Supreme Martial System
183 Arcade Center
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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183 Arcade Center

After a while, Zhihao and Zheng Shuan finally arrived at the restaurant.

Zhihao then parked the car as the both of them immediately went towards the west courtyard.

The West Wing of the Royal Paladin Restaurant became the personal area for both of the Zheng and Zhong Family.

Due to the coverage of the two Families eating there, their popularity had soured, leaps and bounds, barriers had been breached as their sales increased by more than a 1,000%, Although with that kind of accomplishment, they made changes with their schedule, turning the whole restaurant opened for 24/7.

All of it was due to the free advertisement they got from both the Zheng and Zhong families, the Owner of the restaurant decided to reserve the whole West Wing for both of them and named it Family Oasis.

With a lot of renovations, they made it look like a one-star relaxation place especially for them.

Zhihao and Shuan were received by the receptionist and was brought towards the west wing.

The both of immediately saw their parents as they spoke.

"Mom, we're here."

"Dad, Mom, We're here."

Their parents smiled as they waved their hands, welcoming the both of them.

Both Zhihao and Shuan sat beside their parents.

The waiters didn't bring any menu, but the foods are arriving, in their table, some are even sent by the owner himself, speaking some pleasantries before he goes out, not forgetting to act appropriately.

Shuan's mother, Zheng Lin immediately asked.

"So, Hao'er, what did you gather us here for? could it be that you've already decided the date of your marriage?"

Hearing this, all of them laughed, they already got used to how Zheng Lin speaks.

Zhihao chuckled as he replied: "Can't I have anyone gathered just to eat dinner together?"

Zheng Lin sighed, pretending to be disappointed as she started to eat and sip some wine.

Zhihao then broke the news.

"I`d go and Sing the duet with Shuan, although we have only decided it earlier, so we still have no plans about it."

Hearing Zhihao, his Mother and Father smiled, even her Sisters got excited.

Zheng Lin smiled as she questioned.

"Oh, you are going to have a duet with my Daughter? Let me guess, you don't want her to have a duet with that Heavenly thingy guy right?"

Shuan immediately held her Mother's arm, wanting for her mother to stop teasing Zhihao.

Zhihao then replied: "Well, which guy in this World of ours wants other people men having interest in their women, right?"

Zheng Lin laughed as she spoke: "Good boy, good boy, well that's the guts, but let me ask you, can you sing?"

Zhihao's Family immediately realized something important, can Zhihao sing?

Zhihao chuckled as he replied: "Well, I haven't sung before, but I can try."

Zheng Shuan then joked: "Well, if my popularity falls after our duet, I can just quit and become a permanent housewife."

Hearing this, everyone laughed as they chatted amongst themselves.

After the dinner, they bid their farewell to each other as they drove back to their own home.

Shuan then called Zhihao through her phone and spoke.

Zheng Shuan: "Tomorrow, I`ll pick you up, let's do a trial for our duet in the company studio."

Zhihao: "No, let me pick you up instead, that will break my code if I let you pick me up."

Shuan: "Un! See you tomorrow."

Zhihao: "Okay, sleep well."

Shuan: "You too."


Zhihao's mansion.

His Sisters were already fast asleep as the both of them immediately got exhausted from school, adding the time that he had dinner, their stamina was heavily spent up.

Zhihao then walked to the living room, seeing his parents, he smiled as he walked and sat there with them.

"Mom, Dad, how's your company in the Philippines?"

Ye Bing Bing chuckled as she replied.

"It is doing pretty well, even on its own, money is still flooding at our banks, why'd you ask?"

His Father added: "Do you really not want to have the company?"

Zhihao shook his head and spoke: "You guys should retire immediately after Ziyi graduated, just show her the corners of the business."

Both his Mother and Father smiled as they nodded.

Zhihao, seeing what time it is spoke.

"Mom, Dad, you guys should rest now, I`ll be waking up early tomorrow."

Ye Bing Bing and Zhilong nodded as they walked to their room, not forgetting to leave a word.

"Son, you can just enjoy life, we're already old, we won't be able to take care of you for more than ten years, but we'll surely the rest of it with you."

Hearing this, Zhihao sighed, he then replied.

"Thanks, Mom, Dad."

The two of them smiled as they nodded at Zhihao and continued their walk.

Zhihao smiled as he walked out of the mansion, not knowing what to do, Cultivators like him doesn't even need to sleep, they only do so out of habit.

He then sat at the garden as he pondered for some stuff, feeling the fresh cool breeze of the dark night.

After an hour or two, Zhihao got bored, thinking of something to do, he then walked to the garage, he wants to have a casual stroll around the night world.


Zhihao arrived in some arcade center, he remembered his childhood, where he would always look at the kids playing while checking how much money he had.

Zhihao parked his car and entered the arcade.

He checked around what's good to play, he then saw a videoke stand in the middle.

He then checked his phone for any popular songs, he then found Shuan's first song.

'Eternity will be mine.'

Zhihao then got out as he listened to this song, after a while, he checked for more, trying to understand the music industry.

After a while, Zhihao finally decided what to try out.

Zhihao then entered as he checked what's the number of the song he wanted to sing.

After a while, he entered the number as the screen started to show the lyrics.

Zhihao felt he needed to release some stress, and he found an old song that he feels is really good.

Zhihao picked up the microphone and started to sing.

---Like a gift from the heavens, it was easy to tell

It was love from above, like it saved me from hell

She had fire in her soul, it was easy to see how the devil himself could be pulled out of me

There were drums in the air as she started to dance

Every soul in the room keeping time with their hands and we sang

Ay oh ay oh ay oh ay

And the voices rang like the angels sing

We're singing, ay oh ay oh ay oh ay

And we danced on into the night

Ay oh ay oh, ay oh ay oh

And we danced on into the night---

A lot of people heard this as they immediately walked towards the Arcade center.

They even started to murmur amongst themselves.

"Who's that? Is there a famous singing inside?"

"I don't know, but his voice sounds really great."

"Wow, is there a free concert or something."

"Such great manly voice, yet gentle too, how can those two types be in a single voice."

"Ahh! Such a perfect voice! I wonder how he looks like."

People walked closer as they entered the Arcade Center, and what they saw is a very handsome young man, singing with a great voice too.

A lot of them immediately picked up their phone and immediately recorded the event.

Zhihao is in the final lyrics as he noticed that people started to gather.

---(Ay oh ay oh) And we danced on into the night---

Zhihao ended the song as he walked out incredibly fast after.

The people immediately clapped their hands as they saw Zhihao's leaving figure.

"Wow! Bravo!"

"Such a great voice!"

"Who is he?"

"Eh? Isn't that Zheng Shuan's fiance?"

"Really? He's even more good looking in person!"

"He has a great voice, I`ll request that the both of them have a duet instead of Heavenly King Zi Lei."

"I think, Zheng Shuan's fiance has a better voice."

"I Think so too!"

"I get mesmerized just by listening to them."

Zhihao sighed as he rode his car and immediately went away.

Title of the Song - Santana - Into The Night ft. Chad Kroeger
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    《Supreme Martial System》