Supreme Martial System
186 Ominous feeling
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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186 Ominous feeling

Somewhere within a very gorgeous display of garden.

A woman with light blue hair, beautiful jade white skin, and a very great figure is currently sitting in the bench in the middle of a garden while looking at the sky with an expression of sadness in her eyes.

Out of nowhere, two people approached and called her.

"Ning'er, what are you doing being sad all alone here?"

Yep! it is Zhihao's wives.

Ning'er looked at them as she smiled and replied.

"I`m just remembering something."

Verushka chuckled as she replied: "Remembering Zhihao? If you know him too well, he might be with some girl right now, flirting, so you should brace yourself, he might return, bringing a group of girls beside him, you never know, there might be a few extra children too."

The three of them laughed as they held their stomach, then out of nowhere, their laughter died as their face became extremely serious.

Verushka broke the silence and spoke: "If that ever happened, I`ll be the first one to kill him."

The usually silent Xiao'er changed into a very emotionless assassin.

"I can't forgive him if he's enjoying himself, while he left us here to handle the whole World's issues."

Ning'er sighed as she spoke: "We, just need to hold on, he'll come back, you know him, right? the both of you had already witnessed how he acts."

Pausing for a bit, Ning'er looked at the sky as she continued.

"If he is currently with someone, then that woman will definitely have a great person, someone that we can get along with, definitely."

Hearing Ning'er's words, Verushka and Xiao'er sighed.

Verushka then spoke.

"Well, I guess, you`ve already gotten so used to it, you are the first wife after all, and you`ve seen Xiao'er and me with Zhihao, I guess it is our turn to feel how you always felt."

Xiao'er nodded as she reminisced about the past, the four of them, together, complete with their children, although it had only been for a month, all three of them treasured it like it is the purpose of their life.

Then three little silhouettes appeared as they were remembering the old times.

"Mom! We've protected the villages in the western area, we've repelled the trolls attacking the citizens there."

It is Baichen aged 9, Yingyi aged 8, and Mary aged 6. the three of them, are as freedom lovers as their father was.

Ning'er immediately looked at the three of them, she frowned as she spoke.

"I told you to just train, not go out of the castle, why didn't you listen to us."

Looking at the three children with their messy clothes full of dust and mud all around their clothes, Ning'er couldn't help but become mad.

Yingyi and Mary hid behind Baichen, while Baichen is in the predicament,

Baichen played with his fingers as he made an excuse.

"But... mom... we're already strong, we can handle them."

Ning'er frowned as she spoke.

"Promise me, that you won't do something as reckless as that, ever again!"

"Yes, We promise."

"We Promise mom."

"Yes Mommy! We shelously pwomish!"

Ning'er sighed as she nodded and spoke: "Go to your bed now, you should go sleep."

Realizing that they had already got away scot-free, the three of them smiled as they nodded and ran back to the castle.


"Yes, Commander!"


The three of them happily entered the Castle.

Verushka then walked closer and spoke.

"Mu Lan."

A silhouette appeared out of as a beautiful lady bowed to the three of them, Mu Lan is one of Zhihao's direct disciples.

"Yes, My ladies."

Verushka looked at her and asked.

"How's their progress?"

Mu Lan looked at them as she reporter.

"The Young Masters and Young Miss had been developing really well, especially in front of danger, although they would cower for a second, but... After that, their expression turns into someone that has no emotion."

Remembering the scene, Mu Lan shuddered, were those really the expression some Kids should possess?

She then continued.

"They became, very strong, and it seemed that whenever something dangerous is about to hit them, those things immediately vanish before it reached any of the three Young Masters and Miss."

Hearing this, the Three of them sighed, if these continue, their children might go into a bad path, becoming arrogant and prideful in the future.

Verushka looked at Mu Lan and spoke: "Okay, please kept guarding them, you can change shifts with your Brothers and Sisters if you became tired."

Mu Lan nodded as she replied: "Yes, my Lady."

After speaking, Mu Lan immediately vanished, following the three children's way.

Ning'er sighed as she called out.

"Mo Ying."


Mo Ying immediately appeared in front of them, prepared to report anytime.

Ning'er asked.

"What's the situation with our current progress?"

Mo Ying bowed as he reported.

"Miss, almost 90% of the Human Race, Demon Race, and Beast Kin had gone and occupied the previous bases of the invaders, using all of the things there as a means for their daily life."

Pausing for a bit, he then continued.

"Also, people started making a Kingdom out of those bases."

Ning'er nodded and asked once more: "How many people had you all saved from the prisons of the invaders?"

Mo Ying immediately reported: "I`m not really sure of the exact numbers, but we've already rescued more than a billion citizens, from young to Old."

Ning'er nodded as she waved her hand and spoke.

"Thank you, Mo Ying, you can go now."

"Yes, my Lady."

Mo Ying immediately vanished as he went and tried to search for more things to report.

Xiao'er sighed as she called out.

"Ning Beirong."


A sturdy man, that looks like he's in his early 50s appeared and bowed in front of them.

Xiao'er then asked: "How're the things I had requested?"

Beirong immediately looked at Xiao'er as he reported: "Miss, the villagers, seemed to be normal, although they still felt a little weird, they always go and gather around in the center of their village, dancing and something like, they are trying to do something, we can't figure it out."

Xiao'er nodded in understanding, it must be their village's tradition, but she heard Zhihao's words before, Zhihao tasked his Celestial General, Ying Mai, to watch over those villagers, so she also did the same.

Xiao'er looked at Beirong and asked: "And the other thing?"

"Yes, The Monsters around our continent seemed to become stronger as days passed, they are dangerous... Especially those creatures with big body and wings, scales growing from their skin."

Xiao'er nodded as she waved her hands and spoke.

"Thank you for your service Beirong, you can go and rest for now."

"Yes, my Lady."

Beirong nodded at the three of them before going away.

The three of them looked at each other and spoke.

Xiao'er: "Everything, is changing, the sudden appearance of these things are causing a havoc, what should we do?"

Verushka and Ning'er shook their head, they don't know what to do too.

Ning'er sighed as she spoke: "Should we deal with it ourselves?"

Verushka pondered for a bit before agreeing and replied: "Yes, we should take them on while they are still weak."

Xiao'er immediately nodded and spoke: "Okay, when shall we start?"

Ning'er then felt something, she felt a very bad omen, something that feels incredibly bad.

Xiao'er and Verushka felt the same thing too as they shuddered.

The three of them looked at each other as they spoke.

Ning'er: "It was the same thing as when..."

Verushka continued: "When... when Zhihao vanished."

Xiao'er then looked at the both of them as she replied: "Should we... not go?"

Ning'er and Verushka pondered for more, they trust their intuition more than anything after what had happened with Zhihao.

Ning'er then looked at them as she spoke: "Verushka, you are the strongest amongst us, you should stay here with Xiao'er, someone needs to stay here to protect our land and to guide our Empire, the Empire of our Husband."

Verushka wanted to rebuke, but, just like Zhihao, once Ning'er made a desicion, she won't take it back.

Verushka then spoke: "Bring Mo Ying with you, just make sure to contact us if something bad happens."

Xiao'er nodded as she added: "If something doesn't feel right, return immediately, I`ll really get mad at you if you don't."

Ning'er smiled as she flew into the sky and spoke: "I will don't worry."

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