Supreme Martial System
174 SSS Ranked Adventurers
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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174 SSS Ranked Adventurers

With the Group of Zhihao's performance, everyone opened their eyes in shock,

Everyone is feeling benevolence and awed by what Zhihao's group had done, They thought that the Iron would never be able to be destroyed, but what actually happened in front of them is that, 11 of those hard metal was slashed into two on the same day, they were felt extreme benevolence to such power. But there's someone with a different feeling, yes, he is shocked too, but he's also feeling something else, anxiety, fear, and despair.

Salazar waking up from his shock immediately tried to sneak away as a single thought flashed in his head.

'I need to escape, maybe go into another village, I`ll just marry there and live my life peacefully, yes peacefully, let's not be arrogant anymore.'

But right after those thoughts finished, he heard a voice.

"Salazar, where are you going?"

It is one of his friends, Santiago, a member of his party.

Salazar turned around as he saw everyone looking at him, even Zhihao's group.

He looked at Santiago as if he wanted to kill him on the spot, he regretted having stupid friends ever since.

Salazar then stood up as he walked like a brave man towards Zhihao's group.

With a dignity of a man, Salazar looked at Zhihao as he proudly embossed his chest, inhaling a breath of air, he then shouted.

Everyone looked at Salazar as they had remembered what had just happened before, they looked at Salazar as they nodded, he's a real man, a man amongst men! they looked at him with acknowledgment, An A ranked Adventurer, will go face to face with a group of people, with every one of them had surpassed an S+ Adventurer's physical strength, they were preparing to help their comrade, but what happened next is something out of their expectation.


When they heard Salazar spoke, they were all immediately floored.

What man of all men? This is just a scardy cat! they shook their head as they sighed.

Zhihao and the rest of his group looked at Salazar as they tilted their head.

Zhihao sighed as he replied: "Has anyone ever told him to stay?"

All the 10 of them shook their head as they awkwardly looked at Salazar.

Seeing this, Salazar was shocked at first, but he banged his head on the ground and spoke: "Can I really leave Lord?"

Zhihao nodded as he spoke: "Of course, nobody prevented you from leaving in the first place."

Salazar smiled as he nodded repeatedly and spoke: "Thank you, Lord, thank you for your Magnanimous graciousness for forgiving me."

Salazar's face was full of smiles as he immediately stepped by and walked away, preparing to leave, repeatedly thinking.

'Ah! I guess I`m still lucky, getting to meet someone as magnanimous as that even though I was rude, I think I`ll quit becoming an Adventurer, I`ll go and... and live in a village, marry, and have a lot of children, I`ve already earned eno...'

But before he could finish his thoughts, Zhihao spoke.


Hearing Zhihao's words, Salazar stopped in his tracks, his whole body started to sweat as all sorts of thoughts floated inside his head.

'He changed his mind! No! He wasn't planning on releasing me in the first place... He wanted to kill me since the get-go! He just needs the ranks to do so! Disrespecting someone of a higher ranking than you can cause punishment, but the one that had been offended can also make the punishment himself!'

Hearing this, everyone in the area looked at Salazar in pity.

Zhihao looked at Salazar as he spoke: "I would wish it if what happened here, stays here, Do you understand? and if it was leaked, you know what will happen right?"

Zhihao looked at everyone giving all of them a stern warning.

Roland then approached Zhihao as he spoke.

"Lord, we can't really do that since people will just ask about us."

Zhihao pondered for a bit as he nodded his head and continued.

"Nevermind, just don't start making some random rumors."

"YES!" Everyone answered simultaneously.

Salazar included, Salazar looked at Zhihao waiting for his following word.

"You can go now."

Hearing this, Salazar spoke of his thanks as he immediately ran out of the Guild, before Zhihao really changes his mind.

Zhihao looked at Draz as he asked.

"What's the next trial?"

Draz was speechless but woke up immediately as he spoke.

"Next is to show your power, how you control the Mana around you."

Zhihao nodded as he spoke.

"Who has the weakest Mana control between us?"

Kazim immediately lifted his hand and spoke.

"My Lord, I`m the weakest amongst us, I`m a darkness type of Mana Magician, I use it to blend with the shadows."

Zhihao nodded as he spoke.


Kazim nodded as he gathered the power in his palm,

"Extreme Shadow orb!"

After shouting, about ten spheres floated in the Air, destroying everything around it, decaying the life too.

Everyone was shocked, such powerful Mana control not aiming at anything but causing destruction around it, even the sages might not be able to control it.

Zhihao nodded as he approved and spoke.


When Roland was about to walk forward.

Draz intervened as he spoke: "Wait! Wait! No need! No need!"

Draz imagined that if the weakest amongst them in controlling mana can already cause destruction, what of the rest?

The Adventurer's Guild might vanish from the history of the Human Race.

Draz continued.

"I already know all of your power's level, even the 8 Masters wouldn't be able to do so in their level, but, I`ll just bestow the Badge of the Conquerors to all of you, the SSS Ranked Adventurer's rank."

After speaking, Draz immediately went back to the Adventurer's guild.

Zhihao nodded as followed Draz inside together with his party.

The rest of the Adventurers watching moved together as they walked back inside the Adventurer's Guild.

Everyone is excited as they followed Zhihao's group, they will be able to see the birth of the strongest adventurers, the ones that shall bore witness to the start of a Legend.

Going inside of the Adventurer's Guild, Draz walked to the back office as he searched something.

After a while, Draz walked out as he held four boxes covered with dust as he handed it to Zhihao.

Zhihao seemed to be the leader of the group, he's wearing a very bright armor so he couldn't notice the difference with others, but his instincts are telling him that he's the most powerful person amongst the 11 people.

Zhihao opened the box, he saw some very old steel badges inside, there are four badges in the two box, but there's only three on the other one.

Draz then spoke.

"Those badges are made out of Snow Dragon Iron, it is suppose to carry 12 badges, but one of those were taken by the first SSS grade adventurer a couple of thousands of years ago, that adventurer haven't showed himself after he went into a dangerous mission, that's the last time the Human Race had seen him, The Adventurer all around the Human Continent calls him a legend, he's name is Raizel Kragusius, the Strongest Human in the Human Race."

Draz paused as he looked at Zhihao and spoke.

"I hope, that you guys won't dissappear just right after you got the Badges, you are one of the Human Race's final hope."

Zhihao snickered as he nodded slightly.

Draz looked at Zhihao as he spoke.

"Congratulations on becoming the 2nd upto 12th SSS Adventurer, what should we call your party's name?"

Zhihao was about to speak, but then Ying Mai and Ma Dong stopped him as Ying Mai answered.

"Just call us... The God's Overseer."

Draz nodded as he replied.

"A Good name indeed, The God's Overseer, the only SSS Ranked Adventurers."

All of Zhihao's party were glad as they nodded, but the party leader, Zhihao, is pouting.

He couldn't even say his part, he wanted the party to be known as the 'Mana Rangers' why did Ying Mai even prevented her, that's the second time she opposed Zhihao's thoughts.

Zhihao shook his head as he sighed and spoke.

"Yes, Please register us as that."

Draz nodded as he embedded the information on the Adventurer's crystal.
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    《Supreme Martial System》