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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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179 Alien

Zhihao, after the fight immediately flew to the sky as high as he can, he can see the whole continent, seeing a lot of places that became either desolate or a wasteland was full of undead creatures.

Zhihao sighed as he doesn't know what to do, would he rush things? or would he still take things step by step?

He knew that each can bore great troubles in the future, especially if he rushes things.

As Zhihao slumped into further thoughts, the Bone Dragon woke up as it glared at Zhihao.

Zhihao felt the glare as he looked back, immediately rushing down.

He looked at the Bone Dragon as he spoke.

"It is either you die, or follow me, which is it?"

Hearing Zhihao's words, the Bone Dragon immediately became enraged as it flew to the sky and charged at him.

Zhihao sighed as he gathered mana around him, it immediately turned into something like a water that's burning, like how Baichen's, his son's power did.

The Bone Dragon still enraged rushed towards the bluish fire, not thinking of anything, but what had happened next is that the Bone Dragon disintegrated, all the parts that had rushed towards the Blue Flame vanished without any trace, the lower part of the Bone Dragon, the tail, which wasn't carried by the momentum, fell from the sky as it landed at the ground.

Kazim and Stephany shuddered, such power, if those fires actually hit a person, they would die immediately.

Zhihao remembered something as he exclaimed.

"Ah! Sorry, I got too carried away by my fight, I forgot to demonstrate my Swordsmanship."

Zhihao immediately landed on the ground as he closed his eyes.

Both Stephany and Kazim stared at each other as they looked at Zhihao.

After a while, Zhihao opened his eyes as he spoke.

"Sword Dance."

When Zhihao had spoken, both Stephany and Kazim focused their attention on Zhihao's every movement.

Zhihao started to dance on the ground, but this time, he filled his sword with Mana as he brandished his sword around, making a wave of natural Energy.

Zhihao danced gracefully as he started to release sword waves one after another, the Sword's waves hit the grounds as something weird happened.

The Desolate, dry and dark lands started to have some life, everything that Zhihao had hit is starting to become alive again, the soils started to compress as all the cracks that were hit, slowly regenerates itself.

Stephany and Kazim's eyes widened in shock as a thought floated in their head.

"The Gods can bring the Death of nature come back to life!"

On the other hand, Zhihao himself felt something different.

He then tried using his Spiritual Energy, combining it with Mana, converting everything he has into Natural Energy.

Immediately, signs of life, such as grasses started to grow. moss without water is surrounding where Zhihao's sword dance is taking place.

After a few more hours, Zhihao had created a lot of life in a whole big area.

The what seemed to be a desolate land has a quarter of it grow with greeneries.

Zhihao, on exhaustion, pants while he nodded at the sight, he then looked around as he thought of something that still needs to be done, he then spoke.

"Creating life is more exhausting than destroying it, but there's still something missing."

Zhihao had created natural life, but he couldn't give birth to other life forms, such as insects. there's something missing.

Zhihao then jumped through the sky as he flew up.

Using every Spiritual Energy within his body, he summoned it out together with Mana, he immediately started to make it into shape.

After a while, Zhihao threw the energy at the sky.

The Dark Clouds immediately vanished as it turned into white ones, and out of nowhere, Rains poured down from the heavens, blessing the Lands that Zhihao had created.

The Sun's life hit Zhihao's figure, making him look like a God.

Stephany and Kazim, don't know what's happening, but they couldn't help but kneel on the ground.

The both of them smiled as they bowed their heads while kneeling, feeling the grace of their Lord, someone who's stepping into Godhood.

Zhihao slowly descended from the Heavens as he landed on the Arc.

Stephany and Kazim heard his arrival, but as soon as they lifted up their head, they saw a bloodied Zhihao, out of his eyes, nose, mouth, and ears, there is blood gushing out, even the pores in his whole body has a few drops of blood leaking out of it.

Zhihao smiled as he collapsed in the Arc after Zhihao had collapsed, the Arc itself immediately got dissolved.

Stephany and Kazim immediately rushed to catch Zhihao's falling body.

After catching Zhihao's fall, the both of them sighed with relief, but they immediately want to go out, they need to tend Zhihao's injuries.

Right after that, they saw thousands of people approaching them, the Both of them prepared to fight, but seeing who they were, the both of them relaxed.



Zhihao opened his eyes slowly as he felt his body aching all over.

He's inside a house that's fully made of branches, like a Bird's nest.

Zhihao slowly stood up as he looked around, finding no one, he walked out of the room.

Immediately, after walking out, he saw Stephany and Kazim, sleeping on the couch.

Zhihao chuckled as he sighed, he then walked out of the house and saw that he was inside a tree house.

He noticed someone approaching but then decided to ignore it, a silhouette appeared beside him and spoke.

"Are you... a God?"

Zhihao chuckled as he looked at the person, it was the elf he approached before, Zhihao then thought.

'So, I`m in the Elf Tribe's village.'

After that, Zhihao scanned the whole tribe as he noticed that there's a male, and female, but something is amiss, there's also people without gender, he then replied.

"No, I`m a human."

"But your followers said that you are a God."

Zhihao chuckled as he continued: "Well, I am strong, but I`m not a God."

"Then how can you create nature out of nowhere? Bringing back the life in a dead land?"

Zhihao ignored her question as he asked.

"What's your name?"

The elf shook as she bowed and replied: "Sorry for the rudeness, my name is Fei Xie."

Looking at her, Zhihao frowned as he asked.

"Are you a Male? or a Female?"

Fei Xie tilted her head as she pondered for a bit and replied.

"I`m neither."

Zhihao then asked: "Then, why do I see male, and female elves in your tribe? or you special?"

Fei Xie shook her head as she replied.

"No, our genders will be decided when we find our fated one, the one who we will spend the rest of our life with."

Zhihao chuckled as he shook his head, and thought.

'I might've fallen in love with a person that might be a male in the future."
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    《Supreme Martial System》