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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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Zhihao drove through a gas station, noticing that he had almost an empty fuel tank.

Zhihao left his car as he saw a convenience store by the end of the Gasoline station.

He then went inside as he tried searching for some snacks, then he saw two girls sitting in the dining area of the convenience store.

Zhihao picked a few snacks, he then walked towards the cashier intending to pay for it, but out of nowhere, he heard something.

---Like a gift from the heavens, it was easy to tell

It was love from above, like it saved me from hell

She had fire in her soul, it was easy to see how the devil himself could be pulled out of me

There were drums in the air as she started to dance

Every soul in the room ke...---

Yep, It was his voice, then one of the girls spoke.

"Oooohhh, such a great voice!"

"Yep, he looked a bit familiar, have I seen him before?"

"Oh please, don't keep bragging about people you met when..."

The girl looked around, trying to fix her hair, then in the middle of her speaking, she saw Zhihao's face.

The other girl noticed her friend stopping, she then frowned as she looked at where her friend is currently staring.

And yeah, she was stunned too, the both of them were rendered speechless.

Zhihao noticed this immediately, he then went and paid the snacks he got and immediately went towards his car and drive off.

The two girls finally regained their senses and spoke.

"That was Zheng Shuan's fiance right?"

"Yeah, and he looked like..."

They both simultaneously looked at the video playing on their phone.

"It really is him!"

"Zheng Shuan's fiance is great at singing too!"

The two of them immediately commented on the video, revealing who Zhihao is.


Zhihao's thinking immediately changed as he thought.

'Shuan's life is hard, and I barely did anything too.'

He immediately returned back to his Mansion and decided to sleep.


Morning arrived as Zhihao woke up exactly at 5:00 AM sharp, he then quickly took a bath and got dressed up properly, then headed to Shuan's house.

6:30 AM, Shuan walked out of her house, going to wait for Zhihao, but after taking a few steps out, she saw Zhihao arriving.

Zheng Shuan chuckled as she walked towards the Car.

Zhihao immediately went out as he smiled at her and opened up the Car's door, letting her go inside.

"Mom, I`ll be going with Zhihao now."

Zheng Lin nodded as she waved her hands at both Zhihao and Shuan.

Zhihao bowed and then went to the driver's seat, he looked at Shuan and asked.

"Where is your studio?"

"Well, it is near... just go straight here, and when we arrived at the crossing, you`ll need to turn right, and then when we reached the Cafe Emphemiral, we'll have a left turn, the big building is our Studio, near the crossroad."

Zhihao smiled as he nodded and replied: "Okay, got it."

After replying, Zhihao immediately drove to the location that Shuan had instructed.

Zheng Shuan then called the agency.

"Manager, I`ll be bringing my partner for the duet."

"Who are you bringing?"

"My fiance, he`ll be my duet."


"It is either him or nothing at all."

"I... I`ll tell it to the management first."

"Kay, thanks manager Lim."

"Okay... okay, I`ll try my best."

Shuan smiled as she closed her phone, humming lovely inside the Car.

Just after 20 minutes, they finally arrived.

Zhihao dropped Shuan at the entrance and asked.

"Where should I park my car?"

Shuan took something out of her bag as he handed it to Zhihao and spoke.

"Just go behind the building, and when you enter, just show them my I.D"

"Got it."

After Shuan had gotten out, Zhihao immediately drove his car to the back of the building.

Shuan giggled as she entered the building, but then a silhouette in front of her blocked her way.

Shuan immediately spoke.

"Miss Rin, good morning to you."

Meidan Rin, the ranked 5th amongst the Heavenly Kings and Queens, working with the same agency as Shuan.

Rin snickered as looked at Shuan, her expression immediately turned into a frosty serious face and spoke.

"I heard you especially requested that you and your fiance will do a duet, I guess you are already planning to retire."

Hearing this, Shuan frowned and replied: "Miss Rin, although you are much older than me, I`m still thinking that I`m doing quite a good job."

Rin chuckled as she continued: "Is this a playground? just cause you wanted to play here, you`ll even bring your fiance? Hmmp! What's so good about your fiance anyway."

Rin is a self-centered woman, she would only care about her own reputation and the reputation of other Heavenly Queens and Kings going down while hers rise up.

Rin didn't even see how Zhihao looks, she casually thought that Shuan fell in love with a random plebian, making her feel proud of herself.

Shuan immediately frowned, she could speak badly of her, but definitely not her fiance.

With Shuan's current power and physique, she could easily trash this weakling in front of her, she tried to calm herself up and replied.

"I`ll be going, for now, I can't talk to an uneducated person."

"You!.... You!..."

Shuan ignored her as she smiled, seeing the enraged Rin felt good, in her thought.

'I guess, releasing stress like this isn't really bad."

She immediately walked inside as she ignored Rin, still speechless of what she had said.

Rin got enraged and screamed.

"Where are you going! I`m not done talking to you!"

Shuan looked at Rin, stuck her tongue out and touched the skin below her eyes and made a sound.


Shuan immediately did a hop skip jump action as she happily strode towards her office.

After a while, Rin came back to reality, remembering what had just happened, Rin immediately became totally triggered, she gritted her teeth as she wanted to follow, but wearing six inched heels, she immediately stumbled.

Rin's heart tightened, she is about to hit the corner of the entrance.

To an S-list celebrity, the face is everything, and if so as a scratch was made, it will immediately be noticed by a lot of people, it will spread around the whole world in just about an hour, she will be holding a concert today too, and if something happened that made the concert get cancelled, it will all be blamed on her.

Rin is scared as hell now, but suddenly, a man caught her, holding her arms firmly, preventing her from hitting the entrance's corner.

She immediately retook her balance and immediately spoke.

"Get your fil..."

She hasn't finished speaking, but as soon as she saw who it was, she immediately halted her next words.

A Man, more beautiful than her, is standing in her front, as flowers and sunlight made its appearance out of nowhere, making her lose focus.

Her imagination ran wild as it stretched farther in the future.

-We'll start to get to know each other.

-We'll start to go out, and have a lot of date.

-We'll get married.

-Have a dozen children.

-Grow old together.

All sorts of fantasy appeared in her mind in just barely a second.

The Man, Zhihao tilted his head and asked.

"Are you okay? did you get hurt anywhere?"

Rin immediately fixed herself as she replied.

"I`m okay."

She blushed as she looked at the ground, playing with her fingers like a child that did something wrong.

Zhihao replied: "That's good, better be careful next time, okay?"

Rin blushed further as she nodded, then she summoned all of her courage as she spoke.

"Can I please have your cell phone number?"

Rin blushed much more while her eyes are closed and is currently looking at the ground, she became as red as a tomato, but after a few seconds, she didn't hear a response, she then opened her eyes and found nobody is in front of her.

She then looked behind her and saw Zhihao walking in.

Zhihao had already walked away as soon as he heard that Rin is okay.

Rin looked at Zhihao's silhouette as she smiled and spoke.

"Hmmp, Playing Hard to get eh, I like that too, more challenges for me."

Rin then imitated how Shuan had acted before, hop, skip, jump while humming cheerfully.

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