the both of them as he spoke.

"Let's go to the park, we'll do our next tape there."

Hearing him, Zhihao and Shuan finally remembered that they were taking a video recording, the both of them nodded as they followed him.

Somewhere in the dark, someone is observing everything with an expressionless face.

She shook her head and spoke to herself.

"No, is the Karma I`m receiving not enough?"

And just like a deranged person, she saw in the window her face, not following her movements and spoke.

"Are you going to give up just like that?"

It was Rin, she's having a very strange delusion after witnessing something she thought was hers been taken away by someone else.

Rin looked at the ground, not knowing what to say to her other self.

The one in the window spoke: "What if... Shuan dies..."

Rin looked at the window as she responded: "Trying to make me a murderer now? you`ve been hanging at my mind for longer than you need to be!"

The one in the window chuckled as she replied: "But... I made you who you are today, I`m the one that had caused all of your achievements."

Rin frowned, not knowing what to say again.

The one in the mirror chuckled as she continued: "An accident wouldn't... make you a murderer."

Hearing this, Rin smiled, but after a few seconds, she shook her head and replied: "No... I`ve done everything you have made me do, I want to change..."

"It is too late..."

"It is not, I can still be changed!"

The one in the mirror returned to normal as a voice in Rin's head faded, but leaving a message.

"But... can you... change?"

Rin shook her head, not trying to bite any of those thoughts.

Rin has multiple personality, although she's pretty innocent before, but her other personality made her stronger, much more tougher as she turned to what she had before.

When Rin was about to follow up, a silhouette appeared out of nowhere and spoke.

"Rin! You're here, how are you?"

Rin looked at the silhouette as she spoke: "Chairman Mang, I`m doing fine."

Chairman Mang smiled as he nodded his head and spoke: "Good, do your best tomorrow, okay?"

"Yes, Chairman."

Chairman Mang nodded as he smiled and went on his way.

Rin looked at where Zhihao and Shuan were sitting before as she walked to the opposite direction.


Zhihao, Shuan and Lim Cheo with his team arrived at the park, they immediately made preparation for the film as they set up a temporary tent for them.

They set up some clean blankets at the grassy field and started to bring out a few baskets of foods.

Lim Cheol told them to already go and enjoy themselves, and don't bother with how they prepared everything.

Zhihao and Shuan nodded as they sat down and ate some foods.

The both of them talked about some minor things that had been recently happening, but then, Zhihao felt a sudden urge to do number one and spoke.

"Wait, I`ll go and take a bath first."

Shuan nodded as she stood up, clearing any grass that's on her jeans.

Zhihao walked out of the picnic area, a Cameraman caught a very great scene as he tried to test the camera, the leaving figure of Zhihao walking out of the toilet, as Shuan, smiled as brightly as a star, making her look extremely beautiful, like something that had never happened before.

The cameraman was stunned at first but then spoke.

"A smile of a satisfied Goddess?"

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