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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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177 A Hin

Within the forest.

Zhihao looked at the elven woman that's prepared to die while defending her home.

He sighed as he shook his head, he was enchanted for a bit, and actually made a move on her.

Anyone would freak out if that actually happened to them, even he would.

Zhihao pondered, thinking of a way to calm everyone.

"I`m not here to harm any of you, and I`m sorry for touching your face, I was... I was just enchanted by your beauty for a second and lost my composure."

Hearing Zhihao's words, the elves still tried to create a distance from him.

Not knowing what to do now, he then bowed as he spoke.

"I`ll leave, I`m sorry for the inconvenience that I had caused you all."

After speaking, Zhihao immediately left.

Stephany and Kazim followed his lead as they walked behind him.

Stephany looked behind as she spoke: "I don't know what made you all become so alert, but we really mean you no harm."

Although Stephany couldn't understand a single word they had said, she still knew that they don't trust any of the three of them.

Zhihao immediately summoned his Arch as he flew up in it while looking at the Village, he then spoke.

"My name is Zhihao if you`d need any help with anything, just call for me."

After speaking, Zhihao continued his journey towards the Dragon's nest.

Seeing Zhihao's arc moving away, all the elves sighed a breath of relief, the one commanding them though, felt a little weird, she thought that Humans and Undead are purely evil creatures, trying to cause harm to their race.

If Zhihao wanted to cause them any harm, they would actually all die, remembering the power he had shown before.

On their way, Zhihao saw a lot of similar villages, they seemed to be around the big mountains, so long as there's a giant three, there would be villages for it.

Zhihao sighed as he looked forward.

After a while, Zhihao then noticed another Skirmish between the Elves and the Undead, he then threw some flame spears to aid the elves as he continued his journey.

Zhihao's group immediately arrived at a desolate place, where there are no trees, neither plants growing, only the dead soils and trees are there, and some bones of some unknown species.

He then saw a group of skeletons in armor, riding a skeletal horse, Zhihao immediately noticed that they seemed to be as powerful as Roland before they got their buffs up.

Zhihao smiled as he thought of something and spoke.

"Stephany, Kazim, go and take those skeletal soldiers, they were as strong as you all before you got my help."

Hearing Zhihao's words, they were shocked, such skeletons are as strong as them? there's about a thousand or more of them in here, if they actually attacked, what will happen to the Human Race if Zhihao wasn't here.

The both of them immediately nodded as they descended from the Arc.

Zhihao then followed up.

"Stephany, use sword, Kazim, use magic."

The both of them nodded as they replied.

"Yes, Lord!"

The both of them descended at the ground as they looked at the Skeleton Cavalry.

The Skeleton Cavalry noticed their arrival as they glared at them and immediately charged forward.

Stephany didn't know any sorts of swordsmanship but seeing her comrades fight for years, she tried to copy those moves, especially Luise's.

Kazim, on the other hand, had a more difficult, he focuses on the assassination, as such he's having a hard time in a frontal fight.

Kazim is thinking of what kind of magic he could do with his Dark attributes, a sudden idea emerged in his head as he smiled

"Decaying Orb, Orbital Sphere!"

Orbital Sphere is a black round dark Mana, trying to suck the enemies in it, while the Decaying orb slowly tries to destroy their armors, leaving great scratches on their bones too.

Seeing their improvements, Zhihao smiled, he then sat as he watched how the things are going, a thought then flashed in his head.

He remembered Takeji's group, the one that's meant to finish this World's problems.

Based on what he knows, Takeji and his group will fail the conquest if this continued, there's something really abnormal happening here, like a lot of loopholes to be exploited.

How come there are ordinary monsters, lurking about everywhere, with almost the same strength as the strongest warriors in the Human Continent, and why is the Demon Race fighting the Undead too.

The Undead are clashing with about 85% of the Undead's strongest group, while only 15% goes to the Human Continent, halting the Human Continent's growth in power.

Something feels really eerie about this world, something is happening behind the scene!

Something or someone is intervening in what should be happening in this world.

Zhihao then immediately thought of something as he spoke.

"The plot of the Titan Realms? Is it beginning?"

Based on what Arthariaz had said, Zhihao thought of something.

"What if... they will start through the lower realms until the upper realms?"

Thinking about this, Zhihao shuddered, the God's realm will be hit behind by the forces that the Titan's realm will amass, but thinking about it, Zhihao thought that it will still take more than a hundred years since these creatures are still in infancy.

Zhihao looked at the sky as he spoke.

"Arthariaz, I can't be of any help to the God's Realm, but I`ll try to decrease their luggage!"

Zhihao will travel across all the realms to destroy of what he thought is the Titan Realm's scheme, if he goes to another world and it has the same thing happening, it will prove that his guess is right.

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