Supreme Martial System
173 Adventurer“s Ranking Trial
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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173 Adventurer“s Ranking Trial

Zhihao's group walked towards the gate.

Such different kind of glamorous armor would definitely attract a lot of people's attention, and that's what actually happened.

Zhihao tried to fall in line, but whenever he did, the people in front of him would immediately give way, one after another, and in just after a few moments, Zhihao's group arrived in front of the Kingdom's gate.

All the surrounding people lining to enter the Kingdom silently watched as Zhihao's group passed by them, not daring to breathe too loud.

Zhihao left a gold coin for the eleven of them as they walked past the guards, the Guards made way instantly, no intention of further delaying such great figures.

The people around them immediately broke the silence as they started a commotion.

"Who were those people?"

"I don't know? Knights?"

"Would the Empire make special armors for knights?"

"Yeah, it looked extravagant, too expensive!"

"Maybe they are the Legendary 8 Masters?"

"Oh? Yeah! they might be the great 8 Masters, but there are 11 of them, can you even count?"


"Maybe some great group of S Grade Adventurers?"

"Woah! Maybe!"

"So we still have great adventurers other than the 8 Masters!"

"I`m getting the feeling that our time getting suppressed by the Demon Race is almost done!"



Zhihao's group immediately went straight to the Adventurer's Guild.

Entering the guild, a lot of people inside stared at Zhihao's group in bewilderment.

Zhihao walked up to the reception area and spoke.

"We'd like to take a Mission."

Hearing Zhihao's words, the Adventurer's inside laughed out loud, one of them then spoke.

"Kid, this is not a place for noble people like you to mess around with."

Hearing this, all 10 of Zhihao's subordinate looked at the Man as they frowned.

The Man smiled as he spoke: "What? Are you gonna bite me now? I`m a B Grade Adventurer, Shadow Blades of the King's group, Salazar, what's the rank of your group kids, How dare you look at me?"

The Receptionist sighed as she intervened.

"Stop it now Salazar, or I`ll have you stop receiving Missions for the next three months."

Salazar smiled at the Receptionist as he spoke.

"Maya, I was just joking, we just like to tease kids that think they can handle the World, such innocent Kids that don't know the harsh reality of Demons. Hmmp! Noble Rich Kids, buying all sorts of things just so they can play."

Ma Dong and the rest glared at Salazar this stop, Roland walked towards Salazar as he stopped when he's in front of him.

Salazar snickered as he spoke: "What? you think just because you have a good armor, you can be strong too?"

Roland smiled as he reached out his hands, but before he could he heard someone speak.

"Roland, get back."

"Yes, my Lord."

Zhihao nodded as he looked at the Receptionist and continued,

"Miss, we'd like to get a Mission."

Maya nodded as she replied: "I need to see your Adventurer's badge to confirm."

Zhihao looked at Ma Dong as he spoke.

"We had only registered yesterday, We haven't received it yet."

The Receptionist nodded as she nodded and spoke.

"Then, we have to test your abilities first, which do you think your abilities rank to?"

Zhihao frowned as he asked.

"Can you explain what Rank is to me first Miss?"

"Hahaha, The Kid doesn't even know what Rank is! HAhahahaha"

Zhihao frowned as he ignored Salazar's provoking words.

Maya tilted her head as she pondered.

'Maybe they are from the suburbs?'

Maya then nodded her head as she explained.

"Sir, the lowest tier would be F Ranked adventurers, F ranked Adventurers can..."

Maya explained everything in details until the A Ranked adventurer.

Zhihao nodded as he asked.

"So, A ranked is the highest we can get as an adventurer?"

Maya tilted her head again as she shook her head and replied.

"No, there are S ranked and S+ Ranked adventurers, those are the ones that go beyond the Human Territory, with Missions of killing Monsters and Demon Races. they take the most dangerous missions out of everything."

Zhihao nodded again as he asked: "Is that the Highest?"

Maya tilted her head as she sighed and replied: "Well, there isn't anyone that has surpassed those people, but there is always room for improvement."

Zhihao nodded and was about to speak, but before he could, a big bear-like man walked out from the fourth floor of the Adventurer's guild and spoke.

"Oh! What pretty armors, to what do I owe the pleasure of such great nobles seeking our Adventurer's Guild, Main branch."

Maya looked at the Man as she smiled and spoke.

"Guild Master Draz, they want to be tested, I`m just informing them of how ranks usually work.

Draz smiled as he nodded, he looked at Zhihao's group as he jumped out of the fourth floor and landed in Zhihao's front.

"Kids, let's go to the back of the Adventurer's guild, we'll test your abilities there."

Draz smiled as he walked out of the Adventurer's guild, making a wide round tour to its Backyard.

Zhihao nodded as he follows with his group, Salazar's party and all of the people inside the Adventurer's guild followed as they have nothing better to do.

Salazar snickered as he laughed: "Well, this will be a good laugh to watch. hahaha."


All of them arrived at the backyard of the Adventurer's Guild.

Draz then looked at Zhihao as he spoke.

"This is the Hardest Metal in the world, It is called the Snow Dragon Iron, You won't be able to melt it with normal flames, only a grade 8 or higher tiered Flame Magician can melt it, But you won't be melting it, this would be a test of strength, if you`ll be able to scratch it, you`ll be considered a B grade Adventurer, and if you`ll be able to leave a huge mark on it, you`ll be a Grade A Adventurer, so which of you would like to go first?"

Zhihao pondered for a bit as he asked.

"So, if we want to be assessed as S grade or S+ Grade, what do we need to do?"

Zhihao wants to go on an adventure far away from the Human's Continent, and in order to do it with fun, he'll need to be an S Grade adventurer.

Salazar hearing this laughed with the other Adventurers, mocking Zhihao continuesly.

Zhihao sighed as he just ignored them.

Draz looked at Zhihao in shock as he laughed and replied.

"Hahahaha! You are a very brave kid, well, The greatest Adventurer, Andrew an S+ Grade adventurer managed to take his sword halfway through the whole Block, That would mean, if you can achieve a quarter of that, you`ll be able to become an S grade adventurer."

Draz then pulled up 11 pieces of Snow Dragon Iron and placed it on a mini steel table.

Zhihao nodded as he looked at his team and spoke.

"Who's the one with the weakest Physical Abilities in our group?"

Margarette, Mary, and Stephany sighed as they lifted up their hands and replied.

"Lord, Us three would be the weakest in terms of physical abilities."

Zhihao nodded as he spoke.

"You three try it then."

"Yes, Lord."

Zhihao then looked at the others as he shook his head and spoke.

"Nevermind, let us go all at it at once."

All of them nodded as they walked in front of the Snow Dragon Irons.

Draz then looked at them as he spoke: "You`ll need to use this Swords to have fairness, these swords are always the one used to measure strength."

Zhihao nodded as all of them picked up the swords that is leaning on the wall.

Zhihao looked at all of them as he spoke.


All eleven of them slashed their swords simultaneously down to the Snow Dragon Iron.

There was no sound of metals clashing, nor any sort of noises.

Seeing all of these, Salazar looked at the Snow Dragon Iron as he frowned, then he saw all of them walking back and laughed.

"HAHAHAHA! You could've at least hit the Iro..."

But before he could finish speaking, The tables holding the Iron ore split into half, together with the Snow Dragon Ore, all 11 of them simultaneously.

"Bang! Bang! Bang!"

The Snow Dragon Iron finally hit the ground as it made a very loud noise.

Everyone's eyes opened wide, as a single thought popped up in their head.

'How the hell? What the f*ck had just happened?!'

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