Supreme Martial System
175 Ranked SSS Mission
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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175 Ranked SSS Mission

Zhihao sighed as he couldn't get the name of his Sentai group, everything went with the flow of his imagination, only the name wasn't, he then thought of something as a fiery flame burned in his eyes.

A smile arched in his lips as he looked at Draz and spoke.

"We'd like to take a mission now."

Draz nodded as checked all of the missions that only S ranked adventurers and above can get.

After a while, Draz frowned as he took thirty pieces of papers out and handed it to Zhihao.

He wanted to at least remove the last part, but seeing that these people were too powerful, they would get offended if he spoke that they might die, and would definitely pick it, but if he didn't there might be a chance that they won't take it.

Zhihao nodded as he received the papers as he nodded and walked away.

Draz was bewildered as he called out.

"Wait! Are you taking all of that?"

Zhihao looked at Draz as he replied.

"I can't?"

Draz was speechless, but he shook his head as he replied.

"You can, but there's a mission there that has an unclassified dangerous level, We think that It might be a class SSS and above mission."

Zhihao nodded as he replied.

"Oh, if that's the case, I`ll let my two strongest men handle it if the situation worsens, I need to train my 8 members, the more dangerous, the better, well bye bye, for now, I`ll be going."

Draz was yet again speechless, didn't he hear what he had just said? It might be an SSS ranked mission or above! It will be too dangerous!

Zhihao took a step out as he looked behind again as he looked magnificently and spoke.

"We, the God's Overseer, Mana Rangers! Will be back with the complete missions, see you all later."

Zhihao then continued to walk as he left with what he thought was an awesome impression.

Everyone in the Adventurer's guild froze, only Ying Mai and Ma Dong sighed as they followed behind Zhihao.

Waking up from their daze, the other 8 then ran as they followed behind.

Stephany looked at Ying Mai as she asked.

"Is, Mana Ranger supposed to be our name?"

Ying Mai looked at her as she nodded.

All of them looked at each other as they bowed towards Ying Mai and Ma Dong as they spoke, in a very silent tone.

"Thank you for saving us from..."

They didn't continue, but Ying Mai and Ma Dong nodded in understanding.


Zhihao looked at the mission as they scanned them one by one, he then saw a very interesting mission and smiled.

Zhihao then handed 4 papers as he spoke.

"Stephany, Kazim, you`ll go with me, Ying Mai, and Ma Dong, you`ll both lead the other 6 as you complete these missions."

Ying Mai and Ma Dong took the papers as they looked at it, not surprisingly, they couldn't read the text, the both of them handed the papers to the other eight for them to read.

Roland is with Ma Dong's party, he received the paper and read it.

"Exterminating a Manticore and a Hell's spawn Cerberus?"

Roland was shocked, these two things are too powerful, even the eight of them together will probably have a problem dealing with one of them, Roland realized something as he then shook his head as he realized something, it was before, now they are different, they might be able to make it.

In Ying Mai's party, she handed it to Dennison.

"Killing an unknown Demon with a lot of skeleton soldiers in the middle of the continent, Destroying the Main lair of a Demonic Sea creatures at the edge of the Continent?"

They were all shocked at first, these things are monsters that can put them to rest forever, but they also gained a lot of power as from Zhihao's armors.

But what they didn't know is that what Zhihao gave them aren't ordinary Armors, it is something that can help them with evolving their powers.

Zhihao then smiled as walked further and spoke.

"We shall meet here in a Month's time, Ma Dong, Ying Mai, train them well."

"Yes, Master."

Stephany looked at Zhihao as she asked.

"Master, what kind of Mission will we do?"

She thought that their team is the safest, but also the most dangerous one, since it is Zhihao's party they are in.

Zhihao looked at Stephany as she handed 4 papers.

Stephany took it as she read.

"Going to the Demon Continent's Main stronghold and kill report any important details to the Adventurer's guild, Kill a bone dragon that's terrorizing the Human Race, Kill a Leviathan in the Swamp of Darkness, Kill the Dragon Wolves near the Ports of th..."

Stephany couldn't continue, everything written in the mission is absurdly dangerous, a Bone dragon can easily kill them with its poison breath, but she didn't know now, but it is still extremely dangerous!

The others heard it as they prayed for their teammates and thought.

'We're extremely lucky we were not picked, good luck to you, friends, It was a fun journey.'

Zhihao smiled as he spoke.

"We're going to catch some pets!"

Hearing Zhihao's words, they were stunned.

'You call a bone dragon as a pet?! I miss my old life already.'

'I swear, we might die tomorrow.'

'Will we even live to tell the tales...'

All sorts of thoughts came to their head, hearing Zhihao's words.

Zhihao then looked at them as he nodded and spoke.

"We shall go now!"


The three groups separated as they went to different directions.

The people in the Adventurer's guild heard the conversation.

All of them looked at each other as they saw the SSS Ranked adventurers flew from the Sky!

Draz was even more shocked, such powers can only come from great wind sages! How come all of them have it! But then, he spoke in a low tone.

"To catch a bone dragon as a pet... how... unbelievable..."

Everyone in the Adventurers guild heard it as they felt even more shaken, catching an unkillable beast?!
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    《Supreme Martial System》