Supreme Martial System
185 Shocking Practice
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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185 Shocking Practice

Inside a Company building, Soaring Phoenix Talent Agency.

Zhihao walked inside, showing Shuan's ID to anyone asking for his identity.

Zhihao asked for directions and finally found where Shuan is, he immediately went as he tried to find Shuan.

After a while of walking, he finally saw Shuan, he then walked towards her and knocked on the glass window.

Shuan heard the knock, she immediately looked behind and saw Zhihao, she smiled as she immediately ran towards Zhihao's direction.

"Hao, I`m going to the Upper Management, I`m going to ask for their permission."

Zhihao nodded his head as he replied.

"Okay, I`ll just wait over there, come after you`re done."


After nodding, Shuan immediately walked towards the elevator, Zhihao sighed as he then walked towards the seat on the corridor.

Zhihao sighed as he had nothing else to do, then while sitting around, he decided to watch some videos using his phone.

Rin had been looking for Zhihao for like 15 minutes, then he saw him sitting in a corridor.

Rin immediately fixed herself up as she checked herself for about five times in the mirror, but as soon as she looked at the seat, Zhihao is already gone.

"This... "What is happening? He was there a moment ago."

She then walked in a different direction from where Zhihao had taken.


Just when Rin arrived, Shuan finally came back from the upper management, dragging Zhihao to the studio where the both of them will practice.

After arriving at the Studio, Shuan immediately handed four pieces of papers.

Zhihao looked at it, it has changed here and there from the previous one that Shuan had shown him.

When the both of them are reading the sheet, the Manager came.

Zhihao looked at him and smiled.

"Hello, you were there when I first met Shuan, her manager, right?"

The manager smiled at him and replied.

"Yes, it has been a while, Zhong Zhihao right? I`m Lim Cheol, nice to meet you again."

The two of them shook hands and immediately went back to topic.

Lim Cheol spoke: "Okay, we've rearranged a lot of parts from the lyrics, we've made it more of a casual song, and added more intimacy and longing, we thought that it will be perfect since the both of you are engaged."

Both Zhihao and Shuan nodded as they looked at the lyrics.

After a few minutes, Zhihao spoke.

"I think, I already got it, shall we practice?"

Shuan nodded her head as she replied: "Okay, we'll start practicing now."

"Manager Lim, please set up the studio practicing area."

The Manager, Lim Cheol nodded as he ordered his team: "Okay, you heard the star, move your asses to work!"


The team immediately worked up as Zhihao and Shuan moved to the singing area.

Zhihao and Shuan still read the lyrics as the team is preparing.

After a while, the preparation has been finished.

Shuan looked at Zhihao and asked.

"Hao, you ready?"


Shuan signaled Lim Cheol, Lim nodded as he counted down, three... two... one...

Shuan: "I`ve seen a dream, a wonderful dream."

"A time, where I found you, and the day that I realized something."

Shuan looked at Zhihao lovingly, no pretense, no acts, just a natural love glowing out of her eyes.

~I wish, It will come again.

~The Times where I could be with you, those innocent times.

~I wish, It will come again.

~The Days, I have all of you in my embrace.

~The Wish I want to make come true.

~The wish, which is you.

Zhihao smiled at Shuan as he continued.


~My Dear, I will leave.

~But wouldn't mean I won't ever return.

~Something I must do and all of these are for you.

~The Time will come, where your wish will come true.

Zhihao and Shuan.


~It feels so good, these feelings.

Zhihao and Shuan held hands as they continued.

~I will bring you to the paradise,

~Our dreams will be carried by the winds as each of our separate paths

~Shall converge once more.

~The Time, where the both of us, can hold each other's hands.

Zhihao: ~No responsibilities

Shuan: ~No weight.

Z&S: ~Plainly, our innocent and gentle love.


On the other side of the Room, Lim Cheol is shocked there is also some thoughts wondering in his mind.

'Are you sure... that it is a duet between an Amateur and a Superstar? Why does it feel like I`m watching two top Singers...'

Currently, all of the staffs inside the recordings have different reactions.





Even the staff were shaken, is Shuan's fiance really an amateur? how come he's even better than some of the heavenly kings!

Then at the end of the song, the both of them holding hands as they sang the last sentence

"On the winds of our love, we shall meet again."

A sustained note made the entire team stand up on their chair, unable to believe that these notes are coming from the both of them.

Although Zhihao's voice and Shuan's voice were different, it has a very good harmonization in it.

Zhihao adjusted his voice to support Shuan's voice, making their duet a very godly combination.

All the team on the other side walked towards the singing room as they clapped their hands.


"That's too awesome!"

"I even felt emotional."

"Yeah! It's like I`m watching a real couple!"

One of them knocked the head of the person and replied: "Idiot! They are a real couple!"

"Oh! Sorry, I was into the song that I even forgot about that."

The Manager, Lim Cheol thought of something as he smirked.

"Shuan, Zhihao, I`d like to get a permission."

The both of them tilted as they asked.

"For what?"

"I`m going to make an advertisement, and that advertisement is the whole practice the both of you had done, well, I`ll need to take some videos of you both having a meal, happily having a conversation, etc. to be added in the background."

Zhihao chuckled as he replied: "No problem."

Shuan smiled as she nodded.

"Great! Then, you guys, we shall be a little busy for the whole day!" Lim Cheol spoke excitedly, he would inform the upper management after he posted the video online.


All of them laughed for a bit as they went back and prepared for the recording.

Zhihao and Shuan then sat at the studio recording, waiting for a go signal to get some videos filmed.

Outside the singing room, there's a silhouette standing.

A beautiful face, but there's something wrong, her expression seemed dull, tears are flowing down from her eyes down to her cheeks.

It is Rin, the woman that Zhihao had just saved earlier in the company entrance.

She looks like someone that has no life, a sad expression can be seen.

Then out of a sudden, she smiled sadly and spoke in a low tone.

"So, God, Is this the way, the way you want me to feel how I treated everyone around me? The bad things that I had done."

Rin smirked, then looked at Zhihao and Shuan before leaving silently.

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