Supreme Martial System
178 Killing a Weakened Enemy
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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178 Killing a Weakened Enemy

Within the Sky, above the desolate lands.

Zhihao who's observing Kazim and Stephany's improvement is casually sitting in the Arc.

Zhihao remembered the elf he had just met, such pure innocent beautiful face, and bouncy mount... and great figure.

Zhihao sighed as he watched Stephany and Kazim's fight, the memory he's remembering is not very fit to the struggle of two individuals fighting a group of Undead Skeleton Warriors.

Kazim and Stephany, the both of them are having a tough time right now, although they had killed more than 500 of the enemies, there are still thousands of them coming.

They kept glancing in Zhihao's direction as they were waiting for his help, but seeing his stern face, they gritted their teeth as they thought.

'We're not doing enough, our effort is still not enough to please our Lord.'

The both of them pushed themselves to the limit of their abilities.

Stephany, for the first time in her whole life, bled fresh blood.

The rusting sword that caused the damage is imbued with dark power, it is also starting to eat both of Kazim's and Stephany's flesh.

Zhihao woke up from his daze as he saw their predicament, he pondered for a bit as he spoke.

"What would a cornered beast do if he has one leg in the grave?"

Kazim and Stephany heard his words as they realized something, the both of them immediately smiled as they went wild.

Kazim immediately blended with the shadows as he attacked with his weapon, together with his Magical power.

Stephany finally lost it as her face changed from a cornered puppy into a raging lion, she immediately gathered a lot of Mana in her sword as it transformed into flame as hot as a scorching sun.

Wielding the sword endlessly, untargeted as she aimed anywhere she can brandish her sword.

Seeing these scene, Zhihao sighed as he nodded.

Then out of nowhere, Zhihao felt something ominous, he looked at the black mountain in the distance.

Immediately, Zhihao summoned thousands of Flame Spears at the air as he struck the Skeleton Knights.

Stephany and Kazim woke up from their berserk as they saw the scene of the utter massacre, something that they were having so much trouble was dealt by with complete ease.

Zhihao looked at them as he spoke.

"Get up here."

"Yes, Lord!"

Kazim and Stephany immediately went back to Zhihao's floating cloud.

Zhihao immediately threw some minor recovering pill to the two of them as he continued watching the black mountain.

Zhihao sent his spirit sense as he tried to check what's happening when his Spirit Sense had arrived, Zhihao smirked as he looked at Stephany and Kazim.

"You guys want to see how I fight with Swords?"

Hearing Zhihao's words, the two of them smiled as they continuously nodded and replied.

"Yes Lord, it will be our pleasure."

Zhihao smiled as he floated up in the sky, waiting for the creature to come out.

After a while, the black mountain exploded.

Something went out of it as a silhouette of something huge came out.

Zhihao looked at the creature as he spoke.

"So, you are the one ruining the cycle of this World?"

Hearing Zhihao's word, someone replied.

"How dare you, interrupt our Plans, you`ll die together with your love ones."

The silhouette descended from the sky as a huge Bone Dragon appeared, but Zhihao is not looking at the Bone Dragon, instead, someone who's standing at its head.

Zhihao sneakered as he gathered Mana in his hands.

Two blades appeared as Elemental powers of Fire, Earth, Water, and Wind gathered around as it started to merged into one.

Zhihao's mouth immediately bled, he's trying to copy what his children had done. although it is colored black, it is not the power of Darkness, instead, it is the power of combined elements.

The amount of Mana that Zhihao had to consume was so great that his body couldn't take it, his physical body is entering its limit even before the battle starts.

The one on top of the Dragon's head saw the power as he shivered, feeling the concentrated mana around the blades.

"Let's get started!"

Zhihao spoke as he released his Spiritual Power and immediately made the Bone Dragon slammed to the ground.

The Man on its head immediately flew as it prepared to fight Zhihao.

The both of them clashed, The Man summoned some sort of power, it has a single color, grey.

He tried to slice Zhihao's head as it continued lesser defense, but Zhihao already evaded as he cut the hand holding the sword.


The Man gritted his teeth as he glared at Zhihao.

Zhihao smiled as he casually spoke.

"So... You are, a Titan? You have the same power as them, and you also have a God Realm's power."

The man glared at Zhihao as he rebuked.

"It is no God Realm's power, It is the Titan Realm's power! The God Realm will vanish with our King as our ruler!"

Zhihao smiled as he continued.

"But... your power seemed to have been weaken drastically, not even in the Divine Realm, so how can you do it?"

The Man widened his eyes as he heard Zhihao's words.

Zhihao snickered as he laughed.

"I guess, you guys are only targetting the lower realms, it must have meant that, due to you guys forcing your way out of the God's Realm, you sacrificed a lot of power in order to escape, and you are trying to regain your strength through the lower realms?"

The Man hearing Zhihao's words immediately charged forward, Zhihao knows too much, it might ruin their great grand plan.

Zhihao chuckled as he threw one of his sword towards the Man.

It immediately went straight towards the Man's body, as it started to get destroyed.

Within the Man's eyes, Zhihao could only see death, no other emotions attached, just basically glad about something.

Zhihao felt a very bad feeling about this as he spoke.

"How many lower realms had they invaded?"

Zhihao, thinking like this, felt extremely scared, if these people, who rivals the Gods recover their power, it will most likely be that the God's Realm will be surrounded in two sides, with an additional bonus of the creatures that they had created.

Zhihao wanted to have a talk with Amro, but seeing how weak the Titan he had faced, they might still have a thousand more years, or at the very least, hundred of more years.

Zhihao looked at Stephany and Kazim as he spoke.

"We'll go and kill some more of these minions, brace yourself, you`ll do it, all of you need to be so much stronger than before, at least as strong as the current Ying Mai, and Ma Dong."

Hearing Zhihao's serious words, Stephany and Kazim felt extremely scared, if the Chaos that Zhihao had talked about when they met is actually happening, they really need to become stronger.

And if everything that is happening to their World is also happening in other Worlds, then they don't know what will happen.

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