Supreme Martial System
176 A Small Village
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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176 A Small Village

Somewhere out of the Human Race's continent.

Zhihao led the other two towards the location of their Mission.

Zhihao looked back as he saw Stephany and Kazim already getting exhausted, they weren't even half the journey, but then he realized that they were just new to their power and couldn't control it yet, what's worst is that they haven't filled their almost empty Mana storage.

Zhihao scanned the two of them.

-Name: Stephany

Race: High Human

Level: 340

Magical talent: 1,234/9,999

Swordsmanship talent: 1,284/5,000

Item Amplification: 100/4,500

Elemental attachment: Flame

-Name: Kazim

Race: High Human

Level: 340

Magical talent: 450/5,000

Swordsmanship talent: 1,840/9,999

Item Amplification: 100/4,500

Elemental attachment: Darkness

Zhihao looked at the Race as he saw something similar to Dennison, a High Human, their capacity had increased by a lot, but seeing their status, Zhihao frowned, they couldn't be his Celestial Generals, but if he teaches them to be versatile in both Magic and Swords, it will be great, a Jack of all trades, Master of none.

Zhihao smiled as he figured it out, figured what he wanted to do with the other seven.

He then contacted Ying Mai and Ma Dong to have a training course for each of the other seven excluding Dennison that would go with pure defensive capabilities from Amro's teaching.

The Godly Snail... Tortoise, Amro will be teaching Dennison through the path of ultimate defense.

Zhihao then remembered something, as he let his Spiritual Energy wonder the whole Continent of the Magic world.

When his Spirit sense reached the demon Continent, Zhihao smiled as he spoke in a low tone.

"So... My guess was right."

Zhihao then took back his Spiritual Energy as he looked at Stephany and Kazim, he immediately gathered a lot of mana as it formed into something like a cloud, lifting all three of them up.

Stephany and Kazim were both shocked, Zhihao casually made something that can fly and what's more shocking, Zhihao made something as big as a mountain!

Zhihao let the cloud looking arc move forward as he continuously supplied it with the Mana he has gathered.

He then looked at Stephany and Kazim as he handed two things.

Zhihao handed Stephany a Sword, with a grade level of Divine rarity, and Kazim with a Staff that has the same quality.

Both of them were shocked as Stephany asked.

"My Lord, have you confused our skills? I`m the one that uses a staff."

Kazim nodded as he is also wondering.

Zhihao smiled as he replied: "Both of you, will start to practice something that you are not good at, the both of you will start becoming strong, in both Sword and Magic."

Hearing Zhihao's words, they were both stunned, but suddenly, realizing something as they both thought.

'If we're already strong with just our own way, how strong can we become if we actually have two class? A sword and Magic, a Magic Swordsman/Magic Assassin?'

The both of them smiled as they looked at Zhihao.

Seeing this, Zhihao nodded as he walked at the front of his Arc and made it go faster, but suddenly, Zhihao noticed something as he stopped the Arc as he looked at the Forest nearby.

Zhihao scanned the forest, after a while, Zhihao smiled as he made his Arc land nearby.

Zhihao jumped down the arc as he walked forward what he had sensed, seeing this, Stephany and Kazim looked at each other as they nodded, the two of them flew and followed Zhihao's path.

After a while of walking, Zhihao found a couple of people fighting something.

Zhihao fastened his face as he rushed towards the direction.

The three of them saw a group of people fighting the Demon race, no, the Undead.

Zhihao immediately gathered Mana around him as he observed the situation.

The Humans fighting has a great eloquent way of fighting, they fight with grace, momentum, and great balance.

Zhihao then threw some fire arrows at the undead, immediately piercing and burning the Undead to ashes.

The Beings fighting the Undead thought that their Magician had helped them, but their Mages never uses fire magic, nor anything else except Wind and Nature Magic.

They then looked at the direction where it was thrown, when they saw Zhihao, Kazim, and Stephany, they immediately hid their faces as they wore a mask and prepared to fight.

Zhihao tilted his head, then he saw a village a couple of meters away, but the village is build up in the trees.

Zhihao looked at them as he spoke.

"I`m only trying to help, I mean no harm."

The one that seemed to be wearing something with a lot of decoration walked up as he spoke.

"Then what are you doing here?"

Stephany and Kazim both frowned as they couldn't understand what the other guy had just spoken.

Zhihao smiled at them as he spoke.

"We're just passing by, but we noticed that you guys are having a trouble, so I only lent a hand."

The one that spoke was bewildered as he asked.

"You can speak our language?"

Zhihao smiled as he replied.

"Is that bad?"

The one with a lot of decoration in the Armor frowned and replied.

"How do you know our language?"

"I just know how to."

The figure immediately frowned, all of them immediately prepared to engage in battle.

Zhihao shook his head as he snickered and immediately teleported in front of the figure.

They were all shocked at how fast Zhihao could move.

Zhihao smirked as he slowly removed the Mask of the Man he's in front of.

"If I am here to harm any of you, I could do it with..."

Zhihao paused as he saw what's beneath the Mask, a very beautiful Woman was underneath, fare jade white skin, it is so silky smooth as f*ck.

Like a bewitched person, Zhihao's hand immediately landed on her face's skin, gently caressing it, afraid of damaging her.

The one in front of Zhihao was shocked, seeing Zhihao's handsome face and power, she was speechless, but as soon as Zhihao's warm hands touched her face, she immediately woke up as she prepared to defend herself, ready to die while fighting.

With her sudden movement, the hood she's wearing fell of as everyone saw her feature.

Yellow-green hair, beautiful eyes, plump pinkish sexy lips, and pointed ears.

Wait! Pointed ears!

Zhihao immediately exclaimed.


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